Broken, cracked, bleeding, dead
Bodies on the floor
And blood on the wall
It's a mess, it's a mess
(You're a mess, you're a mess)

In the corner, caged animal,
Pounding against the wall
And screaming, loudly (silently)
But they just don't care

Cry a little and they'll laugh
Because pain is funny
And vulnerability makes targets
That they just love to hit

Shouldn't listen to their words
But they don't fade -
Just a quiet echo that gets louder and louder
Until there's nothing else but hate

"You're so pretty,"
Cue the acknowledging (mocking) smile
'Cause pretty isn't good enough
And it's all lies anyway

"You ugly shit!"
That's believable, that's true
That's reality at its finest;
Humanity at its best
(Even then, it's not good at all)

Facing the mirror is torture
One look and you're hooked
Listing all the faults, the flaws
Because the mirror tells all that they don't

Stopped eating to get skinny
Wore make to look pretty
Flirted to be popular
But fuck if that worked

Even though it's stupid,
Even though it might just kill me,
I'll do what it takes
Because I'm nothing without the lies