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Chapter 1

From one moment to a next

Reading in the papers to know what's best

Sometimes you don't know yourself

Eating loads of vitamins for your health

Sometimes, I sit on my roof and watch the jets fly over District Twelve. It's forbidden to be outside during mandatory air patrols; if a pilot see's you and mistakes you for an intruder an air raid will come crashing down on top of your part of the city and not to mention yourself. However, the pilots of my part of the district seem to have gotten to know me these past few years. They'll see me every night sitting on top of the same roof; just a small child… there's no mistaking it since I'm abnormally small.

I don't tell my brother, Thomas or Tommy as I call him, about my sanctuary, otherwise he'd tell mother… then I'd be in more trouble than if I'd been caught by the police.

Tommy is my little brother by three minutes, my identical twin. Though we are an abnormal set of identical twins, he has blonde hair and I have dark brown. We share everything except for our hair color. The same light blue eyes, clear pale completion, thin lean body, same face, same everything.

The jets start to fly over; I lay down on the warm roof tiles. They fly in circles over head and watch carefully over the citizens. Tommy and my parents sleep safely in their beds; they don't know what these jet pilots do in the wee hours of the morning. The sun starts to come up; the stars and the moon disappear into the night. The jet's are gone now, took them only five minutes to fly over; the district starts to stir. I sit up and watch people start pouring out into the streets.

The metropolis that is District Twelve is similar to that of the text book stories of New York City. Lights and billboards line the street, businesses always booming with customers, everything is always busy, always moving. The only thing different about District Twelve and the dead city of New York is that the billboards all represent the Vatican in some way shape or form. They tell us when church services will be held, pictures of our Pope or Father Green, a reminder of the practical rules, and sometimes verses from the bible.

It's Friday morning, the last day of school before the summer. My brother and I are twelve years old; therefore we're allowed to start our internship with our prospective job. Today will be the day that we'll be told if anyone has offered internship positions for the two of us.

I climb back down through my bedroom window. I get dressed in my normal pair of jeans and a dark button up shirt. My mother had told me to wear a tie since today could potentially be very important day. I pick up the only tie I own with stripes on it. Time for another day…

"You two ready for school?" my mother asked from the front seat of our minivan.

Tommy shrugged, he hated school, my parents didn't understand why, but I knew.

"Don't except any offers before consulting your mother and me, alright?" Father said.

We both nodded and sat quietly in the back seat. Our family was never to keen on speaking, Tommy and I were the only ones who shared a close relationship.

The two of us were thick as thieves, always together no one could separate us… except for the nuns at our school, they would pull us apart for different classes, but that was about it. I loved Tommy more than anything, I'd do anything to protect him and keep him safe from the evil that lurks in the backs of everyone's mind.

Our parents drop us off at the Catholic school Tommy and I attend. An older nun sits outside the doors of the school to make sure all the children get inside safely. She holds a clip board with the names of every child that attends.

"Good Morning Thomas, Matthew," she smiles at us, "How are you two feeling today? Excited?"

Tommy smiled back at her, "Of course Sister," he lied.

"Wonderful!" She motioned us through as she talked to the next children behind us.

The school hasn't been changed in the past one hundred years, the walls and floors are made up of bricks, no cement blocks in this school. The only things that have been changed are the electronic updates to the buildings, such as video screens hanging from the roof. The two of us made our way to the auditorium where all the twelve year olds were scheduled to meet in the beginning of the day. The auditorium was too small to hold anyone other than who was necessary, the twelve year olds, the prospective employers, as well as the nuns who had a part in raising each of us.

The other students in the school were all sectioned off by age to different class rooms to watch the televised event. Our parents would be watching in their office alongside their co-workers who would be watching for their children. It was a grand event, the lead Priest of the school would traditionally preside the event; however Father Green asked to speak instead. His presence alone would make this a nationwide event, not just our school sector. Our ceremony would be broadcast all over the world, just because he was here…

Father Green was a family friend; he was there when we were born and for all our birthdays. He'd practically raised us along side our parents. Our faith was stronger than anyone else is in this auditorium. He was more like a father to us rather than the District Bishop. Of all the schools in our district he was coming to our ceremony, it was a great honor to be selected, though Tommy and I both knew why he chose our school over the others.

Tommy sat next to me, in between to Chandler Leal and Holly Lenny. The nuns ushered in the rest of the twelve year olds to their seats. Our last name is Leeds, Tommy Leeds and Matthew Leeds, being close to the middle of the alphabet meant that we were towards the middle of the auditorium. However, we were still able to see fairly well.

There were taps over the speakers; everyone's attention was on a nun on the stage. "Good morning students," Sister Alice, the head nun said over the microphone, smiling over the crowd. "As everyone well knows, today is a very special day for all of you. I'm very pleased to see everyone make it to this point and I'm very pleased to announce that this is the first time each and every one of you have been given offers."

