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Previously on Lost...

Woops. Wrong story...

Previously on Blood Sweat and Moronic Teachers:

At first sight, I saw nothing. Nada. I rolled my eyes – Timothy was probably seeing things...or on the happy juice (aka: Coca Cola...mhmm). "Are you sure you're not overreacting T-"

I stopped midsentence.

There was a shadowed figure looming in the doorway.

I gulped as they stepped closer and closer until-




It was a nerd. A nerd.

I turned to glare at Timothy. "Really? My life is in danger...because of a nerd?" I whispered furiously.

Red coloured his cheeks. "I-I-it's not my fault!" He mumbled in his defence.

"Really?" I said sarcastically, ignoring the scraps of guilt I felt. "Because the last thing I heard was that I was going to die!"

"Shh Raiden!" He hushed me, looking around nervously. This had recently become a habit of his; glancing around like a deranged squirrel. Something was definitely wrong...

I sighed loudly at Timothy before he huffed and shushed me again.

"Don't you shush me!" I exclaimed, horrified. I was not going to be shushed. Especially by Timothy of all people. Timothy was the angel of angels, the bunny rabbit of cute bunny rabbits, the little cuddly kitten that you see in those cheap calendars (scream, Mrs Penny has one of those...)

I blinked to myself several times as my brain went blank. Timothy...bunny rabbits...cute kittens...WOAH WHAT? I shook my head to myself again. I needed to happy slap myself urgently.

Anyway, before I go off the point – you see what I mean with all of these ramblings? Timothy = fluffy. Raiden = not so fluffy. If fluffy shushes not so fluffy then Houston...we have a problem.

"Quiet." he snapped, giving up on being polite.

"Chillax." I said coolly, trying not to laugh at his attempt at being harsh. Timothy could never fully be harsh to anyone - he was too much of a softie.

Timothy rolled his eyes at me and looked at the approaching nerd swiftly before leaning in.

"We'll talk about your potential death later." He whispered hurriedly.

Ah my potential death. How cheery.

I mock saluted him with a large smile. "Aye Capt'n!"

As the nerd approached us, we stood awkwardly as we discovered who the nerd was.

Frederick Harvey Williamson...aka...nerd.

He was pretty much the stereotypical nerd: flat ginger hair, freckles, chubby cheeks, thick black rimmed glasses – he had it all. If there was a nerd of the year award – this guy would be the winner...for rest of his life.

This boy was known to be so smart that his parents left him here because he would need a new school every week (as he outsmarted the teachers and the...ahem...incredibly clever Mrs Penny). Frederick's only other options were: go to a ridiculously expensive private school or go to a ridiculously strict and stupid boarding school.

Obviously his parents chose option two.

And why was I here, you ask? That was quite a touchy subject. You see - most people aren't here willingly - like me. Their parents were simply too busy, just like mine. When my parents had decided that their jobs were more important than me and ditched me here, I decided I would forget about them. After all, it had been years. Three years.

And they hadn't come back for me. Not even one visit.

I jumped when Frederick spoke, my mind back in the present. "Hurry up!"

"What?" I snapped, annoyed that Frederick had interrupted our conversation that could possibly affect my life and death.

"Film club!" He exclaimed. "Come on – Mrs Penny will kill us if we're late." I sighed as he rushed out of the room.

"Shall we?" Timothy suggested, standing up already.

"Yeah." I muttered, stalking forward.

Frederick was not kidding when he said that psycho mama would kill us if we were late.

Normally anyone would imagine that film studies would be great. After all, sitting down watching films, jotting down a few notes – it was simple and fun.

Well, it should have been simple and fun.

But no (as this school would probably pass as Hell High) it wasn't simple. Oh no –Mrs Penny, ever the 'sweetheart', decided that it would be educational if we watched films from her era.

And her era was centuries ago.

We're talking films like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly old. And what made it worse was that they didn't even make sense! At the end of the movie, the good was bad, the bad was ugly and the ugly was just an idiot. Personally, I felt sorry for the horses – poor things had to face the wrath of the character's butts (which means farting). The characters didn't deserve any recognition, the horse did. Wow, imagine that in the headlines: Horse wins Oscar and bravery award.

Wow what the hell am I talking about horses winning Oscars someone's having a late nights well lets continue (normally).

No surprise why it's always dark here – it seemed like the rain clouds were in love with the rotting brick building. I wouldn't be surprised if Mrs Penny had something to do with it.

"Ohmygosh!" Frederick whispered excitedly as we sat down. "We're watching one of my favourite filmsThe Great Escape!"Frederick squeaked out loud like a twilight fan would if they saw Edward Cullen walking down the street.

I rolled my eyes as the credits began. This would be utter rubbish – I could feel it. Along with that, I could practically hear my back screaming at me in protest as I seated myself in the worn, crooked, hard wooden chair. So not only would I have to endure this wonderful film, I'd be dead by the end of it.

But unbeknownst to me, I didn't know that this little cookie would be amazing. More than amazing.

This would be our ticket out of this hell hole.

Sweet home Alabama.

Tremendous we will be out of this dump soon I just need a chat with a few friends and I am out of here. But who? No one would dare to test the school's security system... would they? "Timothy I know who we are going to go to today."

"What are you talking about?"

The answer to leave this school is, Big Ben, you, me, Rodrigo and Ramon Saviero, Rocco, Salvador, Shinichi, Ziggy, Carl, Reggie and Andre, Stewie, Dylan Ryder. Well what do you think about that?

"Well you could try but be careful about that Salvador guy he can get really emotional."