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"You guys, Cory Reese is the hottest guy to ever walk the earth," I declare as I barge into "the office," otherwise known as "the office of my awesome English teacher who allows me and my friends to hang out in there during our frees and lunch since she never uses it, preferring to stay in her classroom." Cory, if you were wondering, is a member of that same English class, and is perhaps the most perfect creature in existence. Smart, adorably quirky, funny, sarcastic but not overly so, sweet, and, of course, mind-numbingly attractive.

"What was it this time?" asks my friend Sarina with an unencouraging eye roll.

I plop down into a comfy armchair and stare at her. "You were there during English. Did you not see the shirt he's wearing today? His shoulders are even more broad-looking than usual." I practically swoon just thinking about it.

"Jerelie, you do realize that no one else finds him attractive, right?" Kerrie interjects. I, of course, choose the most mature response- sticking my tongue out at her.

"But he's just so..." I stare dreamily into space for a few seconds before flopping my head back and sighing. "Besides, if I'm the only one who finds him attractive, why doesn't he like me? I'm his only hope."

Mallory snorts. "I don't think that's how it works, darling. And how would he even know that you like him? And even if he did, he still might not like you! Guys have needs you know, and you have a bit of a reputation."

Okay, so whereas other girls have reputations for being sluts, I'm stuck with one as a prude... not sure which is worse. Back to Mal's point- "Are you kidding? I'd tap that in a second!" I insist.

They all pause, look up from their various worksheets and textbooks, and start laughing simultaneously. Have they been practicing that or something?

"Yeah, right. You are the least promiscuous person I know, and I mean that as a complete insult," says Sarina.

"Even if you started going out tomorrow, I bet you still wouldn't sleep with him by the time we graduate!" Kerrie agrees.

My ears perk up. "A bet?" I asked, suddenly more interested in my friends doubts when they offer me some reward.

Kerrie shrugs. "Sure, that's not what I meant, but it could be fun now that you mention it."

Mal and Sarina nod their agreement. "Terms?" Kerrie questions.

"How about, I have until the beginning of senior year to get together and sleep with him?" I suggest. Now, keep in mind, I'm normally not this kind of girl, but something about Cory just messes with my judgment.

Sarina chokes. "Hold the phone, it's March! That's only-" she pauses to count on her fingers. "-6 months!"

I smirk. "That's plenty of time. It's usually the girl holding back the physical part of the relationship, and yes I know that's a stereotype, but it's a true one, so in this case we can go as fast as I want!"

Kerrie thinks about it. "That's a good point. Maybe this will be easier that I thought." She gets an evil gleam in her eye. "Let's up the ante, then, shall we? You also have to get him to fall in love with you."

Sarina and Mal nod eagerly but I squawk in outrage. "Hell no, I can't do that for a bet!"

Sarina jumps in. "But it wouldn't just be for the bet. It's not as if you don't actually like him. You'll probably be falling for him too! It would be more unfair if there weren't emotions involved because then you would just be sleeping with him for a bet and we would feel like your pimps."

I can't help but giggle at that last part, but return to being serious as I absorb what she said. I guess it makes sense, and I have to admit that the mental image of Cory proclaiming his love for me is just too good to pass up.

"Okay, I'm in! What's my reward?" I ask eagerly.

"If you win, each of us has to pay you $20 and we can only tease you about everyone else thinking Cory is unattractive 10 times a week," Mal suggests.

"Five times!" I interrupt.

"Fine," she agrees. "But, if you lose, you have to give each of us $20, you can't complain when we tease you, and you can only tease us about our crushes 5 times a week."

I mull it over for a second. I have more to lose through losing, but also more to gain through winning... "Deal!" I agree, hoping that I'm not getting myself into anything too crazy. If only I knew...

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