Wake up gracefully, small innocence, and meet the day that's waiting;

For the blessings of tomorrow are the ones that God's creating,

While you walk towards today's. He'll make each element adhere

To His plan for all your safety. Live what's coming, free from fear.

As you crawl across the carpet, not quite ready now for treading

You're a joy in present moments, long before the days I'm dreading,

When the nastiness of those who've long since left behind your state

Will be doing what it can to fill your life with grief and hate.

If I had the power to stop the flow of time, somehow averting

What's to threaten all that's good for you; I'd spend my time exerting

Every bit of my resources, on the chance that I'd prolong

What that great big world outside can do to make what's right so wrong.

You're a gift of God's creation. I'll devote my time to teaching

You to grow in ways, protecting you from demons bent on breaching

Your relationship with heaven's Builder. That's a future fight.

But for now, let's make your early days a joy that's ever bright.

When I see your wide eyes glancing (with an infant fascination)

At the world you're getting used to, there's a burst of brief elation.

You're not mine by nature's dividends, but still you're going to be

My investment (I'll be working on, without the need for fee).

When those hands that grasp a tiny toy are later offered poison

In a can or on a smoking stick of weed, I'll put the toys on

Any shelf where they'll remind you of the days you shouldn't lose.

I'll be praying for your future, when your time arrives to choose.

When this world would have you thinking you don't need a life with Jesus,

And ungodliness is colder than the contents of their freezers;

I'll remind you that I'm only telling you about all this,

To restore you to the plan God had for you in Genesis.

For the present, you can use an eye (that rests above a dimple)

To explore a pleasant early life, which won't remain so simple.

God's made sure I'm watching out for you, and He'll watch me and you,

From this time until He's back on earth to see His vision through.