Our love hanging precariously in the balance
inside the tarnished silver locket
round my delicately perfumed neck

My perfectly manicured oval nails
tap daintily on it's clouded surface
as your blood blossoms from your lower lip

It's as if you know my exact thoughts
how I'm questioning the very fabric of our association
questioning why I'm even here with you
when I could be out on the town
drowning these fears

And then it hits me

Like a tidal wave of thick black tar
clinging to every fibre of my selfishness

You do know what's going on
and you finally see me for who I truly am,
a vindictive monster who has been crushing you
since you said those musical three words

I love you, I love you, I love you

And now I realise
I have to take off
the stained locket
of three years
because you don't deserve
to have your life
by an abomination
like me