Clang Crush Crack

By Fujimi (不死身)

Shattered mask against a
Carefully constructed carpeted floor
Tendrils of shame seep into the remnants of previously shed skin
A new face formed within the battlefield of lost pride
What form shall be casted with the remains?

Downcast eyes dare not brush 'gainst the victors'
Sinister speech, double-edged delusions
In a spurt of goodwill forever caged and distorted
How to face the falling mien of true self?

Naked and revealed amongst this throng of judgmental sheep
Meek and subordinate, vicious and backhanded
A face shattered at the echoing beat of distant bells
Soaring widely above the world's peripheral vision

Clang crack clang crack clang clangclang CRACK

Spatters on the cold floor of unknown origin of unknown substance organic
A fallen face will layer ever stronger, ever tougher, ever so diligently
The victor collects an ear of victory, a battle prize of fitting recollection

Give it up, outsider, the tables will never turn
Why would the world ever be in favor of a silently screaming shadow?
Vacuum in the splinters of defeat, release the pride that shattered
That gentle grip on frantic fictions untold and unknown universes
Shall never survive on force-fed double-features of reality

O disheartened rebel, the strong undercurrent pulsing beneath stinging palms
Shan't become but a disfigured mask of lost opportunity
On the frigid and forgotten luscious greenery of these plentiful grasslands
Ringing bells beckoning forth only the blandest, most obedient of all the herd
Shiny faces glossed over with the glee won from their reflection
Glistening brightly 'gainst the trampled sharp edges
The suffocated remains of pride torn from the roots of disenchanted camaraderie

March 2012