The Queen & The Giver

Prompt 001: Introduction

It's hard to introduce these two, as they have always been, and always will be. In fact, they were the only things in existence until approximately thirty-seven hundred trillion years ago. All that can be said of the time they would meet is that their existences were very lonely, but not particularly sad, for lonely was all they knew.

They met. It wasn't anything exciting and it was more by chance. In the very-expanding space of the universe, with no stars or planets around them, their meeting couldn't be anything but chance. But they did meet, and it was the real start to -literally- everything.

The first one was amiable, a friendly smile on her graceful features as she approached the other. She thought it was rather rude to just float on over to the second woman, so she created 'land,' giving it a brown color to match her cascading hair. She started her walk towards the other, creating sound and an atmosphere as her feet touched the ground.

The second woman must have been surprised by the sudden invention of gravity, as she was glaring down at the ground. She pounded a fist onto its surface, fracturing it into many pieces as far as the eye could see. A triumphant smirk crossed her ashen features and she stood up, thoroughly pleased with her work.

The first stopped her stride, bewildered. Why would the other being destroy something so thoroughly, and for no reason? She, who only knew how to create, was puzzled. She dismissed it and put the pieces of the land back together into their proper places, fixing up what she thought was surely an accident.

Startled that her handy work was mended, the second turned a sharp, yellow-eyed glare towards the first being. She, whose very nature was to destroy, was angry. She stomped her foot once more, breaking the land into jagged slices, before picking up a clump and hurling it towards the first woman.

The brunette stopped the giant clump of land dead in its tracks, the pad of her index fingers barely touching the rubble at all. She regarded it with pupil-less, hazy-blue eyes before gently sending it back to its original spot, restoring the ground while she was at it.

A fanged snarl marred the second woman's features and she broke the land again. Again it was fixed. Again it was broken. Again it was fixed. Again it was broken. Again it was fixed. Again it was broken…

Their anger escalated until the first one created a blast of air that sent the second woman flying. Horrified at her own actions, the first woman quickly created green grass, trees and other foliage, hoping that would cushion the other's fall. Her concerns were for naught however, as the other woman unfurled newly made wings from her back, their membrane catching the wind and she slowly dropped to the ground.

The brunette watched, transfixed as the second woman altered her body further: hands and feet morphed into deadly claws; ebony scales, that rivaled only her long, silky hair in luster, climbed up her calves and forearms to the joints; starting from where her wings connected to her shoulder blades, thick, black plates worked their way down her spine and trailed down the length of her back, breaking off and transforming into sharp spikes on a newly forming tail, a massive tail that easily snapped the thickest of trees in half with a simple swing. Her face, twisted and demonic, let out a fearsome, mighty roar that shook the ground they stood on, and twin horns grew from her forehead, black peaks reaching upward to the sky, completing her fearsome image.

Blue eyes watched, terrified at the sight, rooted to the spot she stood as she gazed at the other. Still, even as the other tore up the land and flora she had created, she could not help but be overcome with a sense of sadness, a sense of concern. A sense of caring. She could not feel anything but hatred and chaos from the other being, but with it, came a feeling of desolation, a being doomed to forever be alone.

Still, it was obvious to her that they were too different down to their very cores; she could only create as the other could only destroy. They were doomed to oppose one another from the very beginning, and she could only obey her very nature to rid the universe of this destructive force.

The war started.

Whole galaxies were made and destroyed in the blink of an eye. Planets and stars were hurled about like mere pebbles and yet neither could ever damage the other. They were both indestructible forces that could not be killed, but were destined to fight each other to the very end, an on-going battle that spans trillions of years.

In their fights, they created complete civilizations and planetary systems. The first would find a barren rock floating about a star and create animals and sentient creatures, while the second would come around and give them free will and the power of knowledge. The first being would create weather and give the creatures the necessities to sustaining life. The second being would give them emotions and diversity. The first being would then glare at the smirking second being as their sentient creatures fought amongst themselves, finding any little reason to try and be better than their fellow creatures.

