Trust is a Curse

Friendships gained and friendships lost,

I gave you all every last bit of my trust.

Do you even care about the cost?

The cost to me, you all left me in the dust.

Mike I trusted you,

I gave you all my trust,

You said we were best friends too,

Yet you left our friendship to rust.

Caroline you asked me out once,

You even said you loved me,

Then you backstabbed me, and made me look like a dunce,

I am reminded of you every day in the halls, and I can't even flee.

Rose you said that you'd be my friend,

That you wouldn't ever leave me like all the others,

You said you'd help me to mend,

But still the pain of a friendship lost continues to smother.

Friendships gained and friendships lost,

Some say trust is a gift,

But to me it's always been a curse that comes at a great cost,

For trust is a curse that comes from the darkest of rifts.

((Yes, this is personal, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts on it so please review.))