I have a choice to make

There are two paths ahead of me

I don't know which to take

I don't know who I want to be

Which way should I now face

Do I take the easy path

How do I set my pace

To stop is to unleash the wrath

One way looks very hard

The other is the opposite

I am already scarred

But I think I can take the hit

Who do I want to be

I really can't seem to decide

Do I want to be free

Or do I want to run and hide

Each path is so different

So which path will I choose to take

Which way has my fate meant

A decision I have to make

And now I go forward

The harder path is what I chose

And now the voice I heard

Is saying to keep on my toes

As I come to the end

I turn and look back at my life

I'm glad my fate did send

Me on the path with so much strife

I met so many friends

And did all I ever wanted

And now as my life ends

I do not even feel daunted

I've lived a life in full

I've enjoyed it in every way

It has never been dull

And at the end now down I lay