The disease you spread with your poisonous words
infects everyone around you
with the ludicrous lies you invent

And you invent them
not to help others
or to make them look and feel happy

You invent them
to make yourself feel better
to fit in with the snakes around you

Vicious creatures who inject their venom
into those weak enough to fall prey
to their stupid ideologies
and hiss at those who threaten them

Because at the end of the day
you know she's stronger than you are
that she will get over this soon

Not because it doesn't hurt
(because it truly does)
but because she's used to it
(is that fair?)

People have hissed and spread poison about her,
her entire life

But what used to upset her
and make her wrists cry
now makes her stronger
and every word you think you hurt her with
you are just strengthening her soul

And that's why one day
when she pays you for her ironing
she'll thank you for the horrors
you made her endure