Sometimes the two would even come down and introduce themselves as the creators. The first would ask what they needed, for she was always willing to give. The second would demand that she be seen as their superior, promising them wealth and power if they swear loyalty and fight for her. Those worlds turned into war zones, much to the second's pleasure, and the first could do nothing but fight back in order to protect the ones who swore loyalty to her instead.

"I never wanted this." The one known as The Giver would look across the blazing red battlefields with anguish-filled eyes, knowing that she had once again dragged innocents into their personal struggle. The only ones that would die on these lands would be the mortal lives she created herself, and the two of them would move on to fight somewhere else. The cycle of life and death would repeat forever, for it was the only thing these two deities knew, slaves to their very nature.

Until about eight trillion years ago.

It wasn't until then that The Giver came upon a startling realization: where they truly two opposing forces? The goddess started at the two armies about to clash, their metal armor glimmering dimly in the night sky above. Swords were raised high and the thundering of thousands of feet stomped the land flat. The roars of the armies were but a fading, familiar sound and blue and yellow eyes found each other right before the first two blades collided.

Are we really so different, my Queen?

Yellow eyes, distant and melancholic, turned back to the fighting before them, knowing that if she joined the fray, the fighting would be over in a matter of seconds. Had she grown tired of war? Her piercing gaze narrowed at the thought, No that's not it.

She had grown tired of the cycle. She knew neither one of them could win, so she had tried to find new ways: turning The Giver's creations into armies so they'd fight one another, tempting some of them to commit morals sins or simply creating unpreventable natural disasters to watch the destruction unfurl from high above. But even then she couldn't help getting bored of all the repetition. Even after hundreds of trillions of years, she was still doing the same things. She knew she'd always win in the end, and victory was starting to taste stale in her mouth. 'The Queen' they called her in their fear and submission, a being of chaos, dubbed as the source of all 'evil' in the world. But she was shackled to it, unable to break free, driven to always search for something new to pose a real threat so she could truly dominate, but knowing she's never find it.

You hate this just as much as I, don't you my Queen? The thick folds of The Giver's white toga and gold-decorated hair blew lightly in the wind. The battle might as well have not been there; they had both seen thousands upon thousands of ones like it before. The Giver could feel the aches and pains of each and every soldier fighting, felt their dying cries down to her very core, but she could not give in. She had to ignore them. You want to be freed just as much as I do, don't you? She had to stop the cycle.

She took her first step into the battlefield below. Each step was excruciatingly painful, the temptation to heal and help those around her nearly constricting her and driving her back to her side, but she carried on. With each footfall, she felt the binds around her loosening ever so slightly, and for the first time ever, she could almost feel freedom.

The Queen watched on, unable to take her gaze away from the slowly approaching figure. The last time they had been this close was when they first met, and The Queen could feel a sense of… What is this? Fear? Excitement? Both? She slowly took off her helmet, exposing a face much like the humans around them and never taken her bright yellow eyes from those hazy blues.

The Giver came close to the The Queen, the closest they had ever been, and stopped. All of her being screamed at her to get as far away from this monster as possible, telling her to try and start anew somewhere else, that surely everything would be fine then, but she blocked it out and raised her hands towards The Queen's face.

The Queen's first instincts were to lash out at The Giver, to watch her flee in terror and bask in her short-term victory before once again finding a new world to conquer, but she held back, watching as The Giver pushed past all her agony and fear and finally cup her cheeks. Tears that threatened to leak finally fell down The Giver's cheeks as she brought her face close to The Queen's. "Give me my freedom," she quietly plead, her lips so close to the others, but never able to touch.

Her freedom? The Queen looked down into blue and saw longing and desperation, a wanting for nothing more than change and salvation. Are we both the same, dearest Giver? Can you give me what I'm searching for?

