Dream Me a Fairytale

Here I am, another lonely night

Dreaming of you, my brave knight

Wondering when you'll come

And where you'll be from

Imaging your looks

If you are smart, and if you can cook

I hope you are loving and that you are kind

If I make a mistake, I hope you won't mind

I promise I'll love you every day of my life

I'll willingly sacrifice my freedom

To be your loyal wife

I hope with you I can joke around

I know with you I'll find happiness abound

How long will it be until you to find my tower

I know for me, you'll search high and low

And even use your superpowers

You'll be handsome and you'll have charm

You will be gentle, and never cause alarm

You'll love people and you'll love kids

Our love, my father would never forbid

You won't break my heart

And I'll never pull yours apart

We'll be the perfect team, you and me

My prince, my knight, and my dream

I force myself to go to sleep

Thinking of you, instead of counting sheep

But before I doze off, thinking of you

And how our meeting is so overdue

I whisper "Dream me a fairytale"

Think of me, and I'll think of you

Dream up our fairytale

How we'll meet

And what I'll say to you

Think of our love

And rest assure that I won't let us fail

I love you , my fairytale

We will last forever

And I can't wait until

Our happily ever after"