Can't Say No

I can't say no to you,

My biggest weakness.

Big, deceptive blue eyes

And eloquent, seductive words

Lure me in

And spit me out

And I wonder,

(God, I wonder,)


I love you.

I've said it before

And it's true.

But then I see you

With another slut

And I wonder,

Like the bipolar soul I am,

If it's possible

To hate someone more

Than I hate you.

I've cried over you

And I will never tell you

That I have

Because I'm not really

All that sure

You'd care

Either way.

It's just another thing

That I'll leave unsaid.

I wish I could

Just say


Because I'm the one

Who wakes up alone

And blearily thinks

That you're just

A beautiful nightmare.

(I wish you were.)

Maybe, one day,

I'll find the will

To leave.

And you'll watch me go

With your enchanting eyes

And beautiful half-smile.

You know, as well as I do,

That I'd run back to you

Before sunset.