I am the stranger

Noone wants to understand

For I am different from you

A beastly hand

I hold up in front of you

With 4 fingers and 1 thumb

Just like yours

But no its not

I am the stranger

that noone knows

I am the stranger

that noone knows

The weird man on the block

Hidden by his home

For it would take braver man than he

To escape the prison gates

That surround his property

Held captive by those whom the devil shares

The gift of gab

Which easily turns harmless glances

Into deadly stares

Which pierce and tear

The very soul of the hidden

I am the stranger

On the side of the road

Screaming for someone


To help me

Two men of my god have passed me by

And I pray the next will take me home

I am the stranger

Standing outside your door

And I seek to harm you

Because something inside of me is broken

So while my mouth says trust me

As my mind adds you fool

My heart cries pity me

Because my soul is ruled

By anger and deception

Bent to lead others to their destruction

And I know not how to break free

I am the stranger to you at least

For I've given up the childhood beast

That rages within you and once in me

I am the stranger

And I am hungry and thirsty and lonely

Every night I walk the streets heedless of the danger

Searching for someone, something, to fill this void inside of me

I am the stranger

And I beg of you to please


Welcome me