My first Skirmish

We were in this Zachary forsaken carnival our job was to eliminate all clown and freak forces in the area the job must have been important as their was about a thousand of us and a couple dogs. I was only five and heard stories of clowns as the story goes the original Zachary was so afraid of clowns that the fear led them to be in his world and it was our job to stop them from giving him nightmares. It happened so fast they came from nowhere and I saw them for the first time they were frightening laughing crazy as they carried axes and other crudely made weapons. I had little time to arm myself I quickly pulled out my sword from my scabbard " I could use a hand here" shouted a ten year old Zachary I ran quickly to his aide with my help we easy overwhelmed the vile creature. I watched as an eighteen year old Zachary and his mule were fighting of the clowns with ease his presence was inspiring and gave me the courage to fight. I surveyed my surroundings when a clown locked eyes with me he curled his lips as he charged me his axe stuck but a parried the blow with my buckler even better his axe was stuck I wasted no time striking his stomach he fell laughing as if it was funny getting stabbed a thought that still haunts me to this day. We did well when we heard the eighteen year old Zachary shout "IN THE NAME OF THE ORIGINAL ZACHARY WE BEAT THE CROVIANS (that's the b word). However it was at a great cost about a hundred including myself were wounded I looked at my small hand which had a gash in it which was caused by a freak biting me the cleric told me it was not infectious I had my doubts and thirty brave Zachary's that died protecting the original Zachary from having nightmares I on the other would have nightmares but the smell of bread and hot stew made me forget about the thought though I wondered if this was going to be my last meal "for the Zachary Empire" I said as I laid in my bedroll hugging my bear hey I am a five year old Zachary after all.