Now I lay me down to sleep

My thoughts to wander endlessly

My mind a locked gate and I the key

To unlock it with to reveal my dreams

I step through the gate, only to see

A whole new world created by me

Rising up to the heavens like my imagination

Stands an ever-changing city of my own creation

My mind acts like my teleportation device

It can take me anywhere like The Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S.

One moment I'm in one place, the next another

And that's exactly what happens moments later

Inside a large, wide-open room inside of a hospital

And standing in front of windows that are elongated in a semi-circle

I look out, feeling like I'm atop the Seattle Space Needle

The skyline and lights all quite visible

I am then teleported to one of many classrooms

It appears we are doing art projects in groups

And out of everybody in the entire world

I get stuck with some random girl

My mind transports me to her place

It's shabby and dark with little space

Objects and furniture take up the sides

With a lone pathway and a dimly-lit light

A television is on for noise in the background

I can hear its muffled sound

I on her bed while she sits at a computer

I have a feeling that I do not like her

Being a dream, though, most actions are a blur

She talks to me and I end up responding to her

I don't even know what about, but we end up talking

And all I do know is that we end up having fun and laughing

I feel glad though when visit is done

Until I stand up to find on her bed a plush Pokémon

I notice one being my favorite, an Oshawott

And I end up using the blanket to cover it up

We exchange smiles as a signal it's time to leave

I say goodbye to her and she waves to me

A moment that I hoped I could forget

Is turned into a feeling that I would later regret

When I return to reality, I feel as if we just became friends

Numbers rising up to one-hundred like that in The Sims

It could be my body adjusting to the situation

But my heart has a totally different sensation

The girl in my dreams that I got to know

Her slightly long, dark hair as black as coal

Her round face and blue eyes make me flush

I feel as if I have a new crush

She is not like the others I've seen

So I try to return to that very same dream

And before I know it, a scene appears that is rather residual

I find myself back inside of the hospital

My mind hands me a whole new plot line

One I don't want to act it out this time

I wake up, returning back to reality

Hoping to one day be with the girl in my dream