Gift for the Darkness

When the sun goes down he'll come
The beast comes out of the sea
The beast has teeth and big black eyes
Now we've really got a beast.

Under the palms there was a deadly silence
Butterflies danced around each other
No shadows
A pearly stillness.

My hunters;
Boys with sticks
Demonic figures
Anonymous savages.

Dreadful eruption from an unknown world
Hunters hurled themselves at her
Blood dribbled down the stick
The sow fell.

It's waiting
Damp darkness of the forest
Drops of vivid blood
It's a gift for the beast.

I'm going to be chief
He's a coward himself
I expect they've gone
Two savages murmured.

The Lord of the Flies hung in space
Why things are the way they are
I'm part of you
We're going to have fun on this island.

A blackness within
A blackness that spread.