This was how it was suppose to end, me dying because of the stupid decisions I made every single day of my life. If I paid more attention to the warnings from my friends I wouldn't be here; through the pain and suffering I have endured in my life this was the worst.

The name I was born with was Christina de Lune, I was born somewhere in the 1500's, and I was born in Roanoke Colony. I was an ordinary girl living with my mother and father as blacksmiths, when I have enough time I would make a small dagger now and then; but most of the time I would go to school in a small church near the bay area. As every day goes by I always have this ache in my heart that neither my mother nor father can fix.

I kept on wondering why this pain happens, as I kept on digging for the answer I immediately knew what I was missing in my hallowed heart. It was love.

I never knew what love was really, at first you might think of me of some idiotic girl who has never experienced love at first hand. Of course there's your parents love, but this pain kept on getting worse every single moment until I had a dream.

One night in my dreams, I saw a beautiful white rose glowing under a dried out tree. As I ran to pick the rose up, the tree began to groan. I could hear the wood creaking, the groans getting louder and louder. As the tree creaked for a couple of moments, I hear footsteps coming from below the tree; whether this was my imagination or a nightmare I didn't want to find out. So I ran away from the tree as far as I could, but when I noticed that the rose was still in my hand I noted that blood was being spilled.

The footsteps could still be heard but it sounded like it was moving faster, the wind howled in my ears and the rustle in the grass scratched my foot and legs. When I came upon a tree stump I tripped and scraped my knee. I could hear the footsteps closer, and I heard heaving breathing. I hid under the stump before whatever it was coming. Holding my breath I closed my eyes tightly praying that I didn't get caught. When the thing was gone running off somewhere else I opened my eyes slightly to find myself face to face with a scaly looking man with slit eyes.

The thing grabbed me by the arm which carried the rose, yelping in pain when the thing pulled me out of the stump. He put me on the stump and sat across from me, looking at me as if I was its owner about to throw a stick.

I sat there motionless; I waited every single agonizing moment when I thought the lizard thing would rip me to shred. But it still sat there looking at me. I slowly tried to get up but the thing would push me back down on the stump. My heart was pounding, I didn't know what to do. Was I to run and get pursued by a lizard man/thing or am I to stay where I am and not move an inch?

The lizard man or thing still watched me; in my hand I still clutched the rose. Looking down at my hand I saw the blood that was still coming out of me. God, I thought. How much blood do I have?

The lizard thing looked at my hand then at my face, it took a step forward and grabbed my left hand which held the rose. I squirmed, but still the lizard thing held my hand in an iron grip. Prying my hands off the rose, the lizard thing grabbed it quickly before my fingers could grasp the rose yet again.

The lizard thing stood in front of me. I looked at my left hand trying to find the cut which caused me to bleed. But eventually I looked around my hand and found nothing of the sorts. The lizard thing then took my hand and dragged me under the groaning tree, I couldn't fight it. I cried and pleaded but the dragging got worse when we neared the tree. The lizard thing laughed, the he said how ridiculous I was.

I tried to stand up but before I knew it he impaled me with a long trident.

I woke up shivering, and sweat pouring down from my face. It felt like I was being dumped in a lake of freezing waters. As I tried to ignite my candle again, I saw the beautiful white rose again on my nightstand near my bed. The window in my room was open, the wind blowing gently. As I walk over to the window I could hear the faint footsteps of the lizard thing.

Not much, but I kind of like it.