Shouta stared at the boy before him in disbelief. "Well then, homeroom's first today everyone, so try not to make too much of a ruckus!" The teacher called as she walked out the door, shutting it behind her. Immediately, everyone got up and crowded around Akio, who was soon animatedly chatting with the giddy students around him.

"Akio!" Shouta stood, and Akio pushed through the crowd to see his friend's face.

"Shouta? It really is you!" The two hugged for a moment, before Akio took a step back. "I kept my side of the promise, what about you? Got that officer badge yet?" Shouta blinked in confusion for a moment, before laughing sadly.

"Sorry. A lot of… things happened. It hasn't really been on my mind."

Akio frowned. "…What happened?"

"I'll tell you later. Come to my place afterschool."

"This is a really big place. Even bigger than your old one." Akio, Shouta, Aiyu, Tomomi, and Hiroki stood in front of the Izukai Mansion, where Shouta unlocked the front door using his house key.

"C'mon in, I'll take you on a quick tour."

The overall mansion was a huge 4-story house, with 2 towers up top, which was referred to as the 5th floor. When you opened the front door, the first thing you'd see was the giant staircase, which ascended up to the 4th floor. On the 1st floor, to the left you could see double doors made of ivory, which were wide open. When Akio peered in them, he could see a vast, empty room large enough to hold over 200 people.

"Oh, that's the ballroom." Shouta explained, before leading his friend to the right. "Over here's like a parlor, or a lounge." In the 'lounge', there was a huge flat-screen TV in front of an expensive-looking couch. To the right and left of the couch, were several chairs. In between the TV and the couch was a large, glass coffee table, upon which sat the TV remote and a couple of books. Shouta led the group up to the 2nd floor. He pointed to the left, where there was a smaller hallway. There were 5 rooms in the hallway, 2 on each side and 1 at the end of the hall. "That's the Family Hall. It holds the bedrooms for the immediate family. Mine's at the end there and Aiyu's is the one to the right."

"Most of these rooms are bathrooms, storage rooms, and extra bedrooms. Although the one at the left end of the hall is the kitchen and dining room. And please don't ask why it's on the second floor." Shouta headed back downstairs and into the lounge, Akio and the other guests hesitantly following. "It's too much work to walk all the way up there and go to each room so I'll just explain it from here. On the 3rd floor there's, again, a bunch of bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage rooms. At the end of the right hall is a game room. To the left is the music room. On the 4th floor to the right, is a movie theatre along with a snack bar. To the left is my dad's study, but I usually have that locked. And the 5th floor consists of the 2 towers, but those are always locked and full of some family secret. And no, it is not filled with the family's hidden fortune."

Shouta sighed and collapsed in the couch, Akio and Hiroki following suit. Tomomi and Aiyu went into a nearby door to get some snacks. "Oh, I almost forgot. We've got another kitchen in there." Shouta pointed towards the door that the girls just went through.

"So… what happened while I was gone?" Akio looked at his friend, worry clear on his face.

"Well, as you know my dad abandoned me when I was 4. Not long after you left, I turned 6 and my mom was murdered. Then, when I was 10, there was a house fire, and I lost Ai and Takashi. A couple days later we moved here and met Hiroki and Tomomi. 2 years later, when I was 12, Takashi came back alive. Right now he's traveling around the world searching for our dad. He comes back to visit every once in a while." Shouta explained somberly.

Akio sighed and sat back. "Sorry for making you mention that. Do you know who the murderer is?"

The brunette nodded silently. He took off his shirt and turned around, showing his life-long friend the scars on his back. "Normally, I don't show anyone this, but since you're my childhood friend and a detective… I'm going to have to ask you to keep this a secret though." Shouta turned back around and put his shirt back on.

"Sure. So… did the murderer give those to you?"

Shouta nodded. "It was Raynaulski."

"That infamous assassin?!"

"Yeah… I've done some research on my own, and I've investigated all of his murders, both old and new. I've found out that he's part of this secret, criminal organization. I don't know what the group is called, but they're definitely large and they operate worldwide. Raynaulski is the right-hand man of the organization's head. Also, I don't know too much about this, but I think they're trying to assassinate some important government officials." Shouta explained quietly.

"You've found out a lot." Akio raised an eyebrow, clearly impressed.

Shouta shrugged. "Yeah, well… I've been in more than a few life-threatening situations involving them. Then adding in all the corrupt people who want my family's hidden fortune, you could say I'm leading a pretty dangerous lifestyle."

"We've got some snacks and drinks! Sorry it took so long!" Aiyu called. She and Tomomi came back in the room, each carrying a tray of crackers, cookies, strawberries, cheese, and several different kinds of soda.

"Looks good!" Hiroki praised, grabbing a soda and a cookie as soon as the trays were put on the coffee table.

Not very long afterwards, the 5 of them were laughing and chatting about all kinds of things, especially stories of Akio's cases. They had the radio on, singing along to any extremely popular songs. More than once, someone commented on how similar Shouta and the famous singer Shou Izurai were.

While listening to one of Akio's murder case stories, Shouta frowned. 'I'll need to be more careful from now on. If Akio finds out about my 'part-time job, I'll be in big trouble.'