Province Q

Hey Guys! This is my first fantasy story! And I will admit it is based loosely on The Hunger Games, but not exactly. Onwards :)

I'm sure that sometime in their life, everybody has that kind of sleep where they, well, just can't. When you're worried about something.

Like me.

Only yesterday, life had been normal. It all started years ago, so I'll explain. For hundreds of years, people have lived in the world. I don't know quite how long. Maybe thousands. We are told in History at school that everything changed with a flood. A flood overswept a kingdom known as the UK, provoking a hidden volcano. According to scientists, this reshaped the UK and swept out all the population. Now, thousands of years on, humans have managed to redevelop. Don't ask me how. Now, what was the UK is Provinci – A name somebody cleverly came up with when our capital, The Volcano, declared the three main tribes their own 'Provinces'. Province Q, Province X and Province Y, all equal.

Apart from the Volcano. They control all the Provinces and have such a strong hold over us a rebellion will be laughed at. No one even considers it. I live in Province Q, in the north of Provinci, and we are undoubtedly the weakest. We never need to leave, except for important business.

Anyway, the reason I'm worried is also because of the Volcano. The Provinces are all equal, except we are weak and poor. And on the border of each Province there are at least 100 castles called Domes. They are created by the Volcano, and also guarded by guards made in their labs, called Red. The Red are robotic and obviously red, programmed to send suspicious behaviour back to the Volcano.

But since we are so poor and weak in Province Q, we need money, which is stored in the Domes. Every five years, the three cleverest, strongest and quickest are selected to become what we unofficially call Chasers. The Chasers have three rules: Stay alive, get what you need and stay away from the Red.

So just before the five years is up and the other Chasers retire, we hold what we call the Qualifiers – Mind, Strength and Agility tests, with every girl and boy aged 13-19 taking part for their chosen activity. The training goes on for weeks until there are only 2 left in each category. People have considered playing down if you're in the final 2, as no one wants to be a Chaser, but the people of Province Q look back on videos of the previous Qualifiers.

The main problem with Qualifiers and Chasers is it has to be kept secret from the Red, who patrol on a weekly basis and the Volcano.

Because the role of the Chasers is to steal money from the Dome. Unknowingly, the defences go off for about 10 minutes at midnight.

And so this is where we are. But not just me in the Final Qualifiers, oh no.

My brother and sister, Mack and Ibis, are too.