Chapter Fourteen:

Warm tears glided down the Crown Princess of Pacifica's pale cheeks as Melinda's Prius pulled into the driveway and she stumbled through the front door, Lady Violet and Lady Coral following closely behind her. Staring down at her own feet, Nerissa darted across the Sandersons' living room, grabbed the Shellophone off of the coffee table, and ambled into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She then laid down on her twin bed and placed the Shellophone close to her left ear. "I would like to speak to Lord Zale Delmar, please" the true Keeper of Pacifica's Enchanted Royal Aquamarine said into the shell.

"Hello?" uttered a pleasantly familiar male voice.

"Oh, Zale!" Princess Nerissa exclaimed. "You have no idea how happy simply hearing your voice makes me, especially after everything I've been through today".

"Hey, tell me what happened" said Zale.

"Where do I even begin?" the Pacifican Princess sighed.

"Wow, that bad, huh?"

"I'm afraid so. My dad's crazy Sea Siren ex-girlfriend, who's a published author, took away our Enchanted Aquamarines so me, Coral, Violet, and my mom are currently unable to transform into Sea Nymphs or defend ourselves with magic, and my human friend Vanessa now knows what we really are and is pretty upset that I kept such a big secret from her, to put it mildly. She actually called me a freak".

"Oh my, love, mere words could never even come remotely close to expressing how truly sorry I am that you are going through all this" conveyed Lord Zale.

"Thanks. Got any advice about what I can do about any of this?"

"Well, are you sure that you are completely unable to transform?"

"Hmm, what do you mean, Zale?"

"I just don't think I have ever heard before of a Sea Nymph assuming human form to not be able to be changed back by the power of an Enchanted Aquamarine. Have you tried utilizing another Nymph's Aquamarine?"

"No, but, knowing my father, I would think that if he thought there was any chance at all that that would work, he would have tried it" Nerissa stated.

"Yes, you have a valid point there. Very few Sea Nymphs or their Consorts are more knowledgeable about our world than your father" sighed Zale. "Nonethless, I am sure that there must be a way to reverse this spell. Perhaps if we pour over enough books we can figure it out".

"Books, that's it!" the Pacifican Crown Princess burst out. "I had forgotten how my father said that the book that Tamara wrote contained facts about the Sea Nymph world that even some of the Elders of Pacifica weren't aware of. Maybe the solution is written somewhere in that book. It would be pretty stupid of Tamara to spell out for us in her book how to break her spell, but there could be some kind of clue in there".

"There probably is" agreed Zale. "Oh, sorry, but I must let you go now. My Romantic Poetry 101 class begins in five minutes. Talk to you later, my sweet love".

"Good-bye" Nerissa murmured.