The Year was 1994, the Day and Month were the 31st of August, and it was specifically a Wednesday. The Place, or at least at the time being, was the State of Louisiana in the Parish that is named Terrebone. Of Course if you want to get even more specific it was at the High School of South Terrebone. This High School was important, as one of it's Students was about to embark on a journey would prove both Life Changing and Fatal to the poor Girl. Who was this Girl? Brooke Jeniffer Johnson. Brooke was always a rather Beautiful young lady, with her Long hair of Brunette with prominent Blonde highlights, Height of 5 feet and 9 inches, Weight of 110 pounds, rather prominent Breasts for a young Fifteen going on Sixteen year old, and seemingly flawless skin. Surely, she was practically one of the most well known girls at her school at the time. Or at least, to her close friends that is. Her closest friends were Three Girls called the Christinas. Their actual names were Christina Arcenaux who was rather Skinny, even more so than Brooke herself, and always wore a cross around her neck aswell and never wore a jacket of any kind in her life. Then there was Christina Boudreaux, who was of Average Weight and Height for a teenage Girl of 1994, and would also always wear the most revealing outfits possible at School.. Finally there was Christina Duplantis, who was 12 pounds overweight, was usually seen with a rather large lunchbox at all times, and also had numerous acne breakouts on more than just her face. All three of the Christinas were African-American ladies with Dark Black Hair, Duplantis was the only one to not have hers straightened instead she had Cornrows, and Arcenaux wore hers down while Boudreaux always had a Short Ponytail. Brooke on the other hand, was basically a white girl. She was Tannned, but she was still a caucassian female human being. The Four were walking down the inside stairway of the school, as it was the end of the school day, and were chatting along the way aswell.

"So, what did you guys think of that Tranny girl that left last semester?", Arcenaux asked the other Three as soon as they were done walking down the stairs.

"I don't care what anyone else thinks, but she's going to Hell, and I never really liked her anyway.", Duplantis said while biting down into a sandwhich made of Mayonaise, Deer Meat,
Turkey, French Fries from McDonalds, Cracker Jacks, Mustard, Ketchup, and even Horse Radish. Boudreaux was disgusted by what Duplantis was eating, but agreed with a smile and nod with what the fat girl had said.

"Well, I don't agree with what she did to herself, but thats no need to talk bad about her.", Brooke said. The other Three stopped and looked at her. They were just outside of the doors of the school, and the others were all suprised at what Brooke just said.

"What do you mean?", Arcenaux asked in shock, "She's a Transexual! A Sinner! Just like the Gays, she's going to hell!"

"Look, I go to Church too, but I think we should leave the Girl alone, I mean, hasn't she been through Enough in her life?", Brooke argued to her friends, "I mean, she was kicked off the Gators team, abandoned by her parents and entire family for that matter, and even ran away with her parents cancelling the search for her! Maybe we should just not talk about her and just try to forget that she went to this school,
at least then we don't insult her!"

"Look, Brooke". Arcenaux said with a Cold glare in her eyes, which was also not only Cold but Sharp, as if she were a bird of prey staring down at it's meal that got away, but that will soon be it's meal at the same time, "I admire that you are different in beliefs than most of these dumb girls here, but you can't say that I can't talk about what I want to talk about, like when you defended that Gay kid from the football players,
that was uncalled for and completely evil of you to do, you should have just let that Boy be beaten. He deserved it for being Gay."

"Chrissy", Brooke said in parital Disgust and anger, "I was helping him. If I didn't do something he would've been beaten up!"

"But, he's Gay!", Boudreaux added in, Arcenaux and Duplantis both looked in approval at what Boudreaux added in, "The Bible says that being Gay is a Sin to God, and as Such he will be forever damned to hell, especially now that he comitted the sin of Suicide!"

"I know what the Bible says, but even then that gives you NO right to talk about people that are Dead and one of which that is Missing! It's just, not Right!", Brooke nearly yelled back to her friend. As Brooke was saying this to the Christinas, Arcenaux looked around to see if any of the teachers or faculty were looking. As soon as she saw that none were, she angrily slapped Brooke across the face with all of her strength. Brooke fell to the Ground in pain, and when she got up all she saw were her three friends angrily walking towards the parking lot inorder to get to Arcenaux's car, which was a Honda. Brooke shed a few tears from pain but shook them off, and got back up onto her feet. She to walked into the parking lot, but instead of Arcenaux's Car she walked to a much more likeable vehicle to be in, the Truck that was owned by her Boyfriend since Freshman year Alexander Voisin. Alexander, or Alex as he is more commonly called, smiled when he saw the love of his life step into his Truck, but was concerned when saw the red mark on her face.

"What happened?", Alex asked, highly concerned on the subject of who slapped the girl he had love for.

"Chrissy slapped me.", Brooke said unhappily, "I'd rather not talk about it, to be honest.". Alex silently turned his head towards the front of his vehicle's view, and as soon as an opening came in, he and Brooke left the campus to head towards Brooke's home. For the first few minutes of the Drive, it was nothing but scilence. Not even the Radio was turned on. The only sound came from the Cars they passed on the road, the sound of the truck driving on the road, and nothing else. The Scilence was broken when they were stopped due to a school bus. When that occurred, Alex finally spoke, with a question.

"Why did she Slap you?", he said this question in a worried and even somewhat angry tone of voice, as if he were angered with the Christina that harmed his love.

"I really would rather not talk about it, Baby, I really don't want to.", Brooke pleaded to her Boyfriend, clearly showing how hurt she was through her tone of voice.

"I know, but I really just wanna say I think you should stop hanging out with them. Those Girls are total Bitches, they think they know everything when they really know nothing about how the real world works, they only know about their own damned world.", Alex said with anger in his voice, speaking of course of the three women whom his Girlfriend hangs out with on a Daily Basis.

"I've known them since 5th Grade!", Brooke said loudly as Alex started driving again.

"Yeah, and you've known me since Preschool, though, so what do they matter to you?", Alex brought up, Brooke couldn't argue much with what he was saying, but she was just unwilling to stop hanging out with the Christinas. Perhaps it was the fact that she was highly shy towards people, or maybe it was the fact that she used to be such a Nerd-like child in early middle school, and she fears going back to that time again. Afterall, the Christinas did get her to be the captain of the Cheerleading squad, and even got her involved in sports and clubs around the school aswell. How could she stop hanging out with them after all they have done for her? Simple, Brooke concluded in her mind, she couldn't.

"Look, baby, I..just can't! They really have become my Friends!", Brooke was about to burst into pure tears, and Alex could see that. It broke his heart seeing his love hurt like this, but he knew that he had to at least try to get her to no longer go with the Christinas, for her own safety, and Sanity.

"Look, I'll still love you even if you aren't on the Cheerleaders anymore, you should know that! Yeah, I'm the star football player, that doesn't mean I have to be dating a girl whos a cheerleader! I'll love you no matter what, and again, we've known eachother too long for me to even consider disliking you!", Alex said. Brooke almost smiled, but this moment was stopped when they reached the Bourg house at which Brooke lived inside of. "We're here."

"Hold on, before I go", Brooke said, and before Alex could speak she gave him a quuick kiss directly on his lips before dashing out of his truck and into her home. Alex smiled and drove to his own home, which was on the other side of the Bayou. When Brooke entered her home, the mood in her Feellings went from happy to dark, as the Lights were all off. This included the Kitchen and even the living room. Every light, off. Had it not been for the Day's light, the house would be completely black with no evidence Light had even been there. Brooke walked cautiously throughout the hallway and into the living room, not knowing what was instore for her. Her eyes grew wide as she saw that the Television was off, her Father would usually be home watching either a Sports Game on ESPN, The Hunting Channel, or the News whenever Brooke got back home. This concerned Brooke, but what really concerned her was the Broken Glass in the room, from pictures that had to have been thrown from the walls.
Among the pictures thrown were her Mother and Fathers' Wedding Photos, and also every other family photograph that was hung on the wall, all right at the archway that leads into the kitchen. "Momma? Daddy?", Brooke said in great concern, worried that something happened. She stepped through the glass carefuly and entered the kitchen, where she saw a trail of pots and pans leading to the kitchen table. At the table, Brooke saw the sitting source of the messyness, her Mother. Cynthia Johnson was the Mother's Name, and she was crying, practically sobbing, at the table at which she was sitting. Not only that, but the woman had no make-up on whatsoever, which gave her a pale and lifeless look to her face. Her Thin for a Mother of Three Body had rather bland Pajamas of Grey on it with a Pink Robe over that, the Robe was not tightened and did seem rather pointless. The Mother's Dark Hair was also completely ruined too, as if she had gotten out of Bed yet never once attempted to straighten it or style it whatsoever. Simply put, she was a complete wreck. Brooke couldn't help but to fear the worst outcome, that her Father had committed Adultary on the poor woman. It would explain why the wedding picture was broken, and was one of the most likely possibilities in Brooke's mind. However, the true outcome was far worse to Brooke than what she expected. "Momma?", Brooke asked, already feeling some of the pain her Mother was going through. Cynthia looked up to see her Daugther slowly walking through the pots, pans, and other kitchen objects that were on the grown. Cynthia briefly spoke through her cries,

"He's Dead.", she managed to speak out. Brooke instantly stopped walking, and her eyes widened in fear and shock.

"W-w-who's Dead?", the Girl asked, now completely fearing the worst at this point, tears were already starting to come.

"Your, Daddy. He was shot by Mike's Gang, they betrayed him. In the End, the whole Damn building burned to the Ground, killing the whole gang, and burning your Daddy's body with it.", Cynthia spoke before she went back into her depression. No longer crying,
she was just simply depressed now, with tears simply flowing from her eyes before she covered them with her hands. Brooke, however, was a different story. Brooke stood in scilence. Her Mother was referring to her older brother Micheal, whom went against the Family to own a street Gang in New Orleans. Only one week ago had he finally come back to her life too, and now both him and their Father were gone. Gone, for the rest of Brooke's life. Brooke just collasped to the ground, unable to keep her balance. Cynthia immediately went to help her Daugther up, and the two hugged eachother, and cried. Brooke's sobs were now the loud ones, as her mother was sad herself yet also trying to calm down her Daughter aswell.

