On a nice little farm, three days before Thanksgiving sat a turkey named Tom. Tom was crying quietly to himself. Sheep just happened to see Tom and walked over to him.

"What are you crying about Tom?" Sheep asked.

"I am going to get eaten on Thanksgiving!" Tom replied.

"Well sucks to be you." Sheep said.

"Forget you Sheep!" Tom yelled.

Tom sat alone with his thoughts. Then it hit him the perfect idea to live! He would steal the Farmer's coat and disguise himself as a mole. Then he would destroy the Farmer's glasses to make himself look more realistic at least to the Farmer. Its full proof thought Tom.

At midnight, Tom found a conveniently open window. Tom hopped through the window into the kitchen. Tom walked around until he found some stairs. He walked upstairs to find the Farmer's room. He walked down the hall to the Farmer's room. He opened the door to see the Farmer sleeping. He slipped quietly into the room. He went to the Farmer's closet and grabbed his fur winter coat. Then he went to the table by the Farmers bed and took his glasses.

"It is time for phase two!" Tom whispered.

The next day Tom started working on cutting the coat. He cut the coat until it fit him. Next, he took a rock and crushed the Farmer's glasses. Just as he finished crushing the glasses, he heard the Farmer falling down the stairs.

"Maybe the Farmer broke his neck! Then I won't need this disguise!" Tom said to himself.

To Tom's dismay, the Farmer opened the door and walked outside.

"Now do I go left or right to get to the chickens?"The Farmer asked himself.

Without his glasses, everything looks blurry to the Farmer.

'Okay I hope this works'. Tom thought as he walked up to the Farmer.

The Farmer took one look at Tom wearing his disguise and yelled, "Get off my farm mole!" After hearing what the Farmer said he began waddling his way off the farm.

By twelve o clock a.m., Tom was in a meadow far away from the farm. There he meant the mole people who took him in and gave him a home. Tom was just fine living with mole people. In fact, he enjoyed it. He was happy and alive and that is all that matters.