Mule Knight

Hey everyone here's another story about a Zachary Mule Knights by the way It's a habit to write about Zachary Clones of myself I've been doing it ever since I was five (hence five year old Zachary troops ) anyway here it is.

"Here they come" shouted a seven year old Zachary. I watched as a tide of dolls and doll makers were charging towards our position. I could see the five and six year old Zachary's shaking uncontrollably from the fear I wasn't fazed by the dolls I am eighteen (the oldest age for a Zachary) and ever since I was five I battled clowns and dolls from minor skirmishes to large battle were we took the fight to there carnivals and doll maker factories. Sugar sensed my anticipation and snorted waiting to join the fight with me. Sugar was my loyal mule ever since I was little we both fought in several battles me hacking and slashing and Sugar's kicking and biting both turned the tide of many battle's for a Zachary to have a mule meant he was a champion of the Zachary Empire and could face thousands of foes and never lose. "Crossbowmen ready aim FIRE" bellowed the seventeen year old Zachary crossbow sergeant and as they fired the hissing of the bolts made every hit as at least thirty dolls and one doll maker were felled the blood and broken glass and chipped wood were scattered on the field of battle. However it was not enough as more came a second volley from the crossbowmen felled another hundred from the looks of it I may not have to fight a thought which made me hate since I wanted some of the action. I would get my wish the crossbowmen retreated to the back of the line since they were all out of bolts. " Zachary's CHARGE" shouted the sixteen year old Zachary commander as were charged the hated foe Sugar was in a gallop as I raised my lance goring a doll maker with my lance gone I unsheathed my long sword hacking it deep Into a wooden doll. Sugar was kicking and stomping at the dolls that's one good thing about dolls they may be a horde but their size is small even a five year old Zachary had a chance we were winning and the battle was over when the dolls and the doll makers realized they lost skirmishers followed them routing even more of their numbers. It was hard to believe how many there were until we counted a least three thousand plus the five hundred according to the Zachary Skirmishers. Our losses weren't too bad two hundred wounded fifty dead we knew if it wasn't for the crossbowmen it would have been a lot worse I patted Sugar on the Head "good girl".