I might change the name of the story depending on how it turns out. But I've been thinking about this for years, and I've finally found this site. It's exciting to finally get these thoughts out on paper… er… screen… anyways, criticism please!

"I'm drowning in despair, and I'm reaching for someone, someone to save me. But there's no one there, doesn't anyone care… don't they understand…?"


The boy opened a lazy green eye from underneath a curtain of chocolate-brown hair. He sat up from where he lay on the roof, looking at the blonde running up to him. Soft brownie-like eyes twinkled as they stared down at him.

"Shouta, Takashi-san's back!" He was panting, as if he had sprinted here from homeroom.

"Hiroki, you didn't have to sprint all the way up here just to tell me that. Besides, Takashi sent me a text just a minute ago, so I already know." Shouta stared calmly at his friend as he lay down and spread out on the rooftop.

"Damn… I came up here for nothing…"

Suddenly, the intercom blared loudly, interrupting the peace and quiet that had settled a moment ago. "SHOUTA IZUKAI AND HIROKI ISHIKAWA, PLEASE GO TO YOUR HOMEROOM. I REPEAT, SHOUTA IZUKAI AND HIROKI ISHIKAWA PLEASE GO TO YOUR HOMEROOM."

Shouta sighed, getting up. "Of course he'd go straight to the office and declare to see us immediately." The brunette helped his friend up before jogging down the stairs back to class 2-A.

Only a second had passed since the two boys got back that Shouta was greeted by someone tackling him to the floor. "Takashi! Get off!" He growled, wrestling for a moment with the thing hugging him. After a moment, it got up, and Shouta and Hiroki could see clearly the face of the assaulter.

A face and hair similar to Shouta's, he was tall and muscular, with shocking blue eyes and a wide grin. Almost invisible freckles sprinkled his tanned face. "Can't you be a little more enthusiastic? It's been forever since I saw you, little bro. Aiyu was much better than you." He greeted, that lopsided grin never leaving his face.

"You're the one who tackled me…" Shouta muttered. He stomped back in, this time being tackled by a book, which he dodged smoothly. The class representative, a brunette with gray eyes that glared at him, had her hands on her hips as he walked in.

"Izukai-san! Please attend class! Stop skipping so much!" He ignored her, and flopped down into his seat, resting his feet on the desk in a rude but calm manner.

"Shouta! Please, listen to Tomo-chan." A girl sitting next to him pleaded. She looked identical to Shouta, except that she had longer hair and her eyes were the same as their older brother's.

"Fine…" He grumbled, reluctantly removing his feet from the desk. The girl smiled happily.

Later, back at the Izukai mansion atop the hill, Aiyu was cooking dinner in the kitchen. She was making a feast for Takashi, who had come home to visit after 2 years. Hiroki and the class representative Tomomi Miyazaki had come over as well.

"I understand Hiroki, but why are you here Miyazaki?" Shouta hissed to the girl when the other's backs were turned.

"Because I'm Aiyu's best friend, obviously." She growled back. Shouta scowled and leaned back in his chair. The girl was annoying, and she was his sister's best friend for god's sake.

"Tomo-chan! Can you help me bring the dishes in?"Aiyu called, and Tomomi got up saying, "sure!" As soon as she left, both Hiroki and Takashi leaned towards Shouta, who leaned back even more from their creepy, grinning faces.


"So…" They leaned forward even more, their grins spreading wider. Shouta's chair was on 2 legs now, he had to lean so far back. He anticipated the questions that might come, but what he heard was unexpected. "Do you have a girlfriend yet?"

He fell backwards, and looked up at them disbelievingly. "What? No way! Why the hell would you ask that anyways?"

Takashi's expression turned into a pout. "But I wanna know!" He whined.

"Dinner's ready!" The girls interrupted, bringing out several delectable looking dishes. Hiroki and Takashi immediately sat back, oohing and aahing the food as it was set down. Shouta sighed both desperately and out of relief.

During dinner, Tomomi stared at the empty chair placed in between Shouta and Aiyu. "Are we waiting for someone?" She asked, motioning towards the chair.

"That chair's for Ai-chan." Hiroki replied quietly. Gloom and sadness seemed to suddenly wash over the group.


"She's…" Hiroki paused, looking at the others. Takashi nodded reluctantly. He began explaining to the brunette, and Shouta was pulled back into his memories…

"Onii-chan!" Shouted the child, a grin on her face and her small hands hidden behind her back. Shouta looked at her, a doll-like face with those shocking blue eyes common in the Izukai clan staring back at him innocently.

