Give In

Here we are again, about to give in

On the verge of breaking each other's heart

So we play it safe, telling ourselves we're only friends

But we both know that

If you told me about her

And I with him

It'd only be a matter of when

You would cry out

And I'd whine and pout

Instead, we flatter each other with compliments

With double meanings

Say one thing, but keep on dreaming

Still, no one knows me as much as yourself

We have a relationship, like no one else

You know I'd kill anyone who breaks your heart

And anyone who hurts me, you'd shred apart

I know what you do

You've hurt me before, my friend

Yet here I am about to give in

I know what you've done

You play with girls' feelings

Tell them words without meaning

But right now, Promise me you'll try

Please try not to make me cry

I pray you mean what you say

So don't go, don't walk away

Honey, this is me giving in

To all the vulnerability and doubt

So please don't hurt me

Don't drop out

Don't make me sorry I finally gave in

Don't make me sorry

I fell in love with you again