"Why? Why Him? Why Him?", Brooke practically screamed as she cried. Her and Cynthia both held eachother up from falling onto the floor below them.

"Now now, Baby, it'll be alright. Now, Imma just get your brother home from school and then we'll talk about what's gon' happen now that, he's gone. Alright? You wanna come or you wanna stay here?", Cynthia asked, releasing Brooke from her arms as she tied up her robe. Brooke really didn't know what to decide, but after a short grouping of seconds, she spoke the first thing she thought of.

"I'll stay home, Momma.", Brooke said with a sad tone of voice. Cynthia didn't say a word in response, and the two simply had only one tight and long hug before Cynthia was heading off to Montegut Middle School to get her youngest and final child, David,
from School. This meant Brooke was Alone, all by herself. In a Dark house. The Cheerleader couldn't help but sit down in a corner created by Kitchen Cabinets that were on the ground. She sat with her knees up high, and her arms hugging them. Her face was buried within them. All she did was Cry. She cried for Twenty-Two minutes before finally she fell asleep from crying for so long. Brooke's legs went down to laying infront when she was asleep, and her arms fell to the ground. In truth, she looked deceased as she fell into her slumber.
However, as she slept, she didn't dream of anything Fictional. Instead, her Dream was a Flashback. It was a Flashback to July 7th, 1990. A then 11 year old Brooke was holding a Rifle, with her Father right beside her. She was Duck Hunting. She had just shot down a few mallards with her rifle, of the whole flock only a few of them actually managed to escape. Her Father laughed and smiled at his Daugther's sucess.

"Well baby Girl, looks like you gettin' better at now!", Brooke's Father said happily, proud of his Daugther.

"Well, I learned from the best, Daddy!", Brooke said happily said. Her and Father then hugged and laughed together for a bit.

"Well, we bettah go tag 'em before some dumbasses get to 'em.", Brooke's Father said sternly, getting ready to get the bodies of the now dead Ducks.

"I'll Bag 'em, Daddy!", Brooke said, ready to do the job for her Father. He smiled back at her. After that, the Flashback ended. Brooke awoke from her sleep slowly. When she woke up, she saw that she was still in the spot that she had fallen asleep at, and everything was untouched, as if her Mother and Younger Brother had never come back. The only Difference was that it was now the Dark Night time, and due to the lights still being turned off, everything was mostly pitch black with the light being the tone of Blue given off by the moon's light. Brooke silently walked to her bedroom, which was right between her Mother's and her Brother's, and walked into it. Like all of the other rooms, the lights were off even there. Brooke kept them off. She simply collapsed onto her bed, sighed deeply, and tried to go back to sleep again. It took her Five hours to cry herself back to sleep a second time.

Upon the Dawn, Brooke woke up silently, with a Dull look in her eyes. Even though it was still Highly Dark outside, Brooke knew it was Thursday morning. However, naturally due to the events that unfolded yesterday evening, she didn't want to go to school. She wanted to say home, and just be alone. Maybe she could convince her Mother to let her stay home, just for the day at the least. Once she stumbled out of her room, she noticed that the lights were finally turned on, revealing the only pushed away mess from yesterday.
Her Brother remained asleep in his room, shown by his door being closed, and Brooke walked into the kitchen to see her Mother. Unlike Normal Mornings, Cynthia had not cooked Breakfast for her Children, and was not drinking Coffee or even watching the News Channel, instead she was simply sitting at the Kitchen Table Silently. Once Brooke walked into the room Cynthia looked to her Daughter and stood up.

"About time you woke up", the Mother said, with tiredness in her voice due to lack of Coffee possibly, "You aren't going to School Today."

"I'm not?", Brooke said, she was relieved but didn't show it inorder to not give her Mom any worries.

"No, you aren't. You are your Brother actually, not Today.", Cynthia said, going back to sit at the Table. The Mother's tone of voice gave off a sense that this wasn't exactly what Brooke had wanted, that there was more to this than Cynthia was telling. That assumption Brooke made, was right.

"What do you mean by that, Momma?", Brooke asked her Mother, assuming that something worse had happened overnight or at both Schools for some reason. The Answer was both better and worse in reality.

"We're moving away, to Ottawa.", Cynthia said Firmly to her Child, with only slight traces of Regret in her voice. Brooke's eyes widened at moving away, but she was confused as to the places name, what is Ottawa? She wondered, and of course she had to ask the question,

"There ain't no place called Ottawa down here, Momma!", Brooke told her Mother, "We movin' to another Country or somethin'?"

"Yes, we are actually", Cynthia said a Monotone voice, "We're moving to the Suburbs of the Capital of Canada."

"What?", Brooke said back in Shock, "But, why?"

"Because, I don't want to risk Gangs comin' down here and harmin' us or the town cuz of what happened to your Daddy!", Cynthia said sternly to her Daugther, who was beside herself in disbelief that her mother honestly thought that a town such as bourg would ever be over run by violent street gangs of all things in the world.

"Momma, that would never ever happen!", Brooke exclaimed to Cynthia, "We live in Bourg, since when would Gangs come down here?"

"It Could happen, and I don't wanna be here when it does, so you getcha stuff ready while I wake your brother up.", Cynthia told her Daugther, "We're leaving Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?", was all Brooke could muster out of her Vocal Cords.

"Yes, Tomorrow now getcha Ass to ya room and pack up, Now!", Cynthia's voice was partially a yell at this point. Since she was the Mother, Brooke had no choice but to comply with her orders. As Brooke walked into her room, she her Mother had already placed Cardboard boxes on the floor. Brooke was unhappy as she placed her personal belongings into the Boxes, as she was shedding tears while doing so. She was leaving Alex. She was leaving her Friends. She was leaving her Family. Not only was her Father gone forever, but now so were her Friends,
Boyfriend, and even some Family members at this point. She packed away her Photographs, her Stuffed Animal toys, her Clothes, and even her rather primitive by future technology Celluar Phone. She packed away her Favorite Leggings, and even her favourite Movie, Clueless. She began crying more and more as she packed away more and more of her things. The New kids on the Block and Vanilla Ice Posters even came off her walls and door. Within a few hours, only the bed sheets, her Cheerleader Uniform, and the curtains on the window were not packed away. Brooke now sat on her bed, crying silently. She wanted her Father back. She wanted to not move away. She wanted, to be happy again.

Unfortunately, Brooke couldn't guess when the latter would come back. Happiness is something that comes and goes. It will be in you one minute, then gone instantly once something unhappy occurs. Life is like that too. You are alive one day, and could be gone the next. Brooke thought all of this at this moment. She didn't put too much thought into it, but she did look at the recent events and wonder, exactly why would this be happening? Everything happens for a reason, as God has a plan for the universe right? Exactly what would his plan be for these events to be taking place to this one Girl? Brooke briefly asked herself this, she shook it off remembering it to be wise to not question the lord. She spent the rest of the entire day sitting on her bed, her mother only checked silently to see if Brooke had done what she had asked. Cynthia didn't smile, and didn't disturb Brooke either. She simply finished the preparations for the Following Day's event. Brooke eventually fell onto her bed asleep by Eleven-Fifteen at Night. She had literally been sitting on her bed doing nothing for that long. No breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. No Supper or Snack either. She simply, did nothing from Five in the Morning to Eleven at Night. Was she Happy? No. She was not. The Girl woke up the following morning to the Drive to Canada. She could tell because in front of them was the moving truck, and beside her in the car was her Mother, behind her was David. Brooke silently looked outside the window at the Moving outside of Central Louisiana. The Green grass and trees, the buildings, all of them went to be behind the car She was riding in. Just like how her Friends and Family were soon to be behind Brooke soon. As she watched the moving outdoors from the car, Brooke saw a large flash of white in her eyes, and suddenly, she was back at her house for some strange reason. Not only that, but she was sitting on her bed. Highly confused, she walked out of the room. Before she walked further down the hall, she looked out of a window. There was nothing outside but white. Literally, there was nothing present outdoors unless one consides the colour white to be something. However white in truth is the absence of all colour, so with this information there isn't anything outside of the house at all. Though Brooke didn't care much about it, she did find it confusing as to where the rest of the world went. However, her viewing of the rather blank outdoors was interupted when she heard the sound of a Televsion come on. This was followed by the sounds of what she reconized, a Basketball game on ESPN. Her eyes widened, there was no possible way that could be possible. No. However, the answer was yes. As Soon as Brooke entered the Living Room, she felt like she would faint. Her Father, was right there before her eyes.

"Hey There, Baby Girl!", her Father said to his Daugther happily, even looking away from his Game. His Name was Robert Johnson. He had Dark Tanned Skin and was for the most part, Bald. He had the build of an average Man in his Mid Fifty's, and had a well formed Five o' clock shadow on his lower face. His eyes were the same colour as Brooke's, Blue. He was wearing a Red Flannel Shirt and jeans. His feet had brown boots on them and of course he had his Hunting Rifle resting right next to the chair that he was sitting in. Brooke was left speechless, she could not believe what was before her eyes. Her Own father. How? Why? What was going on? Brooke just couldn't understand any of this. However, it didn't matter. She smiled, and tears came from her eyes.

"Daddy, is that Really you?", Brooke said through her tears.

"Well yeah it's me, Baby! Come here and give ya old man a Hug!", Robert said, as he stood. Him and his Daugther shared their hug shortly after. Brooke didn't waste any time in putting her arms around her Father, and resting her head on his shoulder. She cried. She didn't weep, but she did Cry.

"Daddy, I thought you Dead, please, please tell me you aren't!", Brooke said in her tears.

"Pumpkin, I'm sorry ta say this, but I am Dead", Robert said to his Daugther, still hugging her in embrace. Brooke's eyebrows cocked in confusion. What is this exactly? She wondered loudly in her mind. However, it didn't matter much within seconds, her father was still present, and that is all she really made herself care about.

"What do you mean, Daddy?", Brooke said to her Father, with tears still present in her eyes. Robert silently wiped the tears from her eyes and spoke softly to her,

"Look, Baby Girl, I am Dead, and I know that's confusing but this isn't Exactly a Dream either.", Robert then let go of his confused Daugther, and continued, "Ya see, this is basically your last chance to talk to me, let's put it that way."

