"Words and Ideas"

I want to write, but I'm out of things to say.

My river has run dry of ideas,

and the words have settled on the bottom.

These words have all been used before,

and will be used again.

The only difference is how they are arranged,

and even that can be imitated.

Who will take or give the credit?

Are these words or ideas really ours?

From where did they come from?

How can we tell?

Did they build up like layers of earth?

Were they soaked up like water in a sponge,

or did they crash onto you like waves in a flood?

Were they are fleeting as a bolt of lightning,

keeping you guessing about the storm?

Did you have to go digging

and sift through books to find jewels?

Did you come across a treasure trove,

or have to save up a fortune over time?

Either way, we know these words and ideas are precious.

Once you have them, keep them safe,

but share them with others as well.