Chapter 2: The New Guy

"Angela Gray?" the teacher called out and searched the room for me. You'd think by now she would have known my name, but the break must have wiped her memory clean.

When coming back from a break you always hope teachers ease you back into the work. The honest truth is that they really don't care. Each teacher has forty-two minutes to teach us something new, make us understand it, and pray to god we remember it tomorrow. I don't blame them for trying.

I was zoning out when a new name on the attendance brought me back to reality.

"Justin Sanchez?"

When I looked around I saw a hand rise up from the back. It was difficult to see his face because he wore a red hoodie sweatshirt…probably to hide the black headphones in his ears. He was slouching in his seat and a black folder was on his desk along with a spinning quarter. Justin stared at it as it just continued to spin. Those around him were waiting for it to drop.

I gave him a dirty look; we weren't supposed to use magic where others could see. Although, I heard the Sanchez family was different, so maybe this was one of those things…they just didn't give a damn.

When class ended I hanged back as he studied his schedule and looked around the hallway.

I tried to help him out, "Need some help?"

He looked up at me and studied me for a few seconds before saying a word, "you're a Gray…you must be Jasmine's friend."

I figured he must have heard my name during attendance.

"Yeah, I am…" I grabbed the schedule from his hand. "You know…doing magic in class…you could get us all in big trouble pulling that shit here."

A chuckle escaped him and he shook his head, "and what if we do get caught? What are they gonna do about it? Send me to Mexico to live with my aunt? Nah, they know it's not safe there."

After studying his schedule I gave it back to him, "we have three classes together. Mr. Johnson's room is down there to the right. I'll see you during third period."

Jasmine came up behind me and greeted us but there was no time for small talk. I headed off to my anatomy class that was in the opposite direction. By the time I sat down the late bell rang.

It was hard to focus in class since my brain was still on vacation. Aaron snapped me out of it and asked what my problem or 'deal' was. Leave it to him to always be straight forward and to the point. Aaron was Jasmine's older brother and he was pretty good friends with Justin and his family.

"Yeah I know, I'm lagging too. Senior year is a joke isn't it? The flunkies are stressing while the rest of us are left to wonder why we're still here…" he whispered. "Don't worry though. There's gonna be a tight ass party this weekend."

I know what he meant. Drinking, talking, spell work, fighting each other…that's what we liked to do for homework. The boys were so competitive now that the girls just stood by and watched.

"Justin and some of his fam are gonna be there. I bet you're curious…hey, I saw the way you were looking at him the hall. I could always tell Jasmine….you know…."

When the teacher wasn't looking a smacked him pretty hard and laughed when he gave that face. "You know you deserved that…tell her and next time I won't be so gentle."

After psychology I went to anatomy and decided to sit next to Justin this time. He didn't seem to mind…but he might have been bothered by it.

"Curious…how did you and Jasmine meet?"

"Maya, my twin sister, she introduced us. She thought we were perfect for each other. We're going on two years together now, so I guess she was right about that. Maya…she met Jasmine at one of those meetings they hold every year. You know those ones our parents go to?"

I knew what meetings he was talking about. Every year our families got together to discuss things with other races and generally us younger generations weren't allowed.

"That's cool. Is your sister still staying in Santee? Or is she transferring here too?"

He gave a soft chuckle, "Nah, she's staying in Santee. She has her own group of followers down there…she's never leaving them."

The bell rang for lunch. As we were walking down the hall I was accosted by Krystal.

"You bitch! Now I know exactly why you didn't tell me about this before?"

People were starting to stare as her voice boomed over the usual noise of traffic.

"Keep it down Krystal…people are staring..."

Justin gave me a look, as if to ask if I wanted him to pull me away from her.

"Okay, now what are you talking about? Is it the spell?"

Her cheeks turned three different shades of pink once she noticed Justin standing next to me. "Oh my goddess, you're…you're...Justin Sanchez, aren't you?"

My brow rose at her reaction. It was as if Justin Sanchez were a rock god. Her apologizes were rushed and she was just short of bowing to him.

"Damn I wish I got that reaction every time I met someone new," I casted a glance to him and he looked equally embarrassed.

Justine gave her a fake smiled before excusing himself and went to lunch once he saw some old friends of his heading that way.

I snapped my fingers at her and she glared at me, "I'm not a puppy, Angela."

"Then talk! Geeze you're the one who came in yelling at me."

She had calmed down now and was being serious, "Do you have any idea what you've done?" Krystal handed me a printout copy of what I had sent her. There were red marks all over it. "You summoned something to your house, but you never released it. These knights or whatever, they're bound to the house. That's not a good thing Angela. I can't believe Jasmine gave this to you…well actually I can believe it."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I looked down at the paper and her notes and couldn't make sense of it.