"So what, am I basically in Heaven or somethin?", Brooke asked to Robert, happy, sad, and confused all at the same time if that makes any sense.

"Not exactly", Robert began to explain, "Okay, basically this is kind of a place that even I can't explain, and what I'm here for is ta tell ya about somethin'."

"What do you need to tell me about Daddy?", Brooke asked after a few seconds of scilence, she was nervous as this was the last time her Father would ever speak to her. As Such, she wanted to make the moment last as long as it could. She didn't want to waste any time, she wanted to spend her last minutes with her father knowing that they had been well spent. She wanted him back alive, but in the end she knew that would never happen. She knew that this would be it.

"Well, I've been up above for a while, and I gotta say this", Robert started, he had a Serious look to his face as he continued, "I want you to be careful out in Canada, I can't tell you why, but I can tell you that I want you to watch who you make friends with, Don't try make friends with people who are gonna trick ya, and don't let yourself get hurt. Promise me that."

"Daddy, I think your Over reacting.", Brooke said to her Father, "I don't want to move to Canada but I know it can't be that Bad!"

"Girl, I ain't over reactin'", Robert firmly said back to Brooke, "Trust me, there are some people over there you just should not trust. I don't want ya trust them now, ya heard me?"

"Fine Daddy, I won't, but who are you talkin' 'bout?", Brooke asked her Father.

"Can't say."


"Cuz", Robert strained in his voice, he wanted to specify with his Daugther but he knew he couldn't, "'cuz I ain't allowed to, He says I can't ruin your Fate or ya Destiny. I gotta let what happens happen if ya get mah drift."

"My Fate? My Destiny?"

"You'll find those things soon Enough. I hate to say it, but very soon too."

"Why, how bad is it? How do you know?"

"I don't know the specifics, but I know it ain't too good. I wish I knew, I wouldn't let any bad things happen to ya if I knew.", Robert said, he was almost shaking, as if it killed him inside to not be able to help his Daughter in her fate. His fears were reasonable. Her Fate and Destiny both were not the brightest things that will happen. Nonetheless, that is the Future, and here was the present. "Just Promise me you'll try to stay safe. Please baby girl, Promise me", he said. Those were his last words to his Daugther before she hugged him one final time.

"Okay Daddy, I promise.", Brooke said, closing her eyes as she had her arms wrapped around her Father's body. As she and robert hugged in this strange Dream like world, everything faded to white. Robert and Brooke included. Soon, there was nothing there, everything had disappeared. Then, Brooke awoke from her slumber, and was back in the Real World at last. "I promise.", Brooke said to herself as she woke up. As she looked around, she saw her surroundings were not Louisiana. She saw that somehow, her talk with her Father had gone slow yet fast. How so? She noticed that she was at Canada. She could see that she was left in the car with a blanket to keep her asleep, and Cynthia and David were both likely in the house. She looked at her new home, she could see it through the light of the moon and stars. It was a large Two Story house with bricks of Red. It's windows were modern styled and placed architectually correct with the rest of the house. There were a few Shrubs in the front of the building and a single Oak tree in the back yard, to top it all off there was a black roof on top of it to match with the rest. The front Door was made of well polished wood of Dark colouring. Brooke never knew much about wood but she knew the door looked perfect in contrast from the rest of the home. There was even a curtained window on the door, with designs on the glass. It looked Beautiful. However, Brooke still didn't feel like this was home, at least for now. She missed Louisiana, She missed the United States, and most of all she missed her Friends and Family from there. Bourg was her Real home, she didn't want to live in the Suburbs of Ottawa. However, she knew she really had no choice in this desiscion. Before she finally stepped out of the parked car, she tried to look around her new neighbourhood. Of course there was nobody outside as it was rather late at Night and anyone who was awake was likely in a Club, a Bar, a Party, or inside their homes. She saw that the other houses were similar to hers in style, but had numerous differences. Some had Fences around them, others didn't. Some were One Story, others were even Three stories. Although Brooke didn't see Canada as where she should be, she felt in the back of her mind, that she would get used to living here. Until of course, she ever decides to move back to her original, her real, home. She then at last stepped out of the car, and walked into the house as quietly as possible. She of course didn't sleep once she got inside, but she did look around the house. It was all modern. With Polished wooden floors and even columns on the first floor for support. The walls were all white, and the photographs from the old house were already nicely placed on the walls. The kitchen had a classic 1994 look to it, as it's tiled floors were checkered red and white, and the walls had a retro style to them that was hard to describe. The appliances were average. Everything you normally see in a kitchen was there, save a microwave which was still unpacked. The Living room only had a single Brick fireplace and rug that was packed into it. The Furniture had yet to be set up correctly. Brooke could tell that they must have recently arrived home. She wondered how long she had been sleeping, but guessed that she had been for quite some time. At least One or Two days at best. In the End, Brooke decided to just find her bedroom, and sleep in the best position she could. She found that there was indeed a bed, but nothing else. It was in that classic 1994 fabric, with bright colours and wooden build. She layed down on it, but didn't go to sleep at all. Even as the Morning Came.

"Brooke, time to get ta School!", Cynthia loudly said the next morning when Brooke woke up. Brooke came out of her bedroom slowly, and walked down to the kitchen. At the table was her breakfast of the usual Biscuits with butter and a Coca Cola to wash them down. "Time to get ta School there!"

"Do you know what School I'm going to?"

"North Ottawa High", Cynthia said quickly back to her Daughter, "It's a few miles up North from the house, but close enough. It's owned by some Anderson Family or whoever, some people I dunno."

"Oh, okay. Do I have to where uniforms?"

"Yeah, Red shirts or White shirts", Cynthia said, "I hafta say this, I'm suprised they even have Dress Code ovah there, apparently it's part o' some contract they have or somethin'."

"Like what?"

"Well, y'all get ta where zipless hoodies over there, and infact the only things they don't allow is that ya can't where skirts or shorts too too high or too too low, and bottoms can't be baggy.", Cynthia said with a informing tone in her voice, "I hafta say this though, part of me says they need to be a little more tight with this, but hey, it's them, we ain't in bourg no more."

"Yeah, that's true."

"So, you gotta Brush your Hair and Teeth, Get dressed, and don't miss the Bus, ya heard?"

"Got it, Momma.", Brooke said as she finished her breakfast. Following what her Mother told her to do, she brushed her Teeth and flossed right after she threw away her trash. She proceeded to then get dressed for her first day of her Canadian School. She saw that her Mother had a Intense Red School shirt ready for her. Brooke took off her Bland T-Shirt and placed the school shirt in replace of it. She then picked out from a rather full drawer her favourite pair of Khaki pants, and completed it with a Nice pink and violet belt. She put on a Red, White, and Blue striped hairband for a nice effect, and even included a few golden earrings. She put on highly limited makeup and then put on Ankle Socks. She concluded getting dressed by putting on her white Nike sneakers. Very shortly after she had finished putting on her shoes, the school bus 787 had arrived right infront of the home. Brooke gave a hug to her mother before leaving to get on the bus. The time was an hour earlier than what South Terrebone would have. As such, the sun was infact out at this time, and it was a beauitful early morning. This did of course mean School ended rather late but that didn't really matter much to anyone. Brooke swiftly ran onto the bus before the driver got bored and drove off.

"In a hurry there aren't cha, Eh?", the Bus Driver said kindly to Brooke, the woman then Chuckled. The Woman was a rather aged, at least Mid Sixtys, African-American woman. She had Black and Firzzy Hair, in a minor Afro. On her ears were Hoop Earrings and she wore fashion that was last scene on Women in the 1980's. She had a warm and inviting smile on her face as Brooke got on her bus, she even said, "Just take a Seat, I can see ya new here.", In response Brooke smiled and nodded, and looked for a good spot to sit at. To her suprise, not many people were on the school bus. Only a Total of Seven of the many seats were filled with two people, and only Three had one person in them. Rather than take an Empty Seat, she wanted to take a chance to make new friends by sitting with someone else. Of all the seats, there was only one that Brooke for some reason felt she had to sit in. Not the one with the Boy and the Girl Passionately Kissing one another, Not the one with the Girl far too busy brushing her hair, and not the one with the Boy looking through his school bag for no apparent reason. No, none of those. She felt like it was her mission, her job, to sit at the seat that was the most farthest back on the left. When she took her seat, the person next to her looked at her with a rather suprised look on her face. The Girl Brooke had sat next to was absolutely Beautiful. Her Face resembled a well pampered Movie Star Actress or Supermodel, and her body matched it perectly. Her short and natural blonde hair was long enough so it reached her shoulders, and it matched perfectly with her deep blue eyes. Her Figure was much more developed than Brooke's, as she looked like she was already passed Puberty, which had treated her rather well judging by looks. The Girl also had a good enough amount of makeup, makeup that matched her bright pink belt and not so baggy pink hooded sweater. The last noteable thing look wise that was different from Brooke was the fact that this Girl had on a Skirt, and was far more pale in complextion. However, the paleness made this Girl beautiful. Brooke herself was amazed at this Girl's beauty, especially given the show that her face's age matched hers exactly. Brooke kindly smiled and with inviting eyes, she said to the girl,

"Hi, I'm Brooke, I'm new here", Brooke's voice gave off a perky yet friendly vibe, and the Girl was at first cowardly, looking towards the Bus Driver for some reason. The Bus Driver smiled back, unbeknowst to Brooke, so the Girl looked back at Brooke.

"I'm...Joan.", the Girl said with a High amount of nervousness in her tone, it seemed to kill her to even get those two words out, "I've been here for a few months, started last semester, which was last year too.". Joan nervously laughed, as if she didn't really want to talk to Brooke, whom was quite concerned over how Joan was acting.

"Why are you so Nervous? You don't wanna talk to me or somethin'?"

"No, it's just, I'm not very Social...and, I've been through alot."

"Like what?", Brooke's curiousity was now highly intrigued.

