Chapter 1

During a Paranormal and Ghost Hunter convention in Springfield, Missouri, a young twenty something brunette roamed down an aisle of ghost detecting devices'. While she was strolling past the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors they began beeping, and wailing as if the possibility of a ghost was near by. Heads of the booth owners turned to follow her with their worried gazes. Nervous of what might become of her, she quickened her pace to the Monster Hunter section. She sighed, embarrassed by the epidemic that could have been caused by her mere passing of ghost hunters. Glancing down at her left ankle she rolled her eyes at the glint of a gold chain.

"You think this a good idea?" a whisper asked worriedly.

Soon to regret her choice she replied, "You want find out how you died, then yes. Just appreciate the fact you don't look stupid talking to yourself." A Loch Ness Monster believer caught her gaze and waved apprehensively. Waving back she gave him a reassuring smile that proved to be a mistake also. He grimaced, grabbed his cell, put up a sign that read back in fifteen, and made dash out of the area.

"Sorry," the voice said, sadden by the trouble she was casing.

"Can we just go to our room?" she gently whispered, out of prying eyes.

"Sure!" the invisible voice exclaimed.

As she went to the exit the detailed colorful booths reflected on how nerds who lived in their mother's basement striving to make a living. Everything that the imagination could offer, and only dream about was showcased in the room. Aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, Bigfoot, and dragons were all displayed in different booths. Rachel rolled her eyes at the false fictionalized booths that she had no interest for. With the red light reading exit she dashed out as soon as another batch of ghost detecting equipment began to sound off behind her.

Leaving the crowded exhibition room Rachel weaved through the squealing teenage girls, and mid-forties women. Husbands and boyfriends stood off to the side talking and drinking the free beer the hotel offered the males. Excitement was in the air as most gushed waiting for the spectacular show that was going to display one of the greatest psychic's of all time. False magician's tried to please their younger fans with failure of even the simplest card trick. The line for the elevator was tedious, and forced the girl to lead her shadow to the stairs. Arriving on the fourth floor Rachel headed to her room, which was cluttered with books that would make most think she was insane or suicidal. Once in the hotel room though and out of the world's damning eyes, she relaxed. "Now you can come out."

Out of the shadows of the dark room came the apparition of a teenage girl. She was still in the emo, clothing she died in from an unknown cause. Her dyed black hair with purple highlights was still straightened, with just a little frizz to it from the summer heat. Those diamond blue eyes did not detect the death that consumed her at the young age of seventeen. She was just as fun and caring as she was in life, despite her bizarre gothic appearance. "Yay!" she exclaimed, flashing into the room beside the girl. "I hate being hidden from the world of people that could possibly help me," she sighed. "So, do you think the psychic can really aid me, Rachel?" she asked with an ecstatic smile.

Falling on to the bed Rachel gazed at the poor dead she was now attached to in life. The undetectable to the mortal world gold chain around her ankle jingled like a broken bell. "Maybe, but she might not be able to answer the one question you still seek."

"Don't kill my dream," she huffed.

"Sorry, Kay," Rachel sighed. "I was just telling you the truth," she added gently, in hopes of calming the spirit.

"I know, but that doesn't mean you need to be rude about it," she sniffed.

Feeling even more remorseful towards the dead girl, Rachel corrected herself. "It's just, I don't go for whole psychic thing, doesn't, mean you can't."


"Yes," Rachel nodded.

"Yay! I would hug you, but you know what would happen," Kay said, with an apologetic smile.

"Yeah, I know," Rachel said dryly, recalling the memory, yet she couldn't contain the smile that had formed. Glancing at the clock Rachel realized that it was time for lunch. Being on the road for two day's without sleep or food was beginning to drag her down to exhaustion. "Let's head out for lunch," she offered.

"Meanie, you know I can't eat food anymore," Kay whined.

"I was thinking bacon cheese burger, a milkshake, and some cheesy fries," Rachel mused, taunting the lifeless girl.

"Then since we'll be outside in public, I'll torment you," Kay threatened. "Plus, this whole place is filled with Ghost Hunters looking for some action."

"Sure, whatever floats your root beer." Rachel replied nonchalantly, grabbing her coat, opened the door, and to her surprise saw a red headed woman standing in the doorway, with her hand raised. "Oh, is there something you need?" Rachel questioned her intentions.

