August 1868

Jamie was picking up the last of the dinner dishes and Nate and Amanda were washing them, when someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it." Jamie said, dumping a pile of silverware into the water that Amanda was up to her elbows in.

He opened the door to find Ms. Hart standing there. Nate and Amanda both turned from the dishes and dried their hands.

"Hello, Ms. Hart." Jamie said. Amanda gave her a quick hug, and Nate shook her hand, and invited her in.

"Thanks." Ms. Hart stepped into the kitchen, the girl behind her.

"Let's go into the parlor." Amanda suggested, leading the way. Once they were all settled, Ms. Hart said, "Okay, let's get down to business. What's everybody thinking about the arrangement?"

"We're happy with it." Nate said, speaking for his wife and himself.

"What about you, Jamie?" Ms. Hart asked.

"The farm is nice, so are most of the kids around here. And the house, too. The cooking can't be beat."

Ms. Hart smiled. "I know. I've had some of it. So, I'm all ready sure of the answers but I have to ask anyway. No reason you want to be placed with a different family?"

"Not a one."

Do they treat you right?"

"Oh yeah, they're my parents."

"You do look like Mr. White."

"They're my adoptive parents, obviously, but I love it when people say that."

"Spoken like a son."

"Because I am their son. That train from New York City brought me home."

I'm all done with this one, so tell me what you think, please and thank you.