"I'd, rather not talk about it.", Joan looked down when she finished that line, and a tear shed down from her face. Brooke, being a kind person was not about to pressure Joan into revealing the secret. Instead she decided to ask different, less private, questions.

"Oh, well, where are you from?", Brooke finally asked after at least Ten seconds of scilence.

"I live in an apartment by myself, don't ask why, it's part of what i've been through.", Joan nearly glared at Brooke. Though her voice implied she was more in pain than angry.

"Parents Died?", Brooke asked, trying not to make Joan dislike her in any way possible.

"Yeah, you could say that.", Joan said, still looking towards Brooke. This time though, was more of a depressed look in her eyes than previously. "Okay, so, where are YOU From?", Joan then said with a smirk on her face as if she had just gotten rid of the sadness right there.

"I'm from Bourg, Louisiana."

"That's from the United Sates...", Joan said with a suprised look in her eye. Brooke was confused, but Joan looked back up and continued, "Nevermind it's not important. Anyway, when we get to school, you wanna meet my Friends?"

"Sure! I need some new friends at this Place.", Brooke said very gleefully.

"Yeah, I felt the same way when I came here", Joan said. Her and Brooke shared small smiles towards one another. This was a sign of growing friendship, that even the Bus Driver smiled at from watching in her mirror.

Unfortunately, not all things at that moment were happy for long. This was because, skipping a mustang and a Escalade came an infamous-around-town 1950's Cadallac. The Driver of 787 glared in her mirror when she heard the forever in her memory horn sound. This Horn sounded worn down, as if it had not been touched up since at least 1957. This was probably because that was true. She knew that horn anywhere. It was the Horn of the Pale, Brown Cadallac of Mr. Robert Dupree. He was the master teacher and an Algebra I part II teacher at North Ottawa High School. The Bus Driver's Glare grew angrier as she looked at her side mirrors and saw his face. His face was the epidemy of old age. In truth, he was living history. His Ancient and somewhat dark but by far mostly white skin had scene 100 years of life since January 2nd, 1894. His eyes had small and round glasses worn upon them, and from his chin came down a beard of snow white colouring, mustache included with it. His head was completely bald, and even a bit shiny. The old but younger than him woman could also see that he had on a 1950's black tuxedo-like suit and of course a red vest over the white shirt underneath. He would always wear fancy clothes to school. Normally he would wear a brown or yellow colouring, or even 1960's era clothes, but why the Black was chosen didn't concern the bus driver at all.
All she was concerned of, was the fact he had chosen to show up on her territory. The Kids on the bus were seemingly used to this, save Brooke who was highly concerned with what was going on, so she turned to Joan for information.

"Joan, what's going on with the bus driver?", Brooke asked in a High amount of Concern.

"Oh, Dupree just showed up again.", Joan said, showing in her tone that this has happened numerous times before.


"He's one of the Algebra teachers. He's a creepy and evil old man, let's just put it that way.", Joan said, try to inform Brooke but also showing some painful memories in her eyes. Before Brooke could question Joan even further, the entire Bus and all it's inhabitants shaked. Dupree had hit the bus. His Cadallac slammed right into the side of the hood. It briefly threw the driver off balance and almost made her swerve around, but the driver was sucessful in gaining back control before it got truly out of it. She glared at Dupree's car as it now went ahead of her bus at an average speed.

"Oh that does, go ta hell Dupree!", she said loudly in anger as she floored the gas right before the other vechicles could get infront of hers. It appeared Dupree anticipated this, as despite his age he too went at an alarming rate as soon as the driver did. The Driver screamed in rage as her more powerful bus slowly caught up with Dupree's ancient car. The two passed through and manuvered through numerous cars and trucks alike, and even literally took down an entire street light machine and several stop signs. In the End, right before the driver gained the fatal blow to Dupree, the old man did a powerslide down a turn. This gained him an escape as the driver's Bus was going far too fast to properly chase him down. As the Driver finally slowed down, she realized what Dupree had down. She angrily pounded her fist onto her steering wheel and shouted, "Damnit! God Damnit! In the Name of Hell, Heaven, Mary and Joseph why the hell can I never catch that God Damned Man?"

"Um, Bus Driver?", Brooke nervously shouted in shock, like all the students were.

"What?", the driver said sternly, turning back to Brooke as her bus now went at an average speed, "and call me Ms. Williams, Child."

"Sorry, Ms. Williams, but, will we get to School?"

"Oh, yeah, don't worry 'bout that, we will. We headin' there right now.". Ms. Williams then finally went back to driving normally. Slowly, the ride on the bus returned to the way it was before Dupree had struck yet again.

It was at least Five minutes that felt like Ten before finally Brooke saw through the windows of the bus, the building of North Ottawa High School. The School had a completely glass and rounded front, and behind that was the rectangular main part of the building. On the right side was a secondary square that had the school name on it, and on the left was another. The rectangular end briefly extended, but was stopped the by glass half-cylindar front, and was supported my columns. A Side detail was of course the Glass Dome on the very top of the school, and the large and magnificently realisticly sculpted Canadian Goose statue in the center of a fountain at the front of the structure. Brooke herself was suprised at how well the school was built, and was impressed with the use of Glass. She thought it added extra Beauty, to a building. Bus 787 parked right infront of the school, and in the back of all the other buses of the school. It was without a doubt in back due to the recent confrontation of Ms. Williams against Mr. Dupree. Infact, Williams even looked in complete anger, she saw Dupree walking into the building. The front doors of the School were in the columned area, with mysterious doors in the Half-Cylindar. Williams saw her nemesis enter the school through the main front doors, amongst all the students already outside and on campus. However, she said no words as she opened the doors of 787, and let the Students on her bus leave onto the campus. One by One, as each student stepped off of her bus, she just glared infront of her view. She was most likely imagining what she planned on doing to Dupree. Only Brooke and Joan were concerned of Williams, but they both knew they needed to get off of the bus, after all they were supposed to go to school for a reason. Once the buses started departing from the Campus, Joan turned to Brooke with a smile, and with a warm, inviting tone, she spoke to the Tragic Girl.

"So, ready to meet my Friends?"

"Yeah, I'm ready.", Brooke said, but she couldn't help but have sorrow in her voice. Her Father's death had suddenly come back to her, Joan was briefly concerned but Brooke's continuation made her not comment, "Let's go now, I don't wanna waste time."

"Okay.", Joan replied. She looked at Brooke awkwardly for a minor amount of Seconds, but still led Brooke to where her friends were. Brooke readily followed. Joan took Brooke on a rather long Journey through the school's first story main building, where she got to see the cafeteria which had Glass around it which allowed one to see into it, and get glances of the hall of fame. All Brooke could make out was that the majority of it's pictures had an Anderson family name on them. Joan and Brooke walked to the back of the main building and then to the left. It was then that Brooke saw the back campus of the school. The back of the building was complete with Four Portable classes, a Large Stadium clearly for sport games, infact there were two of them. Brooke also saw the large Stone Quad area in the center of the backyard, and the beauty was escalated when she finally got sight of the absolutely gorgeous woodland surrounding the school. Filled with countless trees of multiple but mostly Green colours, it is impossible to properly measure the beauty. Infact, it was even supported by the City deep into the distance of the forestry. Brooke was suprised that Canada was so beautiful, while she still felt the swamps of Louisiana were her home, she was not going to lie and say Canada wasn't beautiful aswell. She also looked left, and saw far on a hill was a large Mansion. She was still following Joan despite not looking in the proper direction, but couldn't help but feel a strange eery feeling as she stared at the mansion. However, she looked towards Joan again and managed to follow her completely to be behind one of the Four portable class buildings. When they finally got there, the two were met by Kendra Wilson and Trent Jones.

Kendra was an intimidating African-Canadian girl who made herself easily look like a girl straight from the Ghetto of a large overcrowded city. She had her hair in a small ponytail for this day, and her hair itself was mostly black with a single thick blonde streak in the front. She wore black sneakers clearly intended for males, and her black hooded jacket almost made it seem truly a force to be reckoned with. Trent on the other hand was the exact opposite. He was of Native Canadian heritage, and had a dyed blonde quiff and his clothes were currently a bright pink sweater with a clean white formal shirt underneath. He had rather tightened pants on and rather female intended shoes. Despite his looks, he actually winked and licked his lips as he saw Brooke coming towards him and kendra alongside Joan.

"Hey there ladies, Glad to see you finally showed up!", Trent said flirtatiously, going up to Joan and Brooke to put his arm around Brooke, "So Joan, who's your Friend here?"

"Oh, Trent just shut the hell up, you couldn't a Girlfriend no matter how hard you Try!", Kendra said, releasing her arms which were previously folded.

"Well Kendra, at least i'm trying!". Trent used to defend himself, he even released Brooke too. Kendra didn't respond, instead she just had her hands on her hips and looked Trent up and down to show him that she wasn't buying his words at all. Infact, she was basically insulting him without words, "Oh, I see how it is."

"Yeah, besides, I kinda...have a Boyfriend.", Brooke said nervously, looking down due to the fact she was not happy about leaving her old home for new hone. Infact, she wondered if she ever would. Perhaps having good and better friends could help.

"You have a Boyfriend?", Joan and Trent both responded in unison.

"Okay, look, I see ya new here and probably don't come from here, and I really don't give a F**k about you having a Boyfriend, okay?", Kendra said suddenly and rather rudely to Brooke. Brooke was offended, and fought back.

"Excuse Me? What is that supposed to Mean?", Brooke replied in her offended tone.

"That's supposed ta mean that you aren't gonna come up in here and start thinkin' we Canadians are all eh and watchin' hockey and all that shit y'all say we like, I just wanted ta make that clear, Got it Bitch?", Kendra glared directly into Brooke's eyes with a piercing look. Brooke almost trembled in fear, but she held her ground.

"Kendra!", Trent said as he got inbetween her and Brooke, "Stop messing with the Babe!"

"I am not letting some backwoods country redneck come in and start preachin' how we all are goin' ta hell and shit and then start makin' us go ta church, dress properly, all that is nothin but f**kin' bullshit and if you wanna do that, Honey just go the F**k away from us!", Kendra pushed Trent to the side, she was right up in Brooke's face at this point.
Despite how intimidating Kendra was, Brooke held her ground. She was going to take this.

