Isnt love supposed to be passionate?
Isnt it supposed to scream into the wind?
I know it is supposed to
Cause what I feel is love
And you scream my name into the wind
I heard your voice carry
through the hot messy sand dunes
Rolling over and above the sun
as warm, loving, tunes

Its a miracle they like me
its something even more special that they agree to you
you and me
me and you
forever you say
But you need to come here, or I there
but here is where I must stay

The long chats are tiring
are hard to understand
but its worth every penny
worth every cent of my money
Perhaps you are the first
to see the real me

You make me smile
you make me laugh
you make me giggle
you make me feel beutiful every day
with just a few single words that you say
But one day
I hope you come and say
"My darling lover. the time has come... I can finnaly take you away."