You're my best friend

The best of all best friends

It takes a long time to know an old friend

And I've known you forever

Which good because I'd never

Be who I am without you today

You always know just what to say

You've always supported me

Always stayed true

So many friends have come and gone

But you've never left

No matter what I've done

Sometimes I go to you

Feeling so down and blue

But no matter the case

You always put a smile on my face

Morning, noon, or midnight

You would stay up for my comfort

Until the morning sunlight

You think I'm lying when I say you're pretty

But you're not just that

You're also loving, kind, and witty

With no one else am I so myself

You make me want to be better

And do well onto everyone else

I can never thank you enough

For showing me life's going to get tough

But you also told me you'll always be there

And for that reason

If you ever need a listening ear

At any hour

I'll always be here

If you ever want chocolate

Or a ride to the gym

A shoulder to cry on, a hug, or a friend

I'll be here

You have no need to fear

If he breaks your heart

I'll give him a restart

(of his entire life)\

I'll help you with any of your strife

I'll be your kindred spirit

You can be Diana and I'll me Anne

Just you always remember

I'm your biggest fan

Your my best friend

The best of all best friends

You'll always be my favorite

You'll always be my most frequent guest

You'll always be the best

We'll always be sisters

And we'll always be best friends

The best of all best friends…

I love you Kit Kat