"I'm not like that at all, ya know!", Brooke said angrily, glaring straight back at Kendra in the excact same Fashion. Kendra was actually slightly impressed, though she knew not to show it to her enemy.

"I don't what the hell you be talkin 'bout, but honey I don' saw me an alligator in the yonder with yo name on it so why don'tcha get cha ass up and go over ta it, Country Dumbas!", Kendra cruely joked. Trent was just facepalming while Joan remained silent out of fear. She was scared to help Brooke, as she was Kendra's Friend first and she should've known this was going to happen. Kendra always acted this way, to show dominance to any possible new members of the group. Brooke continued to hold her ground, she was not giving in to Kendra so easily.

"Oh yeah, well why don't you go tell all this stuff you be talking aboot to your momma, eh? And then go drink some beer while you watch Hockey all day long, if ya get bored just go count your damn Monopoly money!", Brooke joke insulted folded her arms. She saw Brooke was trying but didn't really have the skills that Kendra had. Like any predator,
rather than go easy on the inexperienced, Kendra went harder to defeat.

"Yeah? Why not go back to the Damned Swamp over thar and eat ya turtle an' rats or whatevah, and uhhhhhh go to uhhhhh, Smithy A's and go pick up some meat and go dip in the swamp water ta eat befo' all yo teeth start fallin' out and ya mouth gets black. Then come back ovah here with that Gumbo of y'alls and don't forget ta bring me some crayfish too!", Kendra practically cackled after she made her Joke. Brooke didn't know how to respond, as she didn't know anyother stereotype or insult to Canadian People. She accepted Defeat, as she knew this conflict what go nowhere. Using her common sense, she decided the only good solution was to leave the Area, but before doing so she knew she had to at least have the last word. She wasn't letting Kendra get away with her cruelty completey.

"By the way, it's CRAWfish, not CRAYfish, Kendra!", Brooke then walked away from the Group. Kendra just laughed and turned back to her friends. Trent and Joan were not approving of her treatment of Kendra, but were by now used to it as they didn't say anything about it. It seemed as though they were just going to let it have happened, and just move on from the event. However, this act of Cruelty was the starting point in a chain of events, and that chain of events was now in motion. That chain of events that was now in motion was going to be the driving force that would seal the fates of all Four teens, the driver, and even other people the five would encounter along the way to the ending event. It was essentially what sealed Brooke's Destiny and Fate, the pushed button that started everything. It was infact, innevitable who Brooke would meet next. Unavoidable no matter what would've happened. However, if the chain hadn't been activated it can be assumed that such event would have occurred highly differently. Infact, it's also possible the events would still happen in terms of the simplest of meanings, but would merely be different. Basically, they would happen in a different order, perhaps earlier or maybe even later. Some parts of the events may never have happened. That is the unique part of the universe, it is impossible to correctly assume what would've happened. In the end, you will only get theories when you try to do so. However, the fact that Brooke ran back into the main building and collided with Sandra Wae-hou was not theory, and was likely not coincidence either. It was, based on the future events in both Girls' lives, either Fate or perhaps even Destiny.

"Oh, I'm sorry!", Brooke said, helping Sandra back up.

"Oh, don't worry it was my fault I should have seen you coming.", Sandra said as she picked up her binder and Sonic the Hedgehog themed purse. She was yet another rather beautiful Girl. She was even skinnier than Brooke was, and also taller. Her hair long, straight and raven coloured, and her eyes wore the Korean heritage with pride. The most suprsing thing about her though, was her outfit. She was not wearing a School Uniform at all. Brooke was suprised to shee had on a rather expensive looking white jacket of fur that when down just slightly below her chest. Under that was a matching white designer dress which was slightly above the knees on it's ending. Infact, Sandra even wore matching high heels to complete the outfit. High heels in a high school. At South Terrebone a student wearing that would never be allowed. As Such, Brooke naturally assumed Sandra was a teacher. She saw no sign of a schoolbag after all.

"May I ask, what do you teach here exactly?", Brooke asked kindly as the two stood up onto their feet.

"Oh, I'm not a teacher, I'm a student here.", Sandra laughed playfully in response, "Don't worry it's okay, I get it every year from the new kids. Me, Irene, and Regina!"

"Who are they? Irene and Regina?", Brooke asked in quick response. She was confused as to why a Studen't wouldn't wearing uniform, but wanted to know of Sandra's friends more. After the treatment from Kendra, any friend would be good for Brooke now. This desicsion would end up being Dier, as proven by later events. How so? That is something can not be said now.

"They're my Friends. Well, really Regina is. I honestly couldn't care less about Irene.", Sandra said with a suprisingly cheerful tone. It was obvious there was more to her that Brooke had to find out, that Brooke would find out. She couldn't help but feel there was something strange about meeting all these people in one day. There had to be a reason all of this was occurring here, now, and at or involving this one single place. There just had to. However, Sandra and Brooke's brief conversation was interrupted by three authority figures stepping into the vicinity. Infact, just then the bell had rang, and the army of students came rushing into the building to get to their classes. Sandra lerft out of the front door as Brooke was touched upon the shoulder by a figure. She jumped and turned around only to see the three figures before her eyes. They were The Principal Mitsukyo Anderson, Home Economics teacher Carmen Rodriguez, and the wicked man himself Mr. Robert Dupree. She got a good look at all three of these important figures of the school, but didn't speak with them until finally there was enough scilence to actually do so. Once that finally happened, she looked at each one of them. Mitsukyo was of Asian, both Japanese and Korean, decent and had her black hair tied in a bun being complimented by a grey business suit that made her seem like a woman of court more than a woman working at a school. The woman also was around Forty-Five years of life, much younger than both Carmen and Dupree who were beside her. Rodriguez herself was of Latin heritage, she showed it in her dark and tan skin and also her outfit which was of traditional Hispanic cultures. It was not too llose however, and due to that showed off her sized up belly yet skinny body. Clearly, she was expecting soon. Her Beautiful Dark hair was long and wavy, as if it had been blown by winds until it was absolutely perfect looking. She was also the tallest of the three adults, though she was wearing heeled shoes. Dupree needs no more description of clothes, or looks, other than the fact that Brooke finally got a look into his dark, beady blue eyes. She was slightly creeped by the eyes, not knowing if they would scare her more later or if they were just eyes she shouldn't really care about.
In the end, all Brooke knew was that three adults stood before her. The only one she even saw by technicallity is Dupree until here.

"Greetings, you must be Brooke Johnson, right?", Mitsukyo said, she spoke in a strong Japanese-Korean accent, which Brooke always did enjoy hearing on television, "I'm the principal, Mitsukyo Anderson.", she then pointed to her left at Rodriguez, "This our Home-Ec teacher Carmen Rodriguez, and to my right is our oldest and wisest teacher Mr. Dupree."

"Oh, well, um, hi.", Brooke said nervously, Dupree's eyes looking straight at her were rather eery.

"Would you like someone to show you around school?", Mitsukyo kindly smiled and said.

"Oh yes, definitely!", Brooke said happily.

"I'll show the young Girl around the school and then have her in my Home room, Mitsukyo, don't you worry!". Dupree suddenly bursted in the conversation with. Mitsukyo was about to say yes to Duprees offer when an offended Rodriguez finally spoke up with her thick, and proud Latino accent,

"No, I will have none of that! I will take the girl in my home room and I will show around the school!", Dupree glared at the woman, but smiled smuggly. It seems as though in the end, he didn't really care after all.

"Rodriguez.", Mitsukyo said, in a rather dissapointed tone. It is also noteable that Rodriguez was about the same age as Ms. Williams was, Brooke wondered if the two knew eachother as both seem to not have a good relationship with Mr. Dupree at all.

"It does not matter, Mrs. Anderson, I don't care. Whatever Carmen wants to do, she should be able to do so.". Dupree then walked away from the group with his cane in his hand. Mitsukyo simply smiled, bowed as is Asian tradition, and after Carmen returned the gesture she turned to Brooke again with a smile.

"Okay, so come with me and I'll show you around the School!", Rodriguez then walked up the stair well, Brooke followed. As the two walked to where Rodriguez's class was, the two did have a brief chat with eachother. To say the least, it was rather informative on both Females. Rodriguez was the one who truly began the conversation with her continuation question, which was a question Brooke knew she would have, "So, made any friends yet?"

"Oh, not really. I just got here though", Brooke kindly replied to the Adult.

"Well, don't worry. The people are nice, you will meet alot of great friends here, chica."

"Yeah, I hope. So, what do you do here?", Brooke asked. She was indeed confused, given the outfit Carmen was wearing.

"Oh, well I teach two things. First is Home Ec, and the other is Gay Rights.", Carmen said proudly without any Regret or Remorse in her voice, "The second one's not a class, it's just something I felt I needed to teach around here."

"Why?", Brooke wondered. In the Catholic Church back in Bourg, they tought the urges were normal but acting it out was wrong, "Being Gay's okay, but acting it out is the sin."

"The first part of that is right, the second one you said is wrong.", Carmen said right back at Brooke, "You see, at first I believed what the catholic church said. I changed cuz one of my younger brothers came out two years ago, and", Carmen began having tears stream her face, she covered her mouth and looked down. Brooke became concerned and their walk stopped. The Young teen put her hand to comfort the older woman, who seemed like she was about to fall.

"What happened?", Brooke asked, concerned.

"Well, my other brothers, I have Ten total counting my younger one here, they all beat Death.", Carmen cried more just remembering the day. Brooke was rather suprised, how could Brothers do that to another one of their own family.

"Why would they do such a thing?"

"Well, you see, my Family was very very catholic, and when he came out my Father who was a priest thought he, my brother, would go to hell", Carmen paused to take a Breath and Cry from the memory once more, "Well, he was very strict, so he ordered my other brothers to kill him. The worst part is, he died in my arms."

"Oh my God", was Brooke's only response. She couldn't believe the story this woman was saying. She didn't want to believe, but the woman's tears showed her the truth.

