Chapter One:

"Rissie, wake up!" Lady Violet exclaimed, shaking Crown Princess Nerissa Donnatella Sanderson of Pacifica awake. "We have school today, and I really would not care to be late yet again" declared Coral.

"Late?" Nerissa mumbled in her sleep. "Must…get…to…the…sea…chapel…on…time! Must…not…keep…Zale…waiting!"

Lady Violet giggled. "Ooh, she's dreaming about getting married to Lord Zale! What do ya think, Cor, maybe we should let her sleep in then?"

Coral shook her head. "I very much doubt that Mr. Ashman would accept allowing my host to finish dreaming of her wedding day as a valid excuse for tardiness".

"I…do…" sighed Princess Nerissa, and then her blue-gray eyes finally fluttered open. Looking quite refreshed, she quickly threw herself out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. Deep in thought, the half-mermaid Princess of Pacifica studied her reflection in the mirror as she brushed her braced teeth. No one in a hundred billion years would ever guess by just looking at me who, or more precisely, what I am, she deliberated. Or for that matter, I most certainly would have never in a hundred billion years guessed what I really am.

For most of her life, Nerissa's mother, Melinda, had hidden the truth about her daughter's unusual heritage from her, going so far as to make up a story about how her husband had been a U.S. naval officer who passed away before the Crown Princess was born, in order to satisfy Nerissa's curiosity in regards to her absent father, but on her fifteenth birthday she finally revealed to her that her father was actually still very much alive, and was in fact not even human, he was King Poseidon, ruler of the magical undersea kingdom of Pacifica. He and Melinda had met and fell madly in love after he had valiantly rescued her from drowning in the ocean. When Poseidon offered her a proposal of marriage, she didn't have to think twice before agreeing to leave her life on land behind, be transformed into a stunning mermaid, or Sea Nymph, as they much preferred to be called, and join him in his beautiful domain far beneath the surface of the sea.

Shortly after Princess Nerissa's birth, the Cursed Black Pearls, one of the strongest sources of dark magic in the known universe, were accidentally unleashed by extremely curious five-year-old twin Sea Nymphs named Della and Mirabella. The evil energy contained in the Cursed Black Pearls transforms any Sea Nymph who touches them, with the notable exception of a Crown Princess who is mature enough to know how to properly channel the power of her Enchanted Royal Aquamarine pendant, into a Sea Siren, a creature so cruel and heartless that some refer to her as the "vampire of the sea". Within minutes of their release, the dreaded Cursed Black Pearls changed the generally peaceful realm of Pacifica into a place of destruction and chaos, so King Poseidon decided that his wife and infant daughter were, at least for the time being, no longer safe in the sea. He sent them back to dry land, where they were to remain until there were no longer any Sea Sirens or Cursed Black Pearls in the kingdom of Pacifica. It was now Nerissa's mission, as Keeper of the Enchanted Royal Aquamarine of Pacifica, to help restore peace and harmony in the Sea Nymph world by keeping a sharp eye out for Sea Sirens disguised in human form and changing them back into their true selves.