Maracta of Cut Productions: Story #4: Short Story Oneshot

March 26-29, 2012

Hi…I feel kind of bad about being here…because I kind of…disappeared. I last updated 4 3/4 months ago on the verging of Christmas day (if any of you would care to remember). I had posted the first part of my latest story 'Looking Mysterious', and then vanished.

I would like to explain my reasons, whereabouts, and feelings to settle any anger or resentment that might have built over that amount of time. For the rest of Christmas break and of the first few weeks of January, my brother and I experienced a sudden boost of enthusiasm for good fanfiction work. It was awesome! We found lots of well-written/thought out plot stories that we are still reading!...and we also found out how messed up some people minds and writing is…bleh! :P

For the other 4 and ½ months I have been busy, distracted, forgetful, and experiencing apathy (laziness). But in the meantime I have had time to stock up on more recent stories, which I believe can mock my writing abilities of the previous year (all writers should know this).

Also, you might have noticed that I am not 'Maracta of Cut Productions' anymore! Nope! 'Nacartor' posted 'A Honest Mistake, a Fatal Error' on Spring Break (at least that's what I believe, he thinks he posted it a week before). I also decided that it was lonely with only myself on fictionpress and I needed some competition to make me update quicker so I said "Sure!" And that ergo got me here, with you (AWIRT) reading this.

first it was because my brother Nacartor and

Maracta of Cut Productions presents...

My Black and White Super World

"He got really strong and blasted though the wall! 'Evil Black Doom, your time ends here! I'm stopping you once and for ALL!' ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM! BOOM! 'NO! I will destroy YOU!'"


"ErrrrrrrrEEEEEEEEE! POW! Beuw! Zzzzzzshshbeuw! 'Nothing will stop me! My plan is invincible! MHAHAHAHA—'"


"...Yes Mommy?"

"It's time to leave, we need to go and pick up your brother now! Come to the car, alright?" She yells.


"Yes, right now!"

"Can I bring my hero box?" I call loudly. Mommy's face appears at the door.

"No you cannot, take five and leave the rest."

"But I want to take all of them!"

"No, bring five, that's all. Let's go." She left.

I finger my GI Joes in my hands…hmmm…

"Daniel? Only five, remember? We need to go!"


Five? But there're so many! But I have to choose, and that make me mad. I take the two GI Joe ninjas, the bigger Spiderman and my big Batman. Then I have my red skull guy and silver skull guy…Mommy says I can only have five but then I won't have enough bad guys, so I need both. But Spiderman and Batman are so large that two skull guys would be enough to be one! So that means I can take the two skull guys and I won't really disobey Mommy.

I zoom to the garage stuffing my super figures so they won't fall from my muscly arms. Mommy is strapping Rachel in her car seat in that black car so I must avoid her at all costs. I'm careful not to let Mommy see my sixth super hero so I don't get in trouble.

"KCRACK! Do-BING! ChchtOOOOOO! (Explosion) Sssssssssowwwww—"

"Daniel, please be quite. In car voice."

"Ok…chachoo chachoo chachoo chachooooeeeeeeEEEEEEEE—"

"Daniel! Quiet!"

"Yes Mommy…"

Car rides are boring. I have to sit and be quiet when I want to fly and fight outside. There's always nothing to do but sit forever waiting to get some place, unless Mommy plays music or lets me put my hand out the window (she doesn't usually let me to do that), but then those get boring again. Unless I have super heroes, I am doomed.

Mommy keeps telling me to be not as loud so I can't make any noise in the car. I hate that. How am I supposed to play and have fun if she won't let me make any noise?


Rachel is looking at me. She wants something.

"'an I play supper heroes too?"

"No." I shake my head.


"Well, you don't got anything to play with."

"I have my doll."

"You can't play with a doll!"


"Cause dolls can't be super heroes."


"Dolls aren't super heroes!"

"Wha abou your supper heroes?"

"But I'm playing with them!"

"But you need to share! Just one…"

Rachel isn't boring to play with, but she's a girl so sometimes she wants to do stuff the girly way. If she was going to play super heroes she could not use her dolls. Only action figures like mine that aren't the ones I want.

I give her the black Batman. He doesn't move much so he not really fun sometimes, but Rachel doesn't seem to mind.

"We're here." Mommy says. I look out to see Johnny's large school.

"Daniel, Rachel, I'll be right back. Don't fight, stay in the car, and keep it locked, yes mam?"

"Yes mam." We both say at the same time. Mommy smiles and shuts the door.