"His name was Alejandro, and that will be my own baby's name when he's born, Out of Respect. Ever since that Day, I have vowed that I will see the day Gays are accepted in society, I will fight to the end for Alejandro.", Carmen said with tears still streaming from her face. She appeared calm enough now, as the two continued walking throughout the upstairs hallway which was painted in white and red for the most part.

"So, how far along are you?", Brooke asked, trying to change the subject to something more happier.

"Oh, I'll be expecting his birth in September. He's Due on the Thirty-First."

"Oh Good!", Brooke said with a smile, Rodriguez smiled in response. Eventually the two reached the Home room, room 210. Out of kindness and respect, Brooke opened the door for the expecting woman. Rodriguez kindly smiled and walked in, sitting down at the chair she had at her desk. Brooke then stepped into the room, and was quite impressed with it's looks. The walls were all decorated with decorations of Mexican and Spanish traditions. Maracas and sumberos, and orange, red, and green colours were galour on the walls. All used as Decorations and to show that Rodriguez valued her heritage greatly, which Brooke highly respected. She also saw the Rainbow direction right on the ceiling. Rainbows are commonly used in Gay Rights, and on the rainbow was the name 'Alejandro Fransisco Lopez Rodriguez', obviously the name of her brother of whom she is teaching Gay Rights for. There were also of course the tables, and the kitchen appliances of the room as well. Over all, it was a rather interesting looking Class. Brooke smiled and took a seat in the middle of the class, along with the couple she saw on the bus who were still making out. She didn't know what their names were and never would, but she knew they were both skinny and brunette. She barely saw their faces.

Similar to Dupree, not all was right or happy at that moment. Infact, at that time would be a speech conducted by a person of which Brooke would come to know dearly within her heart. Someone that nobody would truly meet without fate or destiny intervening. An Infamous figure of the school, a girl once praised for her kindness and generousity despite her amazing wealth and power,
now practically feared across the faculty and students alike. Who was that person? At the top room of the school, inside the Glass Dome, was the Teachers Lounge. Unlike other Lounges of normal high schools, this lounge was more of a miniature resort instead of part of a educational structure. The Room had at least Eleven chairs typically used on beaches, and a bar for both snacks and beverages on the eastern end of the room. In the center was a massive and beautifuly Clear, Blue couloured pool. As the water waved in the pool, there were two figures looking out of the dome, onto the early morning outdoors. These figures were the two Sandra had only mentioned earlier, Regina Anderson and Irene Silverman. Regina herself is the infamous figure that was mentioned a second time in this very paragraph. Regina herself was a rather intimidating figure for a mere Sixteen year old. Her Young and Beautiful face could barely be matched by the other girls at school, and was coupled with long straight black hair that went down a minor length below her shoulders. It wasn't done in any fashion, it was simply straightened, and she also had no bangs in front either. Also complimenting her face were her piercing dark eyes. Those eyes, they could either be warm or inviting one minute and fear inducing the next second. The most intimidating about her however, was her clothes. Unlike all other girls of even her time period, she wore long and virtuous lookimg robes that resembled those worn by monks or other prominent religious figures such as Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary.
However, hers was of course more Modern styled, and sported a hood in the back. The primary colour was white while details on it were done in Gold. It had elongated sleeves and also the back of it went a very small length from her feet onto the ground behind the girl. The ends of the sleeves, the Robe's bottom, and also a line going down the entire back end were all Golden Details. The fully silk robe was completed with two things. First, was the fact that it, while not being revealing, did manage to show off Regina's thin and eye appealing figure. Second was it's cross detail of Gold, which was perfectly going over Regina's breasts and to the bottom of the gown and the wearer's neck. This outfit was Regina's particular favourite to wear, as it perfectly showed off her figure, yet kept herself conservative and consealed at the same time. It was also rather smooth and comfortable to wear, and was made of only one fabric; Silk. Also in the room, was Irene of course. Irene was not quite as beautiful as Regina was. Her nose was built in a way that it nade her almost resemble a bird of prey, and her eyes were a good shade of Green, but her hair was an afro of bright orange red.
On her body were insulting missmatched clothing pieces. A Jacket of Hot pink, with a tank top of Lime Green. Pants of Blue Jeans with the legs rolled up to her thighs, these were mixed with leggings of neon Orange and bright white stripes, and her shoes were heeled boots of leather spray painted Green, Violet, and Magenta. On her face was lipstick of Purple with Eyeliner of Black and Cyan, which continued to make her look like a failed lady of the night. On her left ear was a large golden hoop earring, but on the right was a diamond stud. Overall, her outfit was Dreadful, if she wasn't popular she would have to be sent home to change almost immdediately. The last difference between the two of course, were their voices. Regina's voice was young, womanly, and yet also virtuous and grand, something that you would in a church from a woman of high knowledge of the Religion but yet is highly young. Irene on the other handed sounded like the constant squawking of a Crow if it said Crow had it's signature Crow turned up to the highest pitch, and then the volume of said pitch was slightly adjusted to be higher. Then, one would take recordings of a Duck quacking and also place some of those sounds in there aswell. In simple terms, her voice was annoying.

"Irene", Regina began as she looked down onto the outdoors below the two, "I must wonder, why do you persist on wearing"

"Because, I wanna be me!", the red headed Irene squawked. Her voice so ear piercing infact, that Regina cringed from Irene's mere talking voice.

"Well, no matter, at least you are helping me do the work of God, in the end, that is all that matters in this world.", Regina began to speak as if she were preaching infront of a massive audience, "As the one destined to rid the world of all it's sin, I must enforce only God's words. Only the words the Bible, are correct in this world."

"Indeed Regina, I agree one hundred percent!", Irene once more practically shrieked from her mouth. She was always desperate for Regina's acceptance and Attention. This conversation was prevented from continuing though, as the elevator that was in the end of the Glass Cylindar of the school, had opened at the pool room. Both Irene and Regina turned to face the figure stepping out of it,
it was Sandra. Sandra happily walked into the pool chamber, but her smile turned into a glare at Irene as soon as the two laid eyes upon eachother. "So, Sandra", Irene began, "I see you brought in a Dead Animal to School Today."

"Yeah, like you have room to speak at all, Irene, you probably get your clothes from the Bathrooms of bars!", Sandra replied to defend herself, and she was actually correct too.

"How I get my beautiful clothes is none of your Buisness!", Irene used as a Defense Mechanism. Sandra simply smriked as she once more won against Irene in argument, as she always did. She then turned Regina and said, "So anyway Regina I met that new girl today, I don't know her name, but she seems real nice."

"New Girl?", Regina said, now gaining interest with her two clique members, "What's her Name?"

"I don't know, we didn't speak that long to eachother, but I heard that she's from South Louisiana though.", Sandra revealed to Regina. Regina then went into her infamous scheming face. A wicked grin and sinister eyes suddenly took over her face. She was facing away from Sandra and Irene as she thought about her plan. She could use the New Girl, oh yes, she could. She could use her to defeat her enemies, then cast her aside once her usefulness is fufilled. Similar to how God rids the world of people once their time is up. However, unlike God, Regina is doing her doing in the name of Misinterpreted beliefs, and misguided mistakes that would be seen as Evil to anyone who doesn't know the true reason as to why a person would ever do such things to other human beings. Once the scheming face went anyway, she turned directly to both Sandra and Irene. "I want you two to go down and find out where this new girl is, and bring her to me."

"Sure thing, Regina! I'll be way better at doing it than Sandy!", Irene joked rudely. Neither Sandra nor Regina was impressed by her Remark.

"Yeah, that was so clever...NOT!", Sandra said with a laugh of her own back at Irene. The two glared at eachother as they walked out of the room. As Scilence came over the two, Sandra looked back into the lounge as the elevator closed with a look of regret on her face. She didn't want to do this, she knew what was going to happen. Could she possibly do this to another group of kids? In truth, she thought maybe this would end differently, maybe this wouldn't be the past.

It was a Good Ten minutes later when finally Sandra had reached the Door to Rodriguez's room, with Irene nowhere in sight. Sandra smiled and knocked politely on the door, which was answered by a Boy whom Sandra knew well. It was her Brother, Brendon.

"Hey, Sis!", Brendon said with a smile to his sibling. He had the same hair colour as his sister did, and of course was essentially a male version of her in appearence. He had a good face, and a thin body. On said body was a Grunge jacket and a white T-shirt with jeans to complete the clothing. His hair was of course short, with highly thin and small bangs. He had a warm smile, and Sandra was happy to see him.

"Hey, little Bro, so I need that New Girl for a minute, can I talk to her?"

"Oh, yeah you mean Brooke? Sure, let me go get her!", Brendon followed through on his word and re-entered the classroom. Within seconds, Brooke and Sandra once more came face to face. Both smiled eachother inorder to show eachother that the moment was happy.

"Hi, I'm Sandra. We already met, but jsut thought i'd give you my name."

"Yeah, my Name's Brooke.", Brooke remained happy, she was a little happy to finally know Sandra's name.

"Anyway, Regina wants to meet you."

"Regina Who?"

"Regina Anderson", Sandra explained, "She's the principal and the Chief of Police's Daughter, richest girl in school."

"Oh", Brooke said, "Well, where is she then?"

"She's in the Teacher's Lounge, it's the dome ontop the school."

"Oh, that's the Teacher's Lounge?"

"Yep.", Sandra replied with a wise look in her face, "I'll take you there, if you're fine with it."

"What about Ms. Rodriguez? Shouldn't she know where I am?", Brooke responded with Confusion, "Besides, you can't just take me out of the class!"

"Yeah, I can. I'll explain on the way. As for your Teacher, I'll tell her.", Sandra then walked into the room and up to the Desk of the pregnant Carmen. Carmen looked up and suddenly her smile turned into a frown. "I'm Taking Brooke up to the teacher's lounge."

"No.", Rodgriguez said sternly, but Sandra wasn't going to budge that easily.

"Oh come on, you have enough students in here, besides you are aware that one less student would ease everything on your pregnancy, right?", Sandra attempted to pursuade Rodgriguez using that statement. However, from experience Carmen did not budge either.

"No, I know who you're taking that sweet girl too. I won't allow it. You are better than this Sandra, why can't you just leave that horrible Girl?"

