Here I stand the masses before me

All alone with so many that deplore me

How can I explain myself?

To make you care about anyone other than yourself

I can't

Selfishness is the trait of all human beings

All you see is what I'm labeled

That's not what I'm seeing

My goal is freeing

Myself from the burdens

That I have incurred when

Acting like something I am not

You see my face not angry but impassive

Cuz my feelings towards you once massive

Now gone

You called me complex

You called me bi-polar

And even though I knew I wasn't

My heart grew colder

But now I'm older

Strange I may be


But at least I know who I am everyday that I rise

I've found myself and that in my eyes

Is more important than the bullshit and the lies

That make up the mask that we put on every day

Be who you want to be is all that I can say

Don't change to become like someone else

Cuz at the end of the day...

Cuz at the end of the day...

I can't finish it.

What could I possibly say after it?

These lyrics that fill my mind could not possibly

Measure up to the growth of emotion inside of me

So what's the point of even saying it lyrically

People are fake

I can't stand em without help

So now I take this vow of silence

Who would I rely on my friends?

Here I stand the masses before me

All alone with so many that deplore me

I try to reach you with words I know to be true

But they get lost in translation

And now we have a giant separation

To the point where I don' care about anyone's situation

It's disappointing

They…you disappoint me

When everyone changes to be someone else

What left?

The special and unique ones are hated or loved

But they always know where they stand

In terms of life's plan for them

Why should I follow a crowd?

What makes someone else better when?

We're all just flesh and blood and sinew and bone

And in the end we all die… alone