I turn my CD player up and move the furniture around, making room for myself in the already small space. I walk back over to the small, blue CD player and I hit play. It bursts out with a jazzy tune, 'I'm Beginning to See The Light' performed by Kelly Rowland, and I smile happily and stand dancing, lip singing along with the song. I pretend I have a partner that's willing to dance with me, smiling happily, not having a care in the world.

I don't hear the door open, or hear him call out to me. He stops in the middle of the door frame and watched, while I actually sing along, rather horribly if I do say so myself, to one part he really shouldn't have heard. Ever.

".. Lass, what are ye doin'?" I gasp and blush brightly, turning to him.

"Um- well- I- Er- I was-" I stumble over all my words, unable to say anything, stuttering. The next song starts and it's impossible to hear anything else. I stumble over my feet going to it and I turn it off. I blush more, completely embarrassed. "I- Dancing- Just- Was... Um...- What are you doing here? Evelyn is out with my brother..." I turn and look at Ri, completely confused as to why he's here.

"I was locked out of me apartment, misplaced th' keys. I'll jus' have ta wai' until tomorra." He shrugs a bit, loosening his tie and shrugging his jacket off, setting down his brief case.

"So you just barge into our apartment instead?" I give him a look that disapproves and says 'YOU JERK!'.

"Ah, bu' I saw an' HEAR' somethin' interestin'." He smirks a bit and walks over to me, chuckling a bit as well, adding to the sudden bad feeling in my gut.

"-... What.. are you talking... about- Stop getting closer!" I back away from him, unsure what he'll do.

I've known Evelyn since she got here ten years ago with her older brother Ri and was in Freshman year of high school with me. I never really got along with anyone and I tended to be a loner, ignoring people if I could help it. Ri was a Junior, practically done with High School and already had a job set up and everything while he went to college.

Evelyn talked to me first. I usually shrugged and gave the most neutral responses I could, but she kept going at it. Turned out my brother, Seren, and hers became best friends fast, so I saw them more often than I liked. And because of that I became friends with them too.

Seren and Ri had their lives planned, even if one of them moved and had to pick another college and job. Evelyn and I... Not so much. We just had no idea what to do. We settled for basic college until we could think of something, but that still hasn't happened, six years after graduation, and our lives are practically wasting away. Well, she's figured out what she wants to do. She wants to be a wedding planner. Help women on their most special of all days besides when their first child is born.

I'm the only one left out of the four of us who doesn't have any idea what she wants to do. None. I've taken classes for things, like computers, writing, art, even a science one, and I don't like science. But nothing wants to... stick. It's all just so hard, if there was I way I could just KNOW what I want to do, I would do it. But I'm left to be in a waste land of unknowing and having a remedial job that doesn't really have that many good points. Besides Evelyn still working there so she can pay off college debts and all that until her chosen career takes off.

He hits the play button, grabs my wrist and pulls me close to him and... he actually dances with me. And it's not just a general 'left foot, right foot, back and forth' sort of deal, it's actual dancing. At first I'm completely shocked that he would even do this, but then I smile and get into it, really enjoying myself with him. Which is almost a first, I usually end up arguing with him. Well, I argue, he just kind of nods along saying neutral things that get me more ticked off. I'm rather hot headed.

"Lass, ye are a grea' dancer. Why don' ye move ta Broa'way and ge' a job there?" His blue-purple eyes twinkle with happiness, and confusion. I've always had a thing for his eyes.

"It's far away. And I don't have enough money for that between bills and what kind of job I have." Money has always been an issue for me. I haven't been able to spend one penny on myself for six years. Between bills, taxes, food, and Evelyn, there's nothing I can do.

You're wondering why Evelyn is in there, aren't you? I smiled, told her I'll take care of the household things and she can spend the rest of hers on whatever she wants. She was trying to make it completely fair between us, but I kept saying no and if she doesn't stop saying this I'll kick her out and never speak to her again. I'll admit, there are things out there that I wouldn't mind having. But then I keep thinking about all the religious, and karmatic, sayings. And Earthly possessions aren't needed. Which makes me that much more determined to not own anything that I honestly do not NEED to have.

I only get cheap clothes, I make sure we have enough food in the house for at least three people, milk always fresh and not outdated, and I keep our electricity going while she pays the water bill. If her room could be any darker yet brighter I will probably die of shock. She has a thing for Gothic, but she likes some bright clothing, usually never wears pink though, not a favorite color of hers.

I can't remember the last time I went on an honest to God tropical vacation. I think that was Senior year when us four went down to Miami to have some fun during winter break. That was also the first, and last, time I had sex with Ri. Granted two of us were underage, though only by three years at this point, we still drank some. Which was, in fact, a stupid idea. But I wasn't so drunk I don't remember anything.

Even when I'm with another man, ex-boyfriends that continue to surprise me when it turns out they cheat on me with, like, five other women, I can still feel Ri's caresses, his soft, passionate kisses, the way he held me and made such sweet, sweet love to me. I'm always baffled as to why it's him I feel and not the boyfriend.

"... Wha' are ye thinkin' about, Lass?" He seems to be looking at me curiously, and I blush red when I catch myself thinking such thoughts, especially when he's right in front of me. It seems like we've stopped moving.

"- Um... Oh.. you know... The latest dumping." I smile at him, half-lie... okay, three-fourths lie and one-fourth truth. It wasn't the latest, but I was thinking about all the break-ups.

"... Lass, ye need to find a be'er man." He looks at me rather sadly, and I look away. I hate it when he looks at me like that.

"I know... I'm trying very hard to find a better one but he's just not appearing like he should. I'm trying to figure out how to find him, but every time I think it's him... I just don't understand how I didn't catch on every time." I pull away from Ri and I walk over to the couch. I sit down and stare at my hands, not sure what I should do.