"Regina's not horrible, it was their choices to commit suicide!", Sandra argued. She knew she was defending a bully, but that bully was her best friend. At least, she saw that Bully as that.

"They were provoked!", Rodgriguez snapped back. Finally the class turned to pay attention to the argument occurring infront of them.

"Just let me take Brooke up to Regina, remember what the paper says, us three can do whatever we want at this School.", Sandra put that memory right back into the head of Rodriguez. As much as Rodriguez fought her thoughts, she had to accept the truth, and silently nodded to Sandra inorder to signal her allowing Brooke to go meet Regina. Sandra smiled and returned to Brooke, where she said, "Let's go."

"Okay.", was all Brooke said, and her and Sandra were on their way to the elevator shaft. The walk to the elevator was silent, Brooke even felt as though it was 2 hours before they actualy reached the machine when it was actually only mere minutes. Once the two were inside the elevator, Brooke could no longer take the scilence and broke it. "Anything you can tell me about this School?",
she thought it was a redundent question to ask, but it was all she could think of asking.

"Well, this school was actually the original Canadian Mansion of the Anderson family.", Sandra explained to the interested Brooke, "It was built in 1870 and was used as a Mansion until 1917 when they renovated into a Catholic Cathedral."

"This place was a Church?", Brooke said with interest in her voice.

"Yeah, only for a year though, in 1918 they turned it back into a Mansion and it stayed that way until 1953 when finally North Ottawa High was born."

"Why'd they make it into a School, and how did they make all these modern updates to it?", Brooke asked, wondering how a building as old as this looked so modern.

"They reconstructed this thing more than once, that's how they made the updates.", Sandra answered, "About why they made it a school, I don't know that much."

"Anything else you know?", Brooke asked out of curiousity.

"Yeah, it's rumored that some people left something inside the school's frameworks or whatever , but nobody but the principal would really know what that would be.", Sandra said very shortly after, "I doubt it's anything to worry about though."

"Oh, okay.", Brooke nodded in response. Almost instantly afterwards, the Elevator reached it's destination. Upon walking into the room, Brooke was amazed by the pool room. She couldn't believe that this room was the teacher's lounge. Why, she even noticed that one section of the floors was a little different than the others. It was one tile right next to the elevator. She thought it was simply the emergency exit or a miscoloured tile. Nothing to really worry about. However, what soon caught her eye was Regina. The religious looking female was soon enough looking directly at Brooke, with the eyes of a temptress. The Girl's silk robe was rather intimidating yet also virtuous in appearence. It gave Regina the appearence that was well spoken and well endowed, as well as someone that one should want to listen to. Regina smiled at Brooke, whom she was taller than, and finally spoke.

"You must be Brooke, are you not?"

"Yes, I am.", Brooke answered with a nervous tone in her voice. Sandra remained silent as the two had their following conversation.

"There is no need to be Nervous, Brooke.", Regina said with a peaceful and angelic smile, "I wouldn't dream of harming you, if that is what you are thinking."

"Oh no, I am not thinking that at all!", Brooke said. She actually somewhat believed that Regina was some form of Priestess or High ranking nun, and as such was highly worried of her first impression.

"Ah, but you are nervous of something.", Regina pointed out knowingly to the girl before her, "I know what it is too, you wish to make a Good first impression on me."

"How did you know? Can you read my mind or somethin'?", Brooke said with suprise.

"No, I can not read minds.", Regina answered, "I simply guessed, and my guess happened to be right."

"Oh...what you wanna see me for anyway?", Brooke asked, "And why don't you girls wear uniforms?"

"Good guestions, the answer to the latter is simply that we are not true students here.", Regina replied to Brooke continuing her virtuous voice, "Me, my brother, Sandra's Brother, Irene, and Sandra are all simply teenagers allowed to be here thanks to our tremendous wealth, despite having private tutors back at home.", Regina briefly paused to let the information sink into Brooke's mind,
then continued, "The Former's answer is that I have something to offer you."

"What's your offer?", Brooke asked with her eyebrows up in confusion.

"I want you to be a part of us.", Regina said in guick response.

"What does that mean?"

"Basically, it will be you, me, Irene, Sandra, and my brother all as one single group.", Regina explained, "Are you in, or are you out?"

"So, you're offering me to hang with you...radical!", Brooke replied using 90's slang.

"Good, now as part of us, you need to go inform my Mother that you will be allowed to do the things that all of us get to do. I must also ask, have you met my brother yet?"

"No, not really.", Brooke said with honesty.

"Then go down to the Second Floor, and wait for him. He's on the Hockey Team, Lacrosse team, and on our Track team, you'll adore him. Just, don't get too close to him...yet.", Regina said warningly, "He's my Brother, and unless I see you are not sinful, I won't have you in a relationship with him."

"But, it's my life.", Brooke said. All she got in return was a cold, icey glare from Regina's eyes. The eyes, they were so piercing that Brooke felt as though a harpoon had just impaled her heart just from Regina glaring at her. Brooke cautiously walked into the elevator, and headed down to the second floor. Just as she stepped out into the second floor's hallway, Irene literally ran into her, and both fell onto the ground.

"Watch where the hell you are going, you stupid bitch!", Irene's shrieking voice yelled at Brooke. "Who the hell do you think you are anyway?"

"I'm, Brooke.", Brooke explained with pain in her voice from Irene's very squawk, "I'm here to see Regina's brother."

"Oh God Damnit!", Irene whined, "You mean that o****** Sandra beat me? Argh, that is just un-tubular!", Irene groaned. The more words came out of her mouth, the more Brooke cringed from the pain of hearing said voice.

"O******...that's kind of racist, ya know.", Brooke told Irene.

"Does it look like I care about what you have to say at all?", Irene squawked, looking Brooke directly in the eye. "Anywho, Satsuki's in the bathroom over there, go there and take a left.", the horrid sounding girl then pushed brooke aside and stepped into the elevator inorder to see Regina herself. Brooke stood up and looked in a shocked and confused manner at where Irene had walked into.
What she wanted to know was, why would a Non-student be on a High School sports team, let alone multiples of them too. Perhaps, it was allowed. No matter, Brooke simply followed the directions that Irene had given her. Soon enough, once she turned the corner she was face to face with Satuski Anderson, brother of Regina Anderson and son of Mitsukyo Anderson. He was a rather acctractive young man of Sixteen years of age, just like his twin Sister. He had a bowl cut of black hair, and eyes of the same heritages of Regina. His face had young, goregeous skin with very few flaws. His Brown eyes are big and made him have a rather childish but adorable look to his face. His skin was a bit darker than his sibling's, obviously because he is outdoors much more often than his sister is. His body was clearly muscular, complete with visible veins in his arms, and a highly tight yet also round rump. His school spirit shirt and jeans were a perfect fit on his atheltic body. Brooke was rather smitten with how good he looked, and couldn't resist staring at him blankly. Satsuki was a bit confused about this, as would be natural as she stared at him for a good Two minutes.

"Um...hello?", Satuski asked with a freaked out tone of voice.

"Oh...yeah hi, I'm Brooke, your Sister told me to meet you.", Brooke explained to the gorgeous boy infront of her eyes.

"Oh, yeah, that.", Satsuki said. Clearly, he was aware of the truth. Brooke raised an Eyebrow in suspicsion.

"What does that Mean?", Brooke asked with the highest level of curiousity yet.

"It's nothing. Look, what does she want me to do?", Satsuki asked, wanting to get all of this over with fast.

"Uhhh, okay.", Brooke replied, "Anyway, yeah she wanted you to tell your mom that I'm joining them."

"You're already joining them...huh...anyway, fine follow me I'll take you there."

"Okay.", shortly after that exchange of words, the two were walking side by side down to the first floor. They walked outside of the glass cylindar and then to the right end and into a hallway. After that it was just a short walk down a hallway and a right turn until they were in the central office. At the main desk of the office was a woman who was in her mid - ninety's of age. She had fully straight grey hair, and was certainly the prettiest or most fahsionable elderly woman around at the time. She simply frowned as she looked up to see both Satsuki and Brooke.

"What the hell do you want?", the woman said in a highly rude vocal tone.

"We're here to see my Mom.", Satsuki said quickly after the rude woman.

"Well you two are going to have to wait cuz I have to say the announcements!", the Woman said in quick reply before she turned on the loudspeakers of the school, "Hello there boys and girls, y'all musta thought I wasn't here, well me doesn't ever forget to Get Working, Observe Closeley, Obligate problems, Sustain Respect, and Evade Trouble!", she then laughed, "Now you all remember that and I will talk to everyone earlier tomorrow!", the announcements then ended. "Okay, she's in the office."

"Okay.", Satsuki responded. Him and Brooke complied by going into the office where Mitsukyo was sitting at her Desk. The Office of Mitsukyo was quite a site to behold. It looked much more like the room of a mansion than of a school, complete with well decorated walls of white. The decorations were mostly of hunted game such as Deer, Elk, Moose, and even a Bear as clearly it was an old room. The door to enter the room was in the 1800's fashion, and the desk was a well polished Dark Oak wood one also in said fashion. The Carpet was Dark Velvet, but had many rugs covering it as to make it more interesting. Right behind the desk where the principal sat in was an unlit Fireplace and beside that was a hatch to a furnace. The purpose of these objects is unclear save for the furnace of course. However, why they would be in the principal's office is a mystery. On the desk were stacks of papers and a few books from the early years of writing. Mostly they were the works of Shakespeare and Agatha Christie, showing what types of literature Mrs. Anderson typically reads. One of the most noticable features of the room of course was right above the fireplace. Above that section were portraits of each previous prinicpal, or in terms of the past Owner of the property. In order from left to right were Horace P. Anderson, Jeffery H. Anderson, Alexander L. Anderson, William B. Anderson, George J. Anderson, Thomas S. Anderson, Greggory K. Anderson, and above those was the portait of current principal Mitsukyo Y. Anderson. Her's was equal in length and width to the others, but was simply on top to show she was currently the boss. Satsuki and Brooke both walked up to her desk, and the woman looked up with a blank expression, but smiled when she saw her child.

"Ah, my son, what you want now?", she asked kindly to Satsuki.