"Yes, are you Rachel Gates?"

"Yeah," she answered suspiciously, as Kay faded into darkness. "What'cha need?"

"Well, there are no more rooms left since the convention started. And the manager told me that if the current tenant of this room might allow me to stay in this one. Plus, he is giving me a half price discount, which who could beat that, and I was really hoping I could stay here for a couple of days?" she said in a rush.

"Say, yes," Kay begged.

"Sure, don't mind the mess though. The one bed is cleared, but my side is like a train just went through it."

"Mess', don't bug me," the red head smiled. "The name's Erin Harmon by the way," she said holding her hand out.

"Rachel Gates of course," the brunette replied shaking Erin's hand. "Well, I was just heading out for lunch. Care to join?"

"About time you got some sort of friend, you silly antisocial," Kay giggled lightheartedly.

"Did you hear something?" Erin asked, glancing around nervously.

"Nope," Rachel lied, beginning to inch for her back pocket.

Moving a loose strand of her hair, surprise filled her eyes. "Oh, I forgot about my music. Wireless headphones, I tend to forget about them," Erin laughed at herself. "This whole paranormal stuff going on has gotten me paranoid. I swear I've been seeing and hearing ghost."

Rachel laughed, "Oh, yeah, I know how you feel."

Kay gave the brunette a dark glare.

Sighing inwardly that her white lie worked, Erin replied, "Then I'll take you up on that offer for lunch, just let me put my bags away."

"I'll meet you in the lobby then," Rachel said, as she left Erin to attend to her bags.

Taking the elevator Kay made herself known in the cramped quarter. "Before you go anyway, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What am I forgetting?" Rachel inquired, checking herself.

"Cough, cough, right wrist."

"Shit, I forgot about that stupid thing," Rachel muttered in embarrassment

"Glad you have me, cause Erin seems like the type to notice way to much," Kay giggled at her living friend.

Taking the elbow length fingerless gloves out of her jacket, Rachel slid them on covering up the one thing she never wanted to talk about. "There memory out of sight."

"Excellent now you can go back to flirting with the new girl," Kay teased.

Giving the ghost a death glare she remarked, "Sorry, I don't plan on taking in your personality trait. Even if we are attached to a chain. Besides, I doubt she is anywhere near that fence."

She sighed, "I guess I just have to settle for watching you in the shower."

Rachel blushed, "I thought we discussed this."

"I am a ghost, I don't listen to human chatter. Even if the human I am attached to has a nice rack," Kay mused, the last part.

Zipping up her jacket in discomfort, Rachel wanted to wipe that smirk of the childish ghost face. Placing the infamous earbuds in her ears, Rachel ignored the ghost girl. Who stuck her tongue out immaturely only making Rachel laugh harder.

A '65 black Mustang pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. It's bass from the loud death metal music shook the side view mirror's, and vibrated the windshield. Out from passenger side a six foot five tall male, with curly, bronze, hair stepped into the sun's afternoon light. His steely grey eyes glanced over the scene, and took in the atmosphere. Bags from stress, and lack of sleep were under his eyes as he sighed with anguish. His sweet, understanding demeanor, was hidden by his strange personality that made people cringe with confusion. Wearing a suit and tie looking quite professional, he checked for his FBI badge. Grabbing the box from the back seat he pulled out his collection of fake badges ranging from Food Critic, to FBI. Unable to find the one he wanted he looked into the driver's side. "Yo, Vance," he yelled.

Still inside the vehicle was his partner, and friend Vance Wild. His neck length black hair, was in his face. He head banged to the beat of the modern day metal, lip-syncing to every word. His boyish face drew in the girls, while his cynical, dogmatizing tone, and words, brought on the slaps of distain. Drumming his fingers on the dash broad, he replied. "Hold on this is my favorite part!"

Nicolai Sayo shook his head, "I need my badge."

The song ended, Vance turned down the radio, and opened the glove box. "You put it in here, after you had that fling with-"

Snatching his badge Nick gave him a dirty look. "It was not a fling, it was an informational scout."

Rolling his eyes, Vance jumped out of the car, "Right," he said sarcastically. "And those three hot Asian chicks you were staring at meant nothing."

"I was hunting a Shinigami, not cougars," Nick replied, joking. "Unlike you dude."

