I am Cat

I am cat

Huntress of the starry night

Searching for my hidden prey

To bring to my little ones

Who lay hidden in the den nearby

Crying for my little ones

Just to be sure they are safe.

I am cat

Dozing through the mid-day sun

Some may consider me lazy

I hunt much more than you in truth

A bird flies overhead

I jerk up and reach up to bat it.

I am cat

Sneaking up on a mouse

My selected prey

I kneel down lower

My tail held low at a horizontal angle

So as not to scare my prey

I pounce only to realizeā€¦

I am not cat

I am human

Having just woken from a dream

The best one ever

I pull the covers over me

And try to fall back asleep

Hoping my dream will come back to me

For I am cat.

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