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Chapter 1: Confusion.

Light shone brightly after what felt a long period of darkness. Sydney opened her eyes. She then saw three other teenagers, maybe about her age, lying on three other beds next to her own. Sydney was suprised that they were still asleep, but maybe it was because she was sensative to light.

Sydney then remembered the events of yesterday (or at least she thought it was yesterday) and paniced. Where the fuck am I? Why am I here? began going through her mind. she ran away, and now she was here. She was in a blank room with three other teenagers.

"What are you thinking?"

Sydney turned around. She saw a young girl, probably about eleven or twelve years old, staring her in the face. The girl had short brown hair - about shouldler length, green eyes that were as dark as cucumber skin, chubby cheeks and freckles.

"What the fuck does it matter to you what I think?" Sydney growled. She then felt angry at herself for shouting at a young girl who probably had no idea why she was here.

The girl scowled.

"I can tell you're suprised," she said, "and probably a little upset. But I need to know exactly what you are thinking."

"Why?" Sydney asked.

"Because I need to know what form of Elemental you are," she said.

Sydney blinked and tried to convince herself it was nothing more that a joke, but she couldn't bolt out the memories of the fire in the bathroom at school, Fiona lashing out and calling her names. Sydney ran away and was going to try to forget, but the girl's questions brought back the memories.

"My name is Mia," the girl said, right before Sydney could ask. "How do you feel?"

"Pissed off," Sydney replied. It was the truth. "I feel like attacking everyone."

"Fire," Mia mumbled. She then left the room, leaving Sydney confused.


The sun was setting. She turned around and saw the guy of her dreams right next to her, smiling.

"Don't you want a kiss?" he asked. She turned to him and put her hands in his hair, feeling him hold her close and -

"Hey. Hey, girl! WAKE UP!"

Eva blinked. She looked around the room before quickly saying, "what happened? Why am I here? I didn't arrange for this!"

The girl by her side, a girl with red hair, green eyes and a perfect body was looking at her. "So you know nothing about this either?" Eva supposed her face was a good enough response for the girl, who sighed and said, "great. That's just fucking perfect."

"Why the fuck are we here again?" Eva asked.

"Kidnappers, scammers, murders, who the fuck knows?" the girl responded, flipping her hand up as she spoke. "What their doing is obviously illegal. But that delusional kid that came in here mentioned something about Elemenals or some weird shit."

Eva was about to speak, but stopped herself when she heard a yawn and the sounds of awakeing from the boy across from her.

"I didn't get your name yet," the redhead spoke.

"Eva Stanton," Eva informed her.

"Mine's Sydney Williams," the redhead said. Sydney looked tough, but she had something about her that made her seem like a good friend. Eva was going to need her help if they were ever going to get out of wherever they were.

"Also, can I ask you something?" Sydney asked. "Are you really British or is it some act you're putting on?"

Eva sighed. Americans had never failed to notice that about her as soon as she got to this stupid country.

"My parents divorced, my asshat of a father abandoned me and my brother, my mother met another rediculous asshat, my life ended up fucked, end of story," Eva concluded. "I am not afraid of hiding it anymore. That's why I ran away."

"That doesn't sound as fucked as my life," Sydney said. "My parents are dead. They died in a car crash. I lived with my aunt and uncle for a long time."

Sydney stopped herself. Eva could tell that there was something that Sydney missed about her former home.

"What's going on?" Eva jumped at the sound of someone's voice. It was a boy's voice. They boy had dark brown hair, blue eyes and the perfect build. At least Eva thought so.

The boy looked around the room. He then saw Sydeny and Eva, looking like he needed help, but then he said, "well, well. It looks like I wasn't so unlucky after all. There's a totally hot babe in my presence."

Eva could see the meant her.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" She asked.

"The babe's British, too!" the boy remarked. "How long have you been in this country, m'lady?"

"England isn't as far behind as you think it is, jackass!" Eva said.

"I heard it was more advanced than here," Sydney mumbled. Eva heard her and made a mental note to thank her later.

"I was shocked, I suppose. I had to speak what I thought was the truth," the boy said. "Where the fuck are we, anyways?"

"No idea, asshat," Sydney said. "We've been trying to figure that out for about an hour or more."

"Firstly of all," Eva said, "we'd like your name."

"They call me James Bond," the boy said.

"Your real name," Sydney snapped.

"Trey Donton," the boy said. "But I promised myself I'd change my name to James Bond when I got older. Happy?"

"We're satisfied," Eva scowled.

"My name is Sydney Williams, but you can call me Syd," Sydney said.

"And I'm Eva Stanton," Eva said.


Trey was angry and confused as to everything that happened over the past few hours. Why was he here? Why was he here with two girls who were obviously as confused as he was?

The British girl Eva looked pretty hot. He told her that and she flipped out. Trey began to wonder why.

The blond woke up. Trey didn't notice as he was inside his own thoughts.


Alex woke up.

"Why am I here?" He asked. "who are you guys? Did you kidnap me?"

"Slow down, cowboy," a readheaded girl said. "We have no idea either."

Alex noticed a slight amount of anger in her voice, but at the same time, she was trying to be nice and gentle. Alex then notced her smile, something that wasn't exactly forced.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

"We were taken away," the other girl with caramel coloured skin and a British accent said. "I was just trying to run away."

"Run away?" Alex asked. "So was I."

"You both ran away as well?" the redhead said. "So did I?"

"Maybe it's just a coincedince," the brown haired boy spoke up. Alex hadn't heard him speak yet.

"So you didn't run away, Trey?" the British girl said.

Trey sighed "Yes, I ran away. Happy?"

"I wonder why..." the redhead began to trail.

"What?" The British gril asked. "What, Sydney?"

"Why we all ran away," Sydney said. "Look at it Eva. It doesn't make any sense."

"Yes it does."

All four teenagers turned around and saw an adult woman standing in the doorway of their room, with a little girl right beside her.

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