Green reminds me of you -

Of days spent in our meadow

Away from disapproving eyes;

A secluded haven worth more than money,

Because it is rich in memory.

I remember the summer of 2011

As the best of my life.

The meadow became home,

The surrounding trees the walls

And the sky the ceiling.

Maybe it was naive

To believe in happily ever after

But I was, am, will always be a dreamer

And what is a dreamer without a dream?

You were my dream.

And I shouldn't laugh…

But I do. I do. I do. I do.

Not at you, no, at me.

I was supposed to be the cynical one,

But I ignored reason

Because I wanted to be happy.

It was because you stared at me

With those gorgeous eyes

And pushed my hair behind my ear

And said I love you.

Call me stupid, dumb, blind,

But I think that maybe, just maybe,

You actually did.

But that was last year.

You don't love me now,

Even though I still love you.

We won't go to the meadow

And I'll sit at home,

Remembering, remembering.

You've stolen my dreams,

My memories, my mind, my heart.

It's a shame I never stole yours -

It would've been the perfect crime

(My heart for yours)