Nonpareil riches

Nor overwhelming power

Will grant thee repose

Lead me on your path

Though you'll always let me fall

I'll go on climbing

I'll keep on walking

Paving my road as I go

Never saying when

Rest in a mad world

We shall wake to sanity

Peace will overcome

If it's all a game

When I meet the almighty

I'll tell him I won

I live for myself

Pledging allegiance to none

For bonds will break me

I'm unwavering

I will never forget him

The one who broke me

He said 'I love you'

He said 'I'll never leave you'

He said 'I'm sorry'

Just because it's dark

Doesn't mean there was never

Light to begin with

Safety Scissors

You can barely cut

Always defying your name

You are a disgrace

Just a few Haikus and only one with a title. I'd love to know what you think. I'm a beginner and want to know anything I should work on or flaunt. Thank you for reading.