"I'm calling your bullshit."

Nick shrugged "Sure, cause two of them were guys by the way."

Jumping out, through the window Vance locked eyes with Nick. "No?" he asked astounded.

"Yes," Nick nodded. "The only female was just as fooled as you."

"That is so not right," Vance shuddered.

Nick sighed, "That is why they all call you a pig. Now can we get to the case?"

"Sure!" Vance shouted, sliding on the hood of the vehicle. "What's this one about again?"

As the two strolled through the parking lot, Nick explained, "A high level soul is up for grabs, do to the fact that she is going to die tonight. We find out who it is, contain the spirit, summon the highest bidder, and get paid."

"I love getting paid, for almost doing nothing!"

"And this time we might not need any help," Nick added grimly.

Vance made no remark as his eyes were on the two women locking lips. "Wahoo, girl on girl action," he shouted with glee into the crowd."

Shaking his head, Nick shoved his pal away from the group of patrons. "Must you make a scene everywhere we go?" he asked with distain.

Vance flashed his most cheesiest smirk. "It's what I do to liven up these death cases."

"That you do, liven them up, maybe a little too much."

Not watching where he was going Vance hit a stand with an advertisement on it. "Damn," he muttered, placing the stand back in it's rightful place. Taking a glance at the poster his smirk turned into a frown. "I think I found our bounty."

"Really? Where?" Nick inquired checking around.

Vance handed his the poster. "Just don't have a heart attack on me."

Seeing the figure on the sign, all Nick could do was whistle, "Damn."

"This is not going to be as easy as we thought it was going to be, is it?"

"Nope," Nick agreed, letting the poster fall to the ground.

Erin finished unpacking her things realizing that should get down to the lobby to meet her savior. There was no way that she was going to sleep in a hooker motel that wanted to be paid by the hour. After making a quick trip to the bathroom, Erin stumbled over something. Looking over she saw a book. Taking a brief glance she read the cover to see that it was about death, and the afterlife. Figuring it was not in her place to judge she left the room. Walking down the hall she sighed at the unforeseen traffic jam at the end of the floor. The elevator was a buzz with paranormal hunters.

"I am telling you there is a ghost here," a short chubby man explained to an officer.

"It's is not demonic, so don't worry?" the hotel manager said. Pulling his collar from his neck his expression said he just wanted this matter to just blow over.

"How do you know?" a woman shouted into the crowd.

"Cause it doesn't have a heavy presence," Erin answered aloud.

"You can sense their energy?" the chubby man asked.

"Yes, now can I please go down?"

"I am sorry ma'am you need to take the stairs," the manager replied to Erin.

"Whatever," she sighed, placing her hands in her pockets, and left.

"Wait, miss," the man called after her. On the staircase he introduced himself. "I'm Larry."

"Erin," she said strictly out of kindness. "Now I am late for something important."

"I was just going to ask if you like to be my date for the show tonight?" he asked wheezing.

"Sorry, I am currently dating someone," she lied.

"Does he at least appreciate your epic power of sensing?"

"Yes, this person does." I need to find someone to use and quickly. This nerd is going need some convincing in a visual way though. Wait, that's it! You can't get any more visual then that.

"Then is he at least here?" Larry asked.

"Yes," she smirked. "In fact you can meet this person down in the lobby."

"Fine, I would love too," Larry challenged.

Down in the lobby Erin spotted the girl who she was going to use for her act. Rushing overshe wrapped her arms around Rachel neck and kissed her on the check. "Wahoo, girl on girl action," a males voice shouted in the crowd.

Ignoring the shout of pleasure Erin continued, "Honey, I missed you so much."

Rachel was confused, yet played along. "I missed you too, babe."

Taken back by her reaction, Erin smirked though, "See Larry I am with someone."

Stunned, and excited, Larry took a hit from his inhaler. "Your, a lesbian?"

"Of course," Erin smiled triumphantly.

"Told you," Kay whispered.

"This is my Rachel," she add stroking the brunettes head.

"If you are done proving your point, can we go to lunch?" Rachel inquired blushing.

"Of course, darling," Erin replied taking Rachel's hand.

Outside, Rachel stopped in her tracks. "What was that about?" Rachel demanded.