Their lips collided. The Giver's body was pressed flush against The Queen's slick, black armor, a clawed hand spread across the small of her back as another cradled the back of The Giver's head. The Giver moaned as their lips started to move, frantic for more. She felt elated, a sense of self satisfaction that she had never felt before; she was forever the Giver, but now that she had a taste, all she wanted to do was take, and take, and take…

A low growl rumbled from the back of Queen's throat as the kiss became more passionate. She dominated while The Giver continued to enjoy being on the receiving end. But was she truly 'dominating'? She had always seen things as 'winning' and 'losing,' but now she couldn't tell because they were both getting what they wanted. It was a strangely satisfying feeling, holding the only being in the universe she couldn't control or destroy in her arms; she was relinquishing half the control, but she felt oddly content. She smirked, Now to be on the offensive…

"More," Giver breathed, jolted when she felt teeth suddenly nip against the pulse of her neck. She pressed her hand through the metal material of Queen's armor and onto her bare back, desperate to feel more of her partner against her skin. Her head dipped back and she felt free, liberated from her shackles, but for how long? Before she could continue this train of thought however, Queen's claws tore through her toga and scratched her skin, causer her to hiss in pain before the wound healed. She sent a halfhearted glare down at the smirking deity, "Put your claws away."

The Queen chuckled before her hands morphed into that of a normal human's. "So delicate," she cooed mockingly.

Giver raised a brow, "Just for that, I should pleasure you with these." Right before Queen's eyes, Giver's own hands turned into an exact replica of her own arms when covered in scales. Giver quickly grew bashful under the Queen's stunned look, "I can shape shift into anything. I just never had the desire to do so until now." She looked away, her cheeks growing flush, "I've never had the desire to do anything for myself until now…"

Queen stared at the look of happiness on The Giver's face and started to feel it too, the feeling overshadowing her usual inner turmoil and loneliness, even if just a little. It wasn't a bad feeling, she had to admit. A sly smile slowly spread across her face, "Hey, why don't we put your creation and shape-shifting powers to good use."

"How?" Giver asked, curious.

The Queen leaned forward and whispered her plan into Giver's ear. The Giver gave a scandalized gasp and chastised The Queen, lightly thumping her breastplate, "Naughty!" she exclaimed, giggling madly despite herself.

The Queen's smirk grew into a fanged, toothy grin, "You'll grow to love it."

"I might already do," Giver said before leaning up and kissing The Queen on the lips.

This will be a flash-fiction series based around these two. There will be at least one hundred pieces for them in this collection, but I'll put up another little story for when my muse decides to feel random and give me mini snippets of a muse not in the prompt collection.

The story might be a bit confusing there at the end, so let me explain:
They both wanted change, but the only way to break their cycle was through each other. Giver, by her very nature, was forced to give what others wanted and help those in need; she was never able to do anything for herself until she went against the very principles she stood for and took for selfish reasons, her own love, thus liberating her from her cycle. (At least when she's with Queen. They're still bound to their roles, but they can now free themselves once in a while.)
Queen was in a state where nothing pleased her anymore and she was tired of redundancy, something extremely frustrating for a being created out of chaos and disharmony. Then Giver comes along, Giver being the one thing in the universe that Queen can't bend to do her bidding, or destroy with the swipe of a claw. Giver takes her int a confusing state, relinquishing power, but also dominating the kiss. She then realizes she's dominating the kiss and wants to over-power Giver completely, something that's technically impossible. Queen sees this as an 'enticing' challenge, something to test her to the limits without using brute force or destroying something. She can still indulge in her impulsive desires without having to kill something in the process- a new concept to the deity.

Queen and Giver aren't really "good and evil" respectively. There is no "good and evil," as that's all just based on human perspective (that Queen gave you, so be grateful)! They're Harmony and Discord, two sides of the same coin.

"If Queen is chaos is disharmony, how come she gave people free will and emotions?" If you think about it, free will and emotions can be conflicting and no two people think the same. Even happy emotions can be chaotic. Nothing can be truly harmonious unless it couldn't think.

Yes, I used some of the same words over and over, and I'm sorry for that. I blame my limited vocabulary on that. I couldn't really find the right words, so I used the closest that I knew... even if it was the same word as used before. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!