a marvelous frenzy of shadows, dancing upon the stage. the stage are where they shine. yes, they are shining. from the very core of their hearts, they shine. they drag their bows like daggers across the skin of their enemies, stabbing and slashing. the notes they play ring darkly with a captive feel. the notes are forced to make sound. forced to be alive, tangled into the same net of the story. the melody was sinister in a forgotten way. you wouldn't know it's there till you remember it was there a long time ago. and so they took their bows and they forgot. they left everything behind. but the thing must have caught up to them, because the music has changed. to something slower... more forbidden. behind the yellow caution tape that screams for you to turn away, they've already crossed the border lines. and that's why there's taped stick figures on the concrete. DO NOT CROSS, the caution tape is screaming. do not cross-

the song is over. everyone is standing up and applauding madly.
why would they clap for death? i wonder to myself.
oh. that's right. it was just a song.
i forgot i am different.