Natural or Artificial Tears

Staring was all he could do. He couldn't blink, smile, or realize the situation. He had been running from the royal palace guards and had messed his black, midnight hair. He was running from them after escaping their clutches. Wait, go father and not straight to the point. To the very beginning where it starts and explains everything easier. He had been hungry with his sister about to die. He knew he had to do something. Something but there was no other fact to face that hurt his family more other than that they were poor. So poor and unhealthy that he couldn't tell them the reason why he's the only one not dead or sick. He couldn't tell them he stole food and is most wanted for it. He just wanted to get them a present: food as a subtle apology. That way he could give them food and tell them indirectly. Although, he was very worried their sickness may worsen.

He decided that even though there were the selfish king's guards were on watch, he had to take the food from the greedy men who sold them. "Take" or as rich people call "stealing". What they don't realize is that it's not the poor that steal from the rich. It's the rich stealing from the poor. Slowly putting them in worse positions by stealing every bit of supplies, money, and feelings of pride and self-confidence, it was cruelty. The world and the people of Amore hadn't been consumed by greed before, but it quickly changed very dramatically. People would give food to those who needed it, but that was before greed and selfishness hadn't filled the atmosphere and the king took over. Soon people were forced to learn that the poor were thieves that wanted nothing but money, power, and food.

Back onto topic, Max just wanted to take a few slices of bread. His plan was perfect as it could get in the child's eyes. But a flaw was unseen to him as the guards came to turn around when the distraction provided ended earlier then suspected. Max was caught stealing the bread red-handed. The memory now was filled with blood and sweat as the guards chased him through stores, parks, and homes until they hit the forest. By the time they entered a guard thought he could aim correctly and get a large chunk of the thief's shirt pinned onto the tree and swung his sword.

He missed terribly and ripped the sleeve and flesh. Max's blood had stained his shirt but was pleased to notice that the bleeding had stopped. Despite the large cut that would defiantly leave a scar, he knew it wasn't too bad to need medical attention. He was running until his young feet ached and the dull pain hadn't felt any better when he fell, either; however, he heard the guards and forced his scrawny body up and ran. He ran as fast as he could, all the way up to the river where finally he could no longer hear them. He then heard a snap and holding his arm he looked up before his breath hitched.

By now you see Max as a human being that starves in a kingdom of a horrid, selfish king. But the part left out is that Max is not a human. The kingdom has their people either with or without their especially sharp canine teeth; but they all have fox ears and a tail. Amore people are a special group of the inhuman society as they all are half human and half fox. This story would and could be told of how they were to be half bloods, but the story isn't of their history. It is of an Amore boy who is poor and needy and of other secrets obscure from the minds of humans underestimating things as if they, themselves, were superior. Humans who don't think before they talk, that play life off as a game, humans… such as the rich.

So, when Max looked up in curiosity, his ears were piped up in interest, and tail was straight in fear-only to see the most beautiful eyes of a girl his age staring at him. Her chocolate eyes burning at his dark, neon blue ones. Her waist length hair flew with the wind that snuck behind her perfectly. The brown texture shined differently with the sun reflecting on it in the perfect angle. He noticed the ribbon in her hands and the familiar voice of his name rolling off her tongue easily.

"Max?" She inquired barely in a whisper. He stared in utter shock after realizing that she was the youngest princess, Lillian. How could she know his name? He stared still in awe as he forced the excitement jumping around inside of him down, failing. He stared and she let herself fall down gracefully.

"How do you know my name?" He asked his voice hoarse from running, the mud from falling, and lack of water.

"I am the princess. I know who is mostly wanted for stealing."

"How nice…I'm guessing you'll take me away?" She shook her head and walked up.

"No. I'm not that cruel that I don't realize the destruction of this kingdom," sitting elegantly on the rock next to him she continued, "Why steal if you know the risks?"

"You might not be cruel but you're rich," he spat in disgust, "And you'll never know how it feels to be poor."

"I'm sorry...why were you stealing just now?" She asked her, interest seeming to grow in her voice as well as curiosity though to him it seemed like a taunting voice, torturing him by gathering all the information that hurt him the most.

"For Meme."

"Meme? Is that your sister?" He nodded uncomfortably, "Is she hungry and begged you to get it?"
"I wish," He whispered sadly in honesty, "She's can't even call my name. All she can do is eat, drink, sleep, and cry."

"Cry? Why cry?"

"See! You really are like others! It has nothing to do with you! If you feel how you say you do or realize, then realize that all you have to do to get your questions answered is to empathize," He growled before running off. She stared at where he left and got up.

"Would it be normal if I could...'Empathize'?" She wondered jumping up and landing on the branch with little struggle. She stared at the sun effortlessly without any normal squinting, thinking of the button on her right foot just one lift of a chunk of artificial flesh away. The button that seemed to burn her circuits as if it might be that it was the answer itself.

"Empathize..." She repeated once more in wonder. She lifted her foot and the loose flesh of the bottom of it, twitching as the foreign sensation of pain filled her; outlined the bottom with her slender fingers, wondering once more if it was alright; and pressed it, hesitantly. Slowly the skin began to rejuvenate hiding the buttons and wires. She stared at the place Max had headed with the ribbon use to cover her foot slipping out of her hand and followed the considerate boy. Slowly the last trail left behind of that moment was a tear falling down a flushed cheek from a chocolate eye. Unknown if it was artificial like the rest of its original home or natural of emotions, specifically the sadness forced out of the petite body by the kingdom's depravity.