"Right here," she pointed. "You summoned these knights…but where do you tell them to leave? If anything, this would only make things worse. We need to find ways to fix this before either your parents find out or they hurt you or someone else!"

I laughed at her, "Relax Krystal. Nothing has happened yet. Maybe you're overreacting? I know how much Jasmine gets under your skin. That's why I didn't tell you about this…I knew you'd act like this."

After giving her a deep glare I walked off to the cafeteria. I glanced at Justine before making my way to the table where some of my non-witch friends were sitting. I loved having friends that weren't witches at times, times like these. I could forget about the drama and the stress.

Today's topic was the homecoming dance. They were talking about who they were going to ask or who they were hoping would ask them. When they looked at me I shrugged my shoulders.

"I was thinking about asking Robert, but he probably wants to go with that chick on the Water Polo team. I can't compete with a chick that has man shoulders," I laughed.

"'you better believe in voodoo babe I've got a long list of your sins…there's a word might have heard called payback…and I'm running outta pins…Bad Karma'" My cell phone rang and vibrated in my pocket.

It was a text message from Raine saying she wanted to talk about something after school at the park. That was a strange request, but I texted her back an okay plus a hint at Krystal's reaction.

"HEY! Angela? You going to the party this weekend? Jeff's parents are out of town, so he's throwing this huge party," one of my friends waited for my response; she eager to hear I was going.

"Yeah, I guess I will. Need something to get my mind off of school for night," a grin swept my face and they were giving each other silly high fives.

The rest of the school day went slow and I tried my damnest to avoid Krystal at all costs. It wasn't easy…but I found some support in Aaron while putting my books in my locker.

"I heard what Krystal said," his fist was tight…knuckles turning white and I could already feel the heat coming off of them. Aaron's special power was fire.

"Aaron," I tried to calm him down. "She isn't worth getting worked up over. She had a point though and I'm not saying Jasmine did it intentionally." Goddess, I hoped at this point he wouldn't burn me. "It was an accident and we'll fix it. We all make mistakes."

He studied me and his hand moved away from the locker. It left a black burn mark.

"Yeah…whatever. I'm just sick of her; I think she wants to cause trouble between you and Jasmine."

"I've always thought so too. I ignore it; don't worry Aaron." I looked at my watch and then wondered why he was still here. "Why you here anyway? Usually you're the first off campus."

He smiled, "cute. Jasmine has a rehearsal today for Macbeth and she wanted me to be there."

I had forgotten. Jasmine was vice president of drama club and even had a main casting role as Lady Macbeth.

"Alright then, I'll see you later," I closed my locker and headed to my car.

When I got to the park I found Raine already sitting on a bench looking at her phone.

"Sorry I'm late. Aaron heard what Krystal was saying about his sister. He didn't seem too surprised about it."

I pulled out the paper out of my backpack, "The red is the stuff she had issues with."

"Have you talked to Jasmine about it?" She asked while looking at all the red and shaking her head.

"No…She had a club meeting today at lunch and rehearsal after school. I did get to meet her boyfriend for the first time. He's in a couple of my classes."

I took a seat next to her and she folded back up the paper. "One crisis at a time, Angela. First, with this spell. I say we wait and see what happens. Either one of them can be full of shit, but adding Krystal to the mix might make things even worse."

"True, but if something does go down my parents will kill me," I sighed.

"You could tell them the truth then…tell them what you've been seeing? I don't know why it's such a big secret. Your mom has seen lots of ghosts before."

She was right. My mom did have a lot of experiences with ghosts. Witches and sorcerers just figured ghosts were attracted to our supernatural energies. That might be true, or it might not.

"What was the second crisis again?" she looked over at me.

"Uhm..never said it was a crisis- just that I met Justin Sanchez at school. He seems like a nice guy. Not sure how the hell he snagged Jasmine. She's a witch, pretty and smart, but damn that dude is way out of her league."

Raine busted into a fit laughter, "Great guy huh? You do remember why he got sent to your school, right? He beat the crap out of some guy. The dude is still in the hospital. The only reason he isn't in jail is because he's a Sanchez…that's it. His family is like the freakin' mafia, Angy. Hell, maybe they are! No one seems to know how they get their money."

Now I was laughing- laughing so hard tears were coming to my eyes. "Thanks…I needed that after a long day."

"No problem. Let's get out of here…my mom has been bugging me and yours is probably wondering where you are."

As I drove home I thought about the spell. Could these invisible dark knights be roaming around my house? Would it upset the ghosts that already inhabited it? Now I was afraid to go home. I was afraid I'd come home to some giant mess- like these things just went crazy and destroyed everything. Damn, I watch too many freakn' movies.