This is a story I've been working on for sometime. It's called Elementals and the first few chapters a introductory prologues, because it's good to know some of these things before I start writing the whole story. Enjoy.

Sydney Williams

"Sydney, catch!"

Sydney caught the ball from her cousin Riley and threw I back at him. Right in the chest.

"You are powerful, Syd," he said, it's hard to think you'll be fifteen in November."

"Yeah, well," Sydney shrugged.

Sydney had began living with her aunt and uncle when she was three because her parents had died in a car crash. Sydney had forgotten what it was like to have parents. Her cousin, Riley, was the same age as her, take a few months. Sydney found it easy enough to live with her aunt and uncle in the suburbs.

That it, she would if her older cousin Fiona wasn't doing her best to make Sydney's life a living hell.

Sydney flipped her long red hair back behind her back. It was tied back into a pony-tail. Sydney usually had her hair that way and would have her cut short, but her aunt Gina wouldn't let her. Sydney was such a tom-boy.

Before Riley or Sydney could say another word, the back screen door opened and then closed shut. It was Fiona. She never cared if the door just slammed like that, even though Sydney's uncle James had had many an argument with Fiona about it. Fiona had light brown hair and blues eyes like her younger brother Riley, a model's build and always had her cellphone with her.

", I'm telling you, she needs a serious makeover...Today, of course, Ruby!...your place...sure!"

To be honest, Sydney didn't give a damn about Fiona and her school friends, even though Fiona babbled about it all weekend, taking Gina and James's attention away from Sydney and Riley. The only thing it did for Sydney was news; things she didn't really care about.

"C'mon," Riley said after a moment's silence, "let's go in and eat lunch."


While Sydney was going to the living room after getting a glass of water, she tripped over Fiona's schoolbag.

"Dammit!" she snarled, "stupid, fucking, careless bitch!"

Sydney was glad that her aunt didn't hear her.

"What did you call me?"

Fiona's voice was from right behind Sydney.

"Mind your own business, Fiona Millson," Sydney growled.

"Oh, really?" Fiona's eyebrows were raised.

"Yeah, really!" Sydney snapped, "don't piss me off anymore than I already am, Fi Fi."

Fiona wouldn't let it go.

"You are such a little bitch, Sydney Williams! I don't know why Mom and Dad insist on keeping you! I bet you everything your a lesbian!"

that was it! Sydney splashed her glass of water all over Fiona's wonderful summer dress.

"That's it!" Fiona screamed, "you're going to pay, Sydney! Big time!"


Sydney went to school for the last time that year on Monday. After all the classes and lunch and all the rest of that crap, (as it was in Sydney's mind anyway), she went into the girl's bathroom after promising to catch up with Riley.

Sydney was washing her hands in the bathroom sink when she heard the sound of sudden clacking. The door hadn't opened and Sydney felt a sudden bolt of fear rush through her.

"Hello?" Sydney asked. She then turned around. It was Fiona. Only because Sydney hadn't expected her, flames erupted from her fingers. They landed on the floor, scorching it black.

Now it was Fiona's turn to fear.

"Your..." she stammered, "your a..."

"What?" Sydney snapped, "what am I? Tell me dammit, or I swear to god I'll-"

"...freak." Fiona finished.


Sydney began to run. She couldn't stay here anymore. There was no place for here.

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