So this chappie is interesting in a not entirely interesting way. I'd call it a filler chappie, but there is some stuff that necessary for plot progression and what not. Anyway, enjoy.

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This is it, Lila. No turning back. You already did it. What's done is done.

I could feel my heart pounding against my ribcage as the carriage stopped, signaling that I was in front of the cathedral. Somebody opened the carriage door, and I subtly slid out of the carriage, placing my feet against the hard pavement, wanting to gape as I looked around at the number of video cameras that were on me. There was an audible gasp as Dorothea and Irene stood behind me to lift the heavy skirt of the dress so I could walk, given that there was very little for them to pick up. That's right. While I was stuck in the carriage, I spent the time slipping out of the major petticoat I was wearing under the skirt, which left the dress much slimmer than the ball gown it'd had before. I took a deep breath and began walking slowly, counting out the steps in my head so I wouldn't mess up. I stopped at the doors of the church, where two men opened them, everyone inside of the church rising to stand as I stepped across the threshold. I continued to walk down the excessively long aisle, smiling to myself as I heard a quiet murmur coming from the guests. Despite the fact that I was the most nervous I had ever been, there was something so satisfying about knowing that I had done something (publicly) that no one had ever dared to do. It was...invigorating.

I stopped about ten feet before the altar, just like I had been taught, while the priest gave a hefty monologue about the tradition from one generation of royalty to the next, and how this union was just another sign of royalty. To be honest, I thought I might fall asleep. It really was that boring. As he finished, I stepped forward to take my place next to the prince, as as the next princess in line, and kept my line of vision toward the apse, which was adorned beautifully with an excess of mosaic and stained glass, as well, if I had to guess, some gold gilding. I could spend a week photographing the place, and I still wouldn't have enough pictures.

I silently did the tasks I told to do, such as kneeling and repeating some crap about my "royal duties," before the priest pronounced us married, and had us turn to face the church, someone sliding a thick, red cape with gold trim over the prince's shoulders, as well as a heavy crown on my head, which settled nicely, given that it had been made for me a few weeks ago.

The prince raised an arm out, and I gingerly placed my hand on his forearm as the guests stood and clapped enthusiastically, the sound of cheers coming from outside of the cathedral. I glanced around briefly and saw Emma, who was for some reason crying, as well as Queen, who was politely clapping, though she looked a little peeved. What surprised me the most was the King, who I had never met, and who was standing next to the Queen. He was...scary, to say the least. The look on his face, well, the look on his face said "off with her head," and I'd bet everything I owned that it was directed at me. Which was a little unnerving. I mean, the King, the King, was death glaring me.

I did my best to ignore it, and I stepped down the short stairs, trying to keep up with the prince, while doing it gracefully. We kept walking until we were to the doors of the cathedral, where we would walk to the carriage that had dropped me off, then make our way back to the palace to take our first sitting as prince and princess. It was all a little over the top, if you ask me. That's why I clearly had to do something. Ripping out the skirt was just a small token of my tradition breaking habits.

We walked outside and to the carriage, and I couldn't help but notice the enormous crowd of people rammed up against the barricades that had been set up. How hadn't I noticed them before? Oh right. Because I was too busy almost passing out from stress.

I decided to create another royal tradition, and I smiled grandly, waving to all the people, who in turn, cheered loudly, most waving back.

I glanced at the prince for the first time that day and he looked incredibly surprised. I barely shrugged and kept waving, noticing that the prince started to wave too, albeit much more hesitantly than me.

We got into the carriage and much to my relief, the petticoat I'd left in the carriage was gone. The door was shut behind us, and I couldn't help but grin at the prince as he sat across from me, eyes wide.

"Surprise!" I said, waving my hands about. "Didn't expect this, did you?" I gestured to the deflated dress, grinning.

He sat silently a moment before the corner of his mouth twitched, his entire face breaking into a smile. "I didn't believe you were going to do something I thought 'well of course she'll do something, it's her nature,' but I never thought it would be something so severe as tinkering with your dress, or waving to the public during your wedding procession."

I shrugged. "To be honest, it was all last minute. As in in the carriage on the way to the cathedral kind of last minute. But I figured eh what the hell. I'm not a big skirted gal anyway. By the way, how does it look? I never got a chance to see it, on account of doing the changes without a mirror."

"It looks beautiful, though I sense the King and Queen would disagree with that."

I grimaced. "Yeah, I saw that. Thought I should probably run for my life, but apparently I'm still here. Go figure, huh?"

He smiled and shook his head. "You are absolutely crazy. You know that, right?"

"Yep! But it comes in handy sometimes, doesn't it?" I couldn't help but grin stupidly. I was far more exhilarated than I thought I would be, which was weird, given how nervous I had been just before the ceremony. I didn't even think about how much trouble I was going to get in. All that I cared about was how hilarious it was to create these new rules, which hadn't been altered in over 300 years. And here I was, little, average, Lila, doing what I damn well pleased and changing those traditions.

The carriage stopped and we were inside the palace gates, maybe twenty or so feet from the front entrance of the palace. Which I had only even seen on tv. It was even grander in person.

"Shall we?" The prince gestured to the door, which was opened, the prince getting out first so he could offer a hand to me. I took it and stepped out of the cabin, surprised when I saw a number of cameras lined up. I had thought there would only be this many cameras on the way to the church, but I guess I was wrong.

I did my best to recover and keep smiling as the prince lead me down the long runner that had been set up, though I couldn't keep the smile up for too long, considering the death glare that was waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Yes, standing in front of the palace doors was none other than the King and Queen. The Queen didn't look so mad. But the King. Let's just say his anger seemed to have doubled since I saw him at the wedding ceremony.

So maybe I had been so excited and fearless before, but now I just wanted to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

Maybe all the tradition breaking I'd done wasn't the best idea.