"What is it Ai?" He asked gently, a small smile painted upon his face. She removed her hands from behind her back, a piece of paper clutched tightly in them.

"Look what I drew!" She thrust the picture into Shouta's hands, a huge grin spreading on her face.

4 stick figures were drawn on with crayon, standing on green grass under a blue sky with a smiling sun. They were surrounded by flowers, and each figure had a big smile on their face. They all had blue eyes, except for one, which instead had green eyes. Her signature was at the bottom. She pointed to the figures in turn, the green-eyed one being last.

"The tall one is Takashi-onii-chan, that one's Onee-chan, the small one is me, and that one's you, Onii-chan." He smiled and patted her on the head.

"This is a great picture, Ai. You should become an artist." She giggled before running off.

He went back to his room to tape up the picture, but he couldn't find any tape. So Shouta ran over to Aiyu's room, knocking on the door. "Come in." Answered a muffled voice. Opening the door, he saw his twin sister Aiyu braiding their little sister's hair. The girl swung her legs back and forth as Aiyu finished up.

"What do you need Shouta?" She asked, before removing her hands from Ai's hair. "Done!" Ai giggled and ran off, her arms spread out like an airplane's.

"Arigatou Onee-chan!" She called, before making motor sounds as she ran out of the room.

"Do you have some tape? I can't find mine." Aiyu nodded, and rummaged a bit through the drawer in her desk before pulling out some tape and handing it to him.


Suddenly, there was a scream, and the sound of an explosion.

"AI!" Shouta screamed, sprinting out of the room with Aiyu. Flames coming from the kitchen spread like wildfire towards them, the orange fire tinged blue.

"RUN!" Shouta shouted, pulling Aiyu with him, they ran down the stairs and towards the front door, but it was blocked by pieces of glass and wood. Glancing up, he saw that there was a gaping hole where the chandelier used to be.

"C'mon!" Shouta pulled his sister around to the back, dodging pieces of falling wood and flames that seemed to surround and chase them. They reached the backdoor, which was open and blocked by the flames. "Do you think you can run through?" Shouta looked at his sister, worry written clear across his face. Hesitantly, Aiyu nodded. Shouta paused a moment longer, and then ran off, ignoring Aiyu's hoarse voice screaming his name.

He ran towards the kitchen, where he had heard the scream. "AI! AI!" He screamed until he started coughing, desperately searching for the little girl he loved so much. His eyes stung and watered, his lungs burning. His ears still rung with the sound of the explosion, and his skin tingled from the almost unbearable heat. "AI!"

"ONII-CHAN!" A voice shrieked from the cupboard, he sprinted towards it, and upon opening the door, he saw Ai sobbing uncontrollably. Her small shoulders were shuddering violently, and she was holding one of her ears, where Shouta could see blood trickling through.

"Ai!" He held her gently, before picking her up into his arms and running back downstairs to the backdoor. "Let's get you out of here." He whispered quietly. However, halfway down the stairs, another explosion sent Shouta falling down the stairs and Ai flying into the air.

She was shrieking, and Shouta was staring at the direction he heard her, horrified at what was about to happen. Dust and ash was sent flying through the air, so thick that Shouta couldn't tell up from down. He crashed into the ground, and he heard Ai still screaming, but it sounded distant. "AI!"

"Hey! There he is!" A gruff voice shouted, and Shouta could see several men in masks and suits rushing towards him. His vision went black for a moment, and then returned.

"C'mon, let's get you out of here."

The man who had shouted earlier roughly pulled Shouta up. "Let's get out of here." Shouta shook out of his grasp, stumbling towards the still distant shrieking and sobbing, indescribable pain shooting through him when he stepped on his left foot.

"I can't… Ai's still there, she's still there…" He croaked, as the man once again grabbed him. Shouta struggled desperately, but the man strengthened his grip. "No…! Let go! She's still in there! Ai's still in there!" He shouted, struggling as much as he could.

"C'mon…!" The man dragged him away, towards the exit.

"No! AI! AI! AAII!" He screamed with all his might, struggling uselessly as they dragged him away, not even one of them going back towards the sobbing, where somewhere, his little sister was lying, hurt and terrified. It's like they didn't even care…

"That's… horrible…" Tomomi had a horrified and pitying look on her face upon hearing Hiroki's tale. Abruptly, Shouta stood up from the table.

"Shouta, where are you going?" Aiyu asked quietly.

"Bed. I'm not hungry." He muttered quietly, before walking quickly up the stairs, so that no one saw the tears that started to flow down his face.