A Proper Princess

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Hello all!

So it's decided! You guys voted for A Proper Princess to be published, so here's the first chappie a day early!

And a quick side note. For those who think this story is moving slowly, I apologize. I wrote this in bulk form, so the intro is a little bit long. But it gets more interesting! I promise!


Lila always doubted the purpose of the royalty of Anbor. She was happy to live her life with her Aunt and ignore everything royal, since they didn't really do anything for the country. That is, until she found out that her parents were the Duke and Duchess of Anbor before they died. Now, Lila is being forced to marry the Prince of Anbor and become the princess. Suddenly thrown into a world of royalty and rules, Lila does what only a girl who hated the royals did. Rebel.

"Your purpose in life is to sit on the throne as the King of Anbor. You will rule the country with a strong fist, and you will always remember your place." This is how the country of Anbor was one hundred years ago.

This is how it is now.

"Royalty has no true purpose in Anbor any more, but you will become the King of Anbor, and represent Anbor to the entire public." Now to me, this seemed pointless. Why have a King and Queen when they do nothing? I've never understood it. So most of the time, I got scolded for not knowing my place. Anbor was a country much like England, in regards to it's political system, and actually concerning royalty, too, but the only difference was people in England didn't get mad at Prince William, or Prince Harry if they did something that wasn't entirely royal of them. In Anbor, if you are a part of any known line of royalty, you're frowned upon for wanting to do something out of character for a royal. But I didn't care about that. I was just a commoner, trying to get through high school.

Or so I thought.

"Seriously, Lila. You've got to clean your room! It's been weeks since I've even seen the floor in here." I rolled over in my pile of blankets and pillows corner of my bedroom.

"Emma, I'll get to it! I've got to finish setting up the plans for this week's photography session." I smiled nicely at my aunt, trying to get her to leave me alone. I needed to focus on my latest school assignment, and it didn't help when I had a clean room. The way my room was now was exactly how I needed it in order to think creatively. My bed was shoved up against one wall, while the rest of the room was covered with various chairs and pillows I'd found over the years. My favorite part of my room was the part I was currently residing in, that being my 'lounge' area. The back corner of my room was covered with a foam mat large enough for two people to sleep on comfortably. I'd covered it with multiple comforters and blankets, making it the most comfortable spot in the house.

"You've got to get this room under control, hon. This place is a mess. Look at how many pillows and chairs you have in here." I glanced around the room, only seeing a few chairs and maybe ten pillows.

"It isn't that bad." I got a look from Emma that meant she was irritated.

"Clean it. Now. Or else no going out tonight. Alright?" Damn. Tonight was the art gallery for the art department at school, and Emma knew it. I stood up and nearly growled at her, beggining to pick up my miscellaneous books and clothing pieces, putting them away while Emma was watching. I began pushing chairs against the walls, sitting down in my 'princely' piece for a moment. I had deemed this chair my favorite, and my most eclectic, considering it's wood was finished in gold and it had large, scarlet velvet cushions with little buttons on the back and seat. This single chair was what really got me into collecting chairs. The thing about this chair, though, was that I'd had it ever since I could remember. Even when I was a baby, there are pictures of me in my nursery, the chair prominently standing in the back. The thing I loved about this chair, other than its beauty, was that it held up so well. I'd used it plenty of times, for personal use and photo shoots, and it still looks as good as new. It was definitely my favorite chair.

Emma left my room, seeing that I was cleaning, and I stopped, moving everything back to its original position.I liked it this way. I heard my cellphone buzz somewhere across the room, it taking me a moment to find it. I finally pulled out my phone, placing it against my ear.

"You've reached Lila Colville's cell phone. She's probably taking your call right now."

"Doesn't it ever get old saying that every single time you answer the phone?"

"I have more energy than god, Lucille. Don't you know that by now?" I heard a giggle on the other end of the line.

"I do, I do. Anyway, I've called you because I just snuck out of my house to go buy something for tonight. You up to coming?" Leave it to Lucille to sneak out of her house without even asking her parents if she could leave. Her parents wouldn't really care, though.

"Sure." I looked around my room, making sure Emma wasn't listening. "I'll meet you at the mall."

"Sounds good. Bye." I hung up my phone and pulled a jean jacket over my dress, sliding into a pair of sneakers. I grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder, standing in the doorway to my room.

"Hey Emma?" I heard her faintly call from the kitchen and I smiled, knowing she was on the other side of the house. "I'm going to take a nap right now, so I won't be out for a while!" Her response was a quiet 'okay,' but it was good enough for me. I headed back into my room and locked the door behind me, heading over to the window. I opened it quietly and stuck one foot out, resting my body on the frame, then hopping out, thanking the lord my room was on the first floor of the apartment.

My landing was softly padded by the thick grass below the window and I quickly checked my surroundings, happy to see no one saw me. I began running down the street in front of my Aunt's apartment, heading to the bus stop, climbing onto the first bus heading to the mall. My phone began buzzing again and I pulled it out, recognizing Lucille's number.

"You've reached Lila Colville's cell phone. She's probably taking your call right now." I smirked, knowing Lucille would be slightly bothered by my answering of her call.

"I swear, one day I'm going to catch you when you don't say that. Anyway, where are you?" I read one of the street signs as the bus drove through an intersection.

"I'm probably five minutes away. Just wait for me at the entrance."

"Alright. But hurry."

"Yep. See you." I hung up the phone and smiled, knowing my friend was probably pacing outside the mall right now, ready to shop. She was always so excited to buy new clothes. Lucille was one of those people who believed she was born royalty, but was switched at birth, or something. And that's the reason she always bought new clothes; just in case the King came up to her one day and said 'hey, come move into the palace. It turns out you're my long lost daughter.' I personally just liked the colors and fabrics of clothing, so that's why I went along with Lucille.

Though I'll admit, she was an entertaining person.