The crowd cheered, Tommy and I looked at each other and smiled, we grabbed each other's hands, ready to hear who offered us internships.

"Why don't we get started? I'd like to introduce Father Kevin Green, District 12's Bishop," she said excitedly. The crowd applauded and there were a few shrieks in the audience. Father Green was the youngest man to hold a position as Bishop. As custom to the catholic faith, we should call him Bishop Green, but he doesn't like that, so we refer to him as Father. He was handsome to say the least, pitch black hair and hazel eyes, clear pale skin and a lean body yet fit. It's not surprising that every female in the room would want to have just a moment of his time.

"Good morning children," he said over the microphone, his voice was soothing as always, it never failed to lighten up a room.

"Good morning Father," we all said in unison. There was a hushed silence, Sister Alice handed him a stack of papers with each child's name on it and who was there to offer them a position in the community. He went through the list without skipping a beat, he made each announcement personal, as though he knew each and every person in the room on a deeper level when in all actuality he'd never met anyone besides Tommy and myself.

"Chandler Leal," he announced, glancing over at Chandler and smiling at him. Chandler had two offers, one to become intern of the secretary of a district representative, another with a government official. I wasn't surprised that he'd been offered government related positions, he'd always been interested in things like that.

When he sat back down, Tommy was about ready to stand up, still holding my hand which he'd do till the very end when he'd be forced to let go. We both watched as Father Green read the next name. Tommy squeezed my hand tighter and he took a deep breath, standing up out of his seat.

"Holly Lenny," he said, smiling to the confused girl next to me. I looked at her and she looked back at me and Tommy, he was just as shocked. She stumbled to her feet and walked past us.

Tommy sat back down, dumbstruck.

"Matt, what happened…?" he asked me, staring up at the stage.

"I-I don't know…" I said, just as lost. Tommy and I had both been skipped… there was no way that could have happened… Father Green hadn't made a single mistake… he doesn't mess up…

I didn't even hear what Holly had been offered; I was too wrapped up in my own confusion. Tommy and I hadn't released our grip on each other's hands.

When we were little, we'd be picked on because we looked alike and were always together. I was harder to crack; I would beat up the children that would start to make fun of me… I didn't like being different. Tommy would start to cry when someone would start on him and run away to find me. I would have to be the strength for both of us. Tommy remained sensitive throughout our childhood, when we turned ten years old, older students started pushing him around… literally. He was an academic genius; there was no doubt about it. But people didn't like that all he did was read his text books. I on the other hand was more athletic and always playing with the other kids, though just being Tommy's brother made me a target… I wouldn't take it though, I'd constantly be told to go to Sister Alice's office and have to go to confession every Sunday. I loved my brother; I'd do anything for him… even punch a few people to keep him safe and happy.

But I couldn't make everything better now… there was nothing I could do to tell Father Green that he had skipped us. But what if he skipped us because Sister Alice had made a mistake? What if we didn't have any offers?

Before I knew it Father Green had finished with finishing the list of names. I couldn't believe it, he didn't even go back to correct what he'd done… Tommy held my hand so tight, I could tell he was about to cry.

"Now, I know there are two boys sitting in the audience who are confused and terrified," Father Green started, Tommy and I looked up hopefully.

"But I wanted to save them for last because these two have gotten a special offer," he motioned for the two of us to join him on stage. We walked up, still holding each other's hands. Father Green wrapped his arm around my shoulders; I was standing closest to him. "I've known Thomas and Matthew since they were born. I've grown to have a close relationship with the twins and I have some very exciting news for them."

Me and Tommy looked at each other confused, what was he talking about?

"When I was their age, I was exactly where they are now; the Priest of my district skipped me on my day as well. However, at the end of the ceremony he took me up on stage and told me what I'm about to tell Matthew and Thomas." He turned to the two of us and Tommy squeezed my hand, he knew what the news was. I, however, still lost.

"Thomas, Matthew, I've extended my hand to the two of you and offering you boys a chance to become clergy men like myself."

The crowd was eerily silent. I glanced at Tommy and before I even figured out what was going on he was nodding his head vigorously as if he was seizing.

"Yes!" he shouted, "We accept."

I pulled him back next to me and whispered in his ear "Mom and Dad said to wait before accepting."

"Matt, don't you know what he's saying?" He spat back at me, "He's offering us a position as a priest."

It suddenly clicked and I felt stupider than ever before, having made a fool of myself on live television. I looked back up at Father Green who was just smiling back down at us.

"What do you say Matthew?" he asked.

My blank stare turned quickly into a wide grin, "We accept, thank you Father."

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