Some Body That I Used To Know

I remember in the beginning we

Used to laugh,

I thought you were my only


And that you had my back.

I miss who we were back then,

Before you put that razor in my


You told me just pull down

I felt the sweet rush as my pain

Bleeds out.

I watch as my pain disappears

In a crimson flow.

When I look back up,

All I see is some body that I used to know.

You become addicted like a

Certain kind of morphine

The more red that flows

The less I need to scream

The deeper I go,

The more I become somebody

That I used to know.

I trusted you

To tell me what to do

When I was hurting

You're the one I turned too.

But you were as naive as me

We thought things would get

Better if we could just bleed.

All the red and pain

Will never take away the scars and stains.

I begged you to stop when you

Went to deep,

You replied that you'd never

Felt more free.

I didn't want to be that way,

Blindly following every twisted

Word you'd say.

You said what's it matter anyway?

Where will you go?

You're just somebody

That they used to know.

The scars jagged and torn,

Tell a story of a pain that

Couldn't be endured.

You'll never see them

I'll never let them show.

There all that's left

Of Some body that I used to know.