"tootoo! tootoo! toooooo…"...I play with my action figures more but they're boring. There is nothing to do. Again! I look out of the window at the school yard's grass. There is Johnny, I see him laughing free. I want to play outside like Johnny and his friends I see. If only I can call Mommy maybe she will let me be free too. But I see her with another mom, talking, forgetful of her captive child! If I could only get to her…

I wish Mommy had rolled down the windows lower. I could stick out my hands if she did. I would burst from my prison! I press my hands against the clear forcefield wall using my big strength to—break it! But to no avail!

But wait…I am tied! I unbuckle myself and use my great strength again! I pull at the lock but it won't break! The Black Mastermind is sneaky, but I will find a way to break free!


Rachel asks to play with my GI Joe men super heroes…I give her the grey skull guy. She is singing some song and playing with her doll and the super figures.

I whirl to the window! I am here trapped and chained while Johnny plays with his friends! It is no use! I am doooooooooomed!

I hear small noises from my black prison. Through the window, and there they are. Six or more big boys that are together. They are much older than Johnny. They're probably 5th or 6th graders, so they're big.

They're facing, yelling, at each other. I see a big boy, with black clothes. He has black hair that covers his eyes. He's angry and yelling at another tall big boy. That boy is blonde and has white clothes and a gray shirt. He is yelling back at the black clothed boy.

I watch the gray shirted boy yell at the black clothed boy. He's mad, I can tell. And then the black clothed boy—hits him?

The other big boys come in too. The black clothed boy is very mad. So are the other big boys. They all are yelling and jumping and…hitting each other? I don't know why anyone else is not hearing them. They seem very loud to me.

I watch the big boys kick and push everyone. But I see the gray shirted boy, and he is stronger than all of them. He is quick and brave. He kicks a boy in front and punches a guy behind him! He whirls and leaps to the side! He dodges a fatal blow! He is runs into a Henchman, knocking him to the ground!

He is more powerful than any of them all! Invincible! He flies and crushes them with his strength! But no—a sneak attack! A boy hits him! He crashes, oooooooooooo—CHSHOO! (Explosion) Red stuff—blood—! comes from his nose. He rises and punches right!

It is now only the gray shirted boy, and the black clothed boy. They glare! The black clothed boy moves and the grey shirted boy moves. They will clash to decide the fate of the world! The black clothed boy hits—

Click. The door opens. Johnny?

"Mommy!" Cries Rachel.

"Hey sweetie, sorry I took so long! Jonathan, close the door, please."

—the grey shirted boy, he was fighting with the black clothed—no. Where were the other big boys? It looks like the grey shirted boy is winning. Where was—?

"Daniel, put your seat belt on. Jonathan, can you help him, please?"

"Yes, mam. Daniel, scoot over!"

No—wait! The gray shirted boy! He was—down! I shout, "I can't see!"

The black car starts moving. I sit tall to see, but still can't. We turn. I twist around to see through the back window.

I see a tall, blonde white clothed boy running. He runs fast and strong and has a gray shirt! He dashes to a black car and it drives away. I see the black clothed boy watching it go.

I am confused.

I speak, "Mommy, I saw a super hero fight."

"You did?"

"Uh-huh. Mommy…don't the good guys always win?"

Johnny makes a "duh," sound.

"Well you should know, Daniel. You read and play super heroes all the time. Do the good guys always win?"

I think for a moment..."I don't know..."

We drive home. I give Rachel more of my super figures. Johnny tells about his day at school. I think quietly and don't say much.

I think when I get home I'll play super heroes…maybe, I'm still confused. Maybe I'll play with Rachel...or Johnny. We can play Jedi with our sticks outside. I can play super heroes tomorrow. I can make my GI Joes act out the fight at school…maybe then I'll understand.

Well, if you've read me this is the point where I might politely ask or deliberately demand that you review me but…I'll just tell you I yell, jump up and down, squeal with joy, hug random nearby family members, and smile a lot when I get one review...or a lot of that should be enough encouragement ;) !

HOPE YOU LIKED IT! This is obviously not my normal writing. The assignment for this story was to write a 400-word story, 1st person perspective, of an original character with an idiosyncratic (exact word; means odd, different, peculiar, unique, ect.) view of the world. I chose a five year-old boy who was obsessed with super heroes and wrote a story that was slightly more than 3 times than required! I owe most of the originality to my mom—I'm not much for brain storming—and the closing to Nacartor because I got stuck on how to end this.

I hope to read what YOU thought very soon, and hope you check out Cut Production's other stories, including our account on FanFiction (do it particularly if you like Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, or Sonic the Hedgehog! We like lot of good stories! ;) Bye! Sincerely,

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