"... Lass..." He walks over and sits down next to me, hugging me close, and even though it's supposed to be comforting it just makes me want to cry.

"... C-call me what you called me six years ago..." I doubt he'll remember... I'm not supposed to remember, I faked having been hung over so completely I forgot everything.

"Wha' are ye talkin' about, Lass?" He sounds confused, but that makes sense. I shouldn't remember, I shouldn't even know what I'm talking about.

"Never mind... It's nothing." He pulls away and looks at me in the eyes.

"... Bonnie Lass." Hearing it makes my heart jump out of my chest, a blush cover my face, and an odd feeling appear all over my body in a tingly way.

"... S-say it again.."
"Bonnie Lass." He leans his face closer to mine, my eyes half shutting.

I pull my face away a bit, but he catches me by putting his hand behind my head and holding me still, his other arm wraps around my waist and pulls me closer. I bring my hands up and rest them on his chest, my heart throbbing with want, my eyes still on his while my pink lips part just a bit.

"Sa-say it the way you did exactly." My hazel eyes close a bit more, his breath mingling with mine now, ours eyes locked.

"Me Bonnie Lass-" I lean up and take his lips for my own, my hands quickly capturing his cheeks so he can't avoid it, before I get anymore sinful fantasies in my head, just wanting a sweet kiss if I can help it.

My heart stops, my breath stills, and electricity goes through every nerve of my body. My lips burn with love and fierce passion. I press closer to him while his grip on my waist tightens. I don't feel the false feelings I usually would from a boyfriend. This is so real and raw, it forces me to realize what I've been putting down as just a natural reaction from such a hot guy with a sexy accent- I love Ri.

He pulls away and looks at me, his eyes half closed, seeming as stupefied as I feel. We watch each other for a moment, knowing we are thinking the same thing. The same feelings running through our bodies and our hearts, unable to stop it now.

"... Tha' nigh' was nay a mistake." He looks into my eyes, moving his hand from the back of my head to my cheek, cupping it and caressing it sweetly. I nod slowly, numb from the pleasure I couldn't get from any of my boyfriends, via sex. And all he did was kiss me.

"Ri..." I can't even think let alone talk, everything in my body screaming at me to just jump him and confess. But I have a feeling he knows exactly how I feel now.

"Me Bonnie Lass..." He leans over and gives me a kiss, the same emotions causing turbulance through my heart and mind, with even more force than the first time. I close my eyes while he pushes me onto my back, letting my body lay down.

His hand caresses my large t-shirt and short-short covered body, touching my skin, clothed or not. I let out a soft noise while his tongue pries my lips open. I quickly oblige and open them for him while our tongues meet in the middle and dance passionately. It's similar to that first time, but it's an entire new experience. But a thought, a horrible, HORRIBLE thought, strikes me and I pull my lips away from him, despite not wanting it to end.

"- Lass?" He looks at me, confused and a bit hurt.

"What about Cassandra?" I look back at him.

"- Lass... Wha' are ye talkin' abou'?" Now his blue-purple eyes show nothing but confusion.

"Your GIRLFRIEND." I give him a look that means 'What are you? Dory from Nemo? YOUR GIRLFRIEND. REMEMBER HER.'

"- Lass... She is nay me girlfriend." He smile-smirks a bit.

"You kissed." Now it's my turn to be confused, and have a blush tint my cheeks pink.

"SHE kissed ME. Lass, I've nay had a girlfriend for six years because of ye." His eyes soften, his lips smiling gently.

"... Because of... me?" I blink, rather confused.

"Ye are me bonnie lass, ye are th' only one I love." My blush brightens, face red, likely ears too, and I don't even need a mirror to know this. He chuckles at my expression.

"Sh-shut up." I turn my head to the side, glaring at nothing, and mentally scolding myself.

"Were ye jealous?" I hear the smirk clearly while his lips lower to my ear.

"WH-" I turn to him quickly and he pulls away before our heads collide, "ME? JEALOUS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! NEVER!" I glare at him now, blush even brighter than before, ears definitely burning too.

"Ye are so cute when ye look li'e tha'." He chuckles happily and kisses my nose.

"I HATE YOU. GET OFF OF ME!" I struggle under him, trying to get away, knowing this blush is likely to stay forever.

"NO! OFF! NOW!" I bring my hands away from his cheeks and push his chest instead, though I don't have my strength back from the kisses, or the sensual touching.


"OFF!" I close my eyes tightly, trying harder, but he takes my wrists and holds my hands above me instead.

"Me Bonnie Lass." I can hear the smile while my eyes snap open and I glare at him.


"I love ye." He smiles at me, my face so red it'll probably be burned there for eternity.

"... OH MY GOD GET OFF! I HATE YOU! HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU!" I struggle with my legs while he chuckles again.

"Is it turn you have 'never made love by lantern light'?" I know he has a smirk, and I know he's asking that for a reason.

"W- whats it matter?" I look at the couch, completely unsure what he's trying to accomplish.

"I know wha' we are goin' ta do tonigh' then." I glance at him, an extremely happy smile on his lips.

"... What are you going to do to me? Ah- HEY- RI!" He gets off of me and proceeds to pick me up.. and throw me over his shoulder. "RI! LET ME DOWN! RRII!" I hit his back while I can, knowing it's doing absolutely nothing.

"Lass, ye are jus' turnin' me on more." I freeze and stop, not sure if I want that or not.

Now I'm going to begin a new life with him. I may not know what my career choice is, how I will pay the bills or how to explain that six years later I only got three raises and zero promotions during every family visit. But I can tell my family one important, crucial piece of my life that is certain.

I am engaged and will marry Richard 'Ri' Derek O'Mally.