Hitler: Was Nothing Good Accomplished?

By Khaled Reza

When we think of Hitler we think of two things, World War Two and the Holocaust.

In this essay I will discuss several things. One, was anything good accomplished, two was Hitler a genius or insane, and three compare Hitler to other-not figures-but bodies, perhaps nations, and perspective based on it and our point of view.

People, such as me, think of how Hitler killed millions of Jews, how he violently took control of other countries and ruled three continents and beat Genghis Khan in controlling more parts of the world. We see him as an evil tyrant, a man with no soul. No one ever speaks of the good that was attained due to the Fuhrer's ingenious idea to gather scientists. I who see both the evil and good of Hitler's insane Third Reich will discuss them. I will not go into insane amount of details, but bluntly explain the good that was accomplished at a hefty price because that will take a whole novel and I don't have that much time, you can research on your own, but it was never said good could not come out of evil, no matter how indirect. This may or may not shock you.

To start, I will discuss a vital member of Hitler's regime, the scientists, and one in particular, Wernher von Braun. Wernher von Braun was a Nazi and a party member since 1933. He was interested in rockets and the possibility of space exploration. He was made an SS captain by Himmler and used slave labor at Mittelwerk, the Nazi underground rocket facility. Hitler believed this would give them an advantage as he saw that scientific advancement was a way they would outmatch their enemies. He is the overall ruler and therefore responsible for this research done by von Braun. Without von Braun and the research he did the Saturn rocket would have never been developed and Astronaut Neil Armstrong would have never landed on the moon-it is doubtful if we would have gotten to the moon even now without him. It is easy to say we would have still done it only when one does not see the significance of what von Braun discovered, which American scientist were struggling with. All this was possible because Hitler allowed von Braun to do this research and gathered scientists that were top quality at that time; Germans were scientifically advance even before World War Two.

So, without the Fuhrer, like it or not Neil Armstrong would not have landed on the moon-this simply can't be debated anymore. Hitler saw that he needed top scientists to do what he did; unfortunately he had to do it with blind prejudice.

Next we go to the medical advances; I will not cover all of it, but a short excerpt. For example, Mengele's was a Nazi scientist studying genetics. Basically all the knowledge we know of treating poison in the human body is based on the research of Josef Mengele. The reason his work is disapproved is because of his work ethic. All of his test victims were forced to participate, no choice was given. There were other things such as vaccines and medicines that we use today because of the discoveries the Third Reich found, but I'm sure almost anyone would agree it came at a big price that was not worth it.

We now get to whether or not Hitler was insane or a genius. Instead of instantly hopping on the band wagon, try to objectively think about it, ignore the fact that Hitler was evil and think about this. Is a person who lost everything and then goes and becomes Fuhrer and rule over three continents, has a vast powerful army, is responsible for scientific advancement, had the insight to see that he needed scientists to accomplish what he did, wrote a book about what he would do and did it, insane? Let's be real, hell no! Hitler was smart enough to know how to persuade so many humans in joining what he believed to be a just cause. An insane idiotic man cannot do this; it takes a certain kind of man who knows just what to say to get people to follow him and that takes genius. For what Hitler accomplished, your average Joe can't do, he was a genius in his own right. His flaw came in blaming others for his misfortune. But it goes without saying a man who goes from nothing to ruler of such an expanse of the world is not insane, he was sane, he was a genius, just evil and corrupt. "Power corrupts" is an old saying that can justify this, or the seven deadly sins, or human emotion.

Lastly let's compare one thing (there are others) to compare to Hitler. We believe Hitler to be cruel and pure evil, since he killed millions (not just Jews). Well let's take a look back at a time where things similar to the Holocaust occurred. In our American History it is shown America used concentration camps against the Indians long before Hitler did against the Jews. Like Hitler, America of that time ravaged the natives of North America and robbed them of so many rights and forced them into a controlled amount of land under unjust laws, like Hitler did. America also forced them to walk a long trail to remove Indians from land that belonged to them; this is known as the Trail of Tears. I could go on, but I want to keep this concise as possible. Let's analyze here, concentration camps can be related to just that minus the technology gap, the Trail of Tears can be related to the Death March of the holocaust, killing of all those natives can be compared to killing of the Jews.

Hmmm….interesting, right? But we as a nation have bettered ourselves and all is forgiven, right? Well if Hitler did what America did to recompense for his mighty sin, would we forgive him? Would the Jews? Did the natives forgive us yet?

I don't know the answer. In this article all I did was state truthful facts since humans can't seem to understand or trust anything beyond science, give or take. So I used a science related thing called Facts, to show you that Hitler was evil, but some good did come out of all the insanity of World War 2, just as the war with the Indians, which is we got more land and because of it we have Hollywood, yippee it was worth, right?

Hypocrites much? This isn't meant to praise Hitler, but to state facts, as the title suggests, simply point out the good regardless of the price or basically the three objectives I laid out to explain in a concise fashion.

It doesn't matter if you deny it, the world you live in today would not be like this without World War 2, if you read this you know this to be true regardless of your view on Hitler, it takes a hefty price if we want to get expensive things (technology and advancement in science I.E. moon landing, medical advances etc.) because as the old Star Trek saying goes, "If you can't take a bloody nose pack your bags and go home."

Evil men rise and fall, a nation conceived of freedom does actions similar to actions we despise today, a genius rises to power to only waste it by killing millions of innocent, terrorists attack a nation saying it is for religion when the puppeteer knows it is for politics and uses religion as the strings for the puppets, recessions, natural disasters, all this we will have to pay in order to advance, to learn, to grow, because nothing is free, not even freedom, just as the Star Trek quote says, "If you can't take a bloody nose pack your bags and go home."