Creatures of the Night

Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring forth good,

Night is our time, and our one and only savior

Humans wrongly believe blood to be our only food

Mankind believes us to be evil, because we don't abide by their savior.

Human folk deem us to be evil,

But they too harm another species in order to feed,

Therefore are they not also one with their so-called devil,

Mankind believes it is their duty on high to rid the world of us- as is their ultimate deed.

The daytime is our enemy-the worst,

Bloodlust consumes us further day by day,

Humans consider us to be cursed,

As if they are soely good, like those of the fey.

Karma rights us from wrong,

As we await the day we reincarnate,

The Night is ever so long,

As we pray forevermore to Nyx incarnate.

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