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Chapter 8: Sadness

"Y-you're a Wendigo!" I pointed at him. No wonder why he looks a bit wolfish to my eyes.

Instead of taking a menacing step towards me, he transformed into his true self along with his clothes on. Wind blew inside the cave swirling around him like a magnet. As the wind swirls William transformed into more of a wolfish looking Wendigo. "This is who I really am," he said sounding a bit ashamed.

I sighed. "Let me guess, you were forced to become the demon Wendigo right?"

He shook his head. "No, I was born as the Wendigo's son. It does seem utterly ridiculous, but can you please help me find my love?"

William the Wendigo looked at me with his dark black eyes, his lips puckered, and his wolfish ears down. I don't feel quite comfortable with people giving me those looks. But he too is a person who needs help. I sighed and replied to him I'll help. He heard the news and jumped for joy, it acts like a kid sometimes.

I sighed. "In order for me to help you," I said, "You have to tell me the name of the person you love."

"That's easy," William said blushing. "I actually know her ancestral lineage. It's your friend Alyssa."

I stood there. So, it seems like William is a stalker. If so there is no way I'm taking him to Alyssa. From the looks of it, he seems a bit too formal. Maybe I can help him loosen up a bit. "William first we need to get you some regular clothes like everyone else in this modern century."

"What?" William complained, "But I like my clothes."

"Geez you sound like a little brat William," I said, "Quit complaining you've been living for a long time now, act like a mature adult and suck it up you brat."

William puffed his face. "Fine," he said.

"Can you transform back into a human please?" I asked, "I get very uncomfortable with demons."

William transformed back into his human form. Now that I think about it, William was dressed like a person somewhere in the late 1800's. It does fit him but who would take him seriously when, he acts like a stubborn brat? I know I wouldn't. Then a sudden memory came back to me. Xavier used to act like William when I told him he dresses like an old man. Of course it made him mad but at the same time it made him look a bit cute.

"I'll be back," I said, "But before I go do you have any shoes I can wear?"

"I do," William said, "Just wait for a moment."

I waited for only two minutes. William gave me a pair of converse sneakers. "Where did you get these?"

"There were a bunch of hikers who came here few weeks ago," William said.

"Don't tell me you ate them," I said feeling a bit sick.

"I quit eating humans since the Great War started," William said, "Like I said a bunch of hikers came here and simply forgot about this pair of sneakers. I'm actually disgusted you mortals wear this."

"Watch your tongue William," I snapped, "Alyssa also wears something like this too."

"Really, she does?" William asked looking like a dog.

I put the sneakers on and surprisingly they fit me perfectly. "I'll be back in a few hours and I'll be taking Malphas with me."

I walked out of the cave. Waiting patiently outside was Malphas looking a bit curious at me. I told him to take me to Pennsylvania the closest place to the Appalachian Mountains. "Is William coming?"

"No I told him to wait here," I said, "Plus I'll be borrowing you for the moment."

"What are we doing?" he asked.

"Shopping for clothes," I said smiling at him.

I climbed onto Malphas' back and he lifted off from the ground, few minutes passed and we arrived at a shopping district not too far from the Appalachian Mountains. Malphas transformed back into his human form and we went to the closest clothing store. I picked out some clothes for William and told Malphas to fly me back to the Appalachian. "Why buy him clothes?" Malphas croaked.

"He's an idiot and a brat," I said. "But if he must look for his lover, then so be it."

My heart fluttered, his love for Alyssa's ancestor is still strong. I gripped my chest, what about Beelzebub? Does he still love my ancestor? Will he do anything just to be with her too? As my mind wandered with many questions, Malphas croaked. "Sorry," I muttered.

The Appalachian Mt. scientists say these specific mountains are dying. Sooner or later they will collapse for they are nothing but dead rocks giving no meaning to life. As I went to see William, Malphas grabbed me by the arm. He gestured me to be quiet and approach the place quietly.

There, I saw William yelling and shouting. A voice, someone I never heard before spoke with a calm resonating tone.

"You are sentenced to death," the voice said.

William replied with much force in his voice. "Like I'll be there," he shouted. "You winged humans of the Heavens are nothing but killers, humans and demons like me live in peace with them. Some of them have human wives or husbands!"

The 'winged human' laughed at William. "You're an insolent fool," he said. "I've killed many of the demons who are betrothed to those filthy humans. You are thinking of being betrothed too, no?"

I couldn't hear William talk, for his voice was turning soft and quiet. Don't die you fool, I thought. Alyssa would be glad to see you!

As I crept closer to the opening, I saw the 'winged human'. His unnatural light blue eyes sparkle like the reflection of Oceanus, his hair colour of the clouds but with no grey, and skin pale as snow. Garments, his overall long manila coloured jacket swayed and his light brown coloured pants imprinted with Gaelic writings.

He looked in my direction; I hurriedly took a step back bumping into Malphas. The 'winged human' laughed, William stiffened. With the speed of a demon, the 'winged human' dragged me to the cave by my hair. I struggled; it felt like my hair's going to rip from my head. "Let go of me!" I shouted, "I didn't do anything wrong!"

The 'winged human' threw me into the arms of William. Shocked William held onto me. "So," the 'winged human' said, "Are urging to taste this mortal's body? I know demons like you love the taste of human flesh, why not try?"

I felt a draft on my left shoulder. William looked at me with eyes of hunger. I struggled against his grip, but he held onto me tightly. "What are you doing?" I shouted, "William, look at yourself you're not a demon!"

The 'winged human' laughed maniacally. I felt a strike upon my right cheek. "You need to shut up you brat," he said, "You're nothing but a worthless human who could do nothing! Humans a despicable people, they think they're on top of the food chain. Yet you mortals don't know anything!"

"Winged human, huh?" I said as I looked into his eyes. "You must be an angel of the Heavens; I never thought angels would be demons. Maybe we have things backwards; demons are good while angels are the true evil we must watch for."

I saw a sword appearing before me, the 'winged human' pointed the tip onto my neck. A pierce size of a small cut, blood, my blood taints the floor of the cave. "Humans are filthy creatures," he said. "No wonder why demons love to eat you! You're tainted with sin and wrong doings!"

William did not quiver, his body transforming into a beast nor should human see. A tug threw me to the floor, the 'winged human' laughed hysterically. "YOU SEE?!" he shouted, "HUMANS WORSHIP NO ONE BUT HIM! THEY'RE TAINTED WITH THE BLOOD OF MANY!"

William charged the 'winged human'; his bear like paws grabbed his throat. Instead of struggling for his life, the 'winged human' laughed. Malphas quickly picked me up and took me away from William. As Malphas carried me out of the cave, William smiled at me cheerfully."WI-LL-IAM~!" I shouted reaching my hand out.

"Take care of my future wife for a few more days," he said smiling softly. "I'll visit you as soon as I can."

Malphas transformed into a raven again. I buried my face into Malphas' back crying softly. If fate really wants to kill me, then why can't I die now? I just want to have a peaceful life along with my best buddy and Xavier. I heard Malphas cawing, it sounded like he too was crying. "I'm sorry Scarlet," he crowed. "But I know William; he'll come to see his future wife soon."

I cried until we arrived back at Xavier's mansion. Malphas turned into a smaller raven and perched upon my shoulder. Before I knocked upon the door, Alyssa answered and hugged me. "I'm sorry," she muttered. "I should not have said those things to you."

I smiled and hugged her back. "It is not your fault," I replied softly. "But as a surprise for you, a friend of mine will be coming soon. I don't know when but I hope he'll make it in time like he said."

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