"I am sorry, but that guy was bugging me, and I thought you wouldn't care," she said bowing her head.

"Next time you would like me to act like your girlfriend take me out to dinner at least," Rachel replied, walking to her car.

"Wow, you didn't rip her head off," Kay said amazed.

"Don't kick a woman when is she already down," Rachel whispered, unlocking the car.

"You have VW bug!" Erin asked with mixed emotion.

"Does this say closet case?" Rachel asked blushing deeper

"No, I love it. It is so cute, and how you seem to act it is different."

"You read auras don't you?"

"Yes, and I can sense the dead a little," Erin admitted.

"Ghosts," Rachel muttered.

"This could get interesting real quick," Kay laughed.

"Lunch?" Erin reminded, snapping Rachel from her daze.

"Right, I was just daydreaming."

"Liar," Kay said rolling her eyes, and gigging lightheartedly at her human companion.

Getting in the car Erin made a comment that sent a chill down the other girl's spine. "It must really echo around here, I swear I kept hearing a voice."

"Too many people in one space." Changing the subject, "I think a nice family own restaurant would be good. Less traffic since people don't want to sit around and enjoy a meal. And I think I saw one just down the road."

"Perfect!" Erin nodded

Down the road the three passed a yellow light. "We should so play yellow light. Since it seems that Erin has a liking for you," Kay suggested.

She shook her head little.

"You know I could possess you and make you do what I want." Rachel tapped on the iron chain that held an iron shaped wolf's head. The ghost smile faded. "I forgot about that stupid thing," she said darkly.

"How about some music? Driver picks though," Rachel said turning on the CD player. Her favorite Italian band sounded in the speakers.

Gazing at the brunette who didn't seem to care about what happened a few moments ago. Erin wasn't sure whether to feel relived or worried. The words formed in her head, but not on her lips. Erin assessed the driver of the little red bug. Average height, shoulder length brown hair, deep depressed brown eyes. A simple tomboyish attire that made her think that Rachel could jump in a different mind setting. Although there didn't seem to much on the outside to this strange girl, Erin could sense a massive heaviness coming from her aura, or from what she could read from it. There was one thing that perplexed her most was the fact that the girls aura seemed to fade and it had a peculiar silver tint to it. Whatever, this girl was hiding Erin knew it would be difficult to weed it out of her.

"So, you travel much?" Rachel inquired."

"Yes, how'd you know?" Erin replied with a tiny crack in her voice. A flash of pain, prickled at her neck. While deathly screams echoed in her ears, but she managed to shake off the memory.

Rachel caught the sudden tone change, but did not pry. "Simple, you only have two bags. Seeing anyone?" she asked, then rethought her words. A light, whispery giggle in the back seat ghost made Rachel mentally smack herself.

Erin blushed slightly, "No."

"Neither am I," Rachel laughed, then made a quick glance at her right sleeve.

Turning into the parking lot of a light blue building, Rachel parked in one of the many vacant spaces. The restaurant was also empty to Erin's surprise. "You were right."

"Aww, you should really consider jumping ship now," Kay cooed.

Going in Rachel held the door, "You can pay for half also."


"You owe me, cause it is a pain in the ass to remove black lipstick."

"Sorry," Erin said, bowing her head in shame again.

"It's not the first time, and it won't be the last some random chick has violated me," she joked. As she went in she gave the giggling ghost an eye roll.

Taking a booth in the back, a waitress came up to take their orders. "I'll have a small salad," Erin told her. "With a tea."

"Bacon, cheeseburger, caffeine anything, and your best cheesy fries."

"Eating for two are we?" she joked

"Nope, I've gotten use to eating like one meal a day, so I make the most of it."

"You've gotten good at the excuse thing, haven't you?" Kay sighed. "You know friendships should be based on trust not lies."

Surprised and intrigued Erin pried, "Then you must travel a lot?"

"I've been doing my whole on the road thing for about two months."

"How do you get money to survive?"

"Well, she hunts ghost and saves lives!" Kay answered. "With me the undead person who is attached to her by a Chain of Fate!"

"I do odd jobs," Rachel told her.

"My answer was better," the ghost argued.

The waitress came with their food, the two ate in silence, while Kay sat eyeing the food sadly. Outside lurking in the shadows of darkness a silhouette loomed over the three with unknown intentions.