"Yeah, uh mom," Satsuki began, "Brooke here wants to be part of Regina's group, Regina said yeah."

"I'm sorry, but that can't just happen out of nowhere, son.", Mitsukyo calmly replied to her Child.

"I know, but come on.", Satsuki said slightly in an annoyed tone, "I mean, it's nothing!"

"I know, but being part of Regina, Irene, and Sandra's group is an easy way of getting out of School." Mitsukyo said firmly and even looked at her son with a look showing she was not going to budge so easily. Satuski turned to Brooke and shook his head. However, it just a few short Seconds Regina, Irene, and Sandra werre each in the room aswell. Brooke and Satsuki both were suprised to see the three so quickly, but the girls did not pay mind to them. Instead, Regina just looked at her mom and even put her hands on the desk to look closely at the woman.

"They're telling the Truth mother, I said so.", Regina said firmly.

"Regina, it can't just happen like that.", Mitsukyo said to her Daugther, hoping to win this argument.

"Mother, all of the other times someone has said this to you they were people who never had even spoken to me. As a follower of the Almighty Lord myself, why would I lie to my own Mother of all people?", Regina retaliated back at her mother. Mitsukyo had to admit, Regina had quite the debating skills.

"Fine, I'll add her name to the contract. Now I have to work to do, so just please get back to your buisness.", the principal said as she went back to her paperwork. Regina smiled and all of the teens, Brooke and Satsuki included, walked back out into the hallway. Regina, Irene, Sandra, and Satsuki each then turned to Brooke.

"So, you are now part of our Group, Ms. Johnson.", Regina said with a warm smile on her face. Sandra and Satsuki both smiled, Irene pouted in minor Envy.

"Yeah, so what happens now?", Brooke asked nicely.

"You hang with us now, that's what!", Irene said in an aggressive tone. Regina put her hand out to show Irene to be quiet. Regina then looked at Brooke with a Manipulative look in her eyes.

"Essentially, it is what she has said but really you will be helping us bring the Truth of the Lord to the world, ridding it of all Sin!", Regina revealed to Brooke.

"What does that Mean?", Brooke asked. Sandra was just suprised what Regina had said, but kept quiet. She still was in Doubt.

"You'll find out Soon, Child, you'll find out Soon." was all Regina said before the Group walked down the hallway, sending Brooke unknowingly to the rest of her Fate.

The Following weeks of School were amongst the Greatest Brooke had ever seen in her life. This time was spent mostly with her new found friends, as the very week after that fateful day she was amongst the popular crowd at North Ottawa High. Many of those days they would walk down the halls as a group, talking of either the latest fashions, particular verses in the Bible, or about the School itself. Brooke even got to experience her first time going to a church in Canada during her time with the Top Girls in September. Now, you are likely wondering why this information is being simply explained instead of looked over, well there is indeed a reason for that. That reason is simply that this information is rather unimportant, so insignificant that it could easily be replaced with similar events and nothing of the future would actually be affected by such a change unless the replaced information was drastically different. You see, Brooke's time with the Top Girls was very brief compared to Girls who share fates similar to her. In total she only was a part of their group from September 2nd, the day she joined, up until the 28th of the month. During that time gap of days and weeks, Brooke mostly spent her time simply learning about the Bible from Regina. She did however learn that the making out couple from her bus was compromised of a Hockey Player and his Cheerleader captain Girlfriend. However, even that does not matter much at all, as what is important is what occured on the Faiteful day of September 28th of 1994. Why is that Date so massively important? Because, dear reader, that was the day that Brooke had one of her last semi-postive talks with Regina. The conversation took place in the School cafeteria during class hours, and as Brooke enjoyed not wearing a uniform anymore, Regina approached her wearing the same robe from earlier in the month. Brooke turned to face Regina and smiled. Regina did not smile back, instead she simply walked over to Brooke and did hand signals to tell Brooke to sit down at a table with her.

"So, Brooke, you have been quite the member of us here, haven't you?", Regina said with a smile yet sinister voice, "Helping with people's School work, showing off School pride without wearing the uniforms, and even trying to get said Uniforms not worn even by the students.", Regina briefly laughed before continuing, "I must say, you are the quite kind-hearted."

"Well, that's just me.", Brooke said happily, she was always proud of herself no matter what happened.

"Indeed, you are.", Regina replied back to the girl, "I must ask, where is Carmen Rodriguez?"

"Ms. R? Oh, she's up in the lounge, she said she was going maternity leave today."

"Ah", Regina replied, "Well, I'll go give her a little...pep talk...I'll be right back. Oh, and do tell Sandra and Irene to be here when I do get back will you?"

"Okay!", Brooke said with yet another smile on her face as Regina stood up to leave the room. If only she knew the horrid crime that was about to be performed. If only anyone knew, actually. Regina walked out of the cafeteria and into the glass cylindar section of the school, from there she got into the elevator and on her way into the teacher's lounge above. In the lounge, Rodriguez was simply enjoying her last day at North Ottawa in her own way. Her hands placed on her stomach as she looked outside at the beautiful Mid-Day sky outside of the dome. She was standing right beyond the pool, which would be highly bright blue at that time due to the daylight going into the dome. The soon to be mother even smiled as she remembered the first months of her pregancy. The Mood Swings, the kicks, the day she found out it was a boy. She remembered it all, and couldn't help but shed a single tear of joy. That's when Regina reached the room. As soon as that Elevator door opened, Carmen felt the wicked prescense. She quickly turned around, to face her enemy. Regina had her wicked sheming face on, and one of her hands was behind her back.

"Regina.", Rodriguez said coldy, "What are you doing here?"

"I merely came to see you, Rodriguez!", Regina began walking closer towards the future mother still with one hand behind her back, "Before you make your big leave!"

"Why is one hand behind your back?"

"Because, it's my suprise gift to you, after all that son of yours could come out any day!"

"Yeah, but I want to see what it is now, young lady!"

"You will", Regina was now only two feet away from the pregnant woman. Rodriguez was frantic, what could Regina be hiding? Then, there was only twelve inches seperating the two. "LET ME SEE IT!", Rodriguez screamed in complete fear and anxiety.

"Very Well, goodbye Carmen!", Regina said before she revealed the Dagger from behind her back. Before Rodgriguez could possibly make her escape, the weapon was shoved into her stomach. As the teacher screamed in complete misery and pain, Regina removed the dagger and let the blood flow out. Rodriguez fell to the ground onto her knees in pain, holding the hole created by the weapon in pain. She looked at her attacker with pure anger. "This is what you get for supporting Homosexuals, my dear.", Regina said without any remorse or even regret in her voice, she walked over to the tile Brooke noticed and opened it. It was a shaft leading into the furnace. She then walked over and grabbed the dying Rodriguez by the hair.

"You bitch! YOU BITCH!", Rodriguez screamed as she was being dragged by her hair to her fate. She struggled as best as she could, but the stab wound brought nothing but pain. She could feel her child dead in her body, aswell. "GO TO HELL!" were the woman's final words before she was thrown into the shaft and down into the dark furnace of North Ottawa High. Carmen screamed the entire way down.
After the screams were muted. When Rodriguez hit the bottom, all she did was look up and weep. She couldn't even see any sort of light what so-ever either. All she could see was Blackness. All she could feel was her blood dripping from her wound, and the remains things previously burned in the furnace. Her mournful cries could not be heard from the lounge, or outside of the furnace for that matter either.
Rodriguez screamed and banged on the walls for help, desperately hoping someone would come to her rescue and save her from the horrid teenager that was about to take her life. However, Regina herself only smiled at her handiwork, and continued with the vile act.

"You have been plunged, my Dear,", Regina said coldly, "Into the firey pit." With her robe now slightly stained with blood, Regina then walked to the wall to a set of buttons. She pushed the one that was at the very bottom, and the flames of the furnace came on. Despite the despair and agony Rodriguez had in her blood curdling screams, screams so loud and so painful that once you heard them you would never wish to hear them again, no person ever came to her rescue. Regina closed the tile, and Mitsukyo was not present in her now locked office. She was simply left in the furnace, to perish to ashes. That is all that was left of Carmen, Ashes. Nothing, but Ashes. The only response of her death was that when the flames started to burn, the other three girls in Regina's group rushed up to the room via the elevator as fast as they could. As soon as they arrived, Brooke and Sandra both gasped at the trail of blood going to the trap door to the furnace. They also saw the noteable blood stains on Regina's robe.

"Regina, what happened?", Sandra questioned, breaking the scilence in the room left after the demise of the innocent Rodriguez.

"Simple", Regina said without any difficulty, "I punished the Wicked."

"What do you mean by that?", Sandra asked, stepping closer to her friend. Brooke just stared in shocked wonder as to what occurred before they got there. Irene just smiled, to show Regina support.

"Rodriguez was in here, the F** supporter met her deserved Demise, it was mere punishment of one meant for hell!", Regina had no remorse, no regret, no difficulty, nor any nervousness in saying what she just said. She said it proudly, as if she really did something in the name of the lord.

"You killed Ms. R?", Brooke replied in total shock. All three other girls turned to Brooke, who was by far the most in shock of all of them. "She was pregnant and a person how could you do that?"

"I killed in the Name of God.", Regina said proudly, "I killed a Sinner, and as such my murder was Justified. I admit that killing is not the best option, but I killed in the name of and for the lord as such I am still his solider."

"Regina, you are insane.", Sandra said in complete coldness, no happiness at all was within her voice. Brooke simply ran out of the room and into the elevator frantically, which just made Regina smirk sinisterly and Irene laugh annoyingly. "Just like Brooke just did, I'm leaving.", Sandra finished.

"Sandra, remember who's been my friend since we essenitally were born?", Regina informed Sandra, getting infront of the girl.

"Bite me.", Sandra responded, pushing Regina away and walking towards the elevator door.

"Oh, and Sandra", Regina began with her smirk on her face, "Remember your Brother!"

"Brendon?", Sandra stopped dead her tracks. She didn't face Regina or Irene. Instead, she just looked infront of her with now widened eyes, "If you kill him Regina, I swear you aren't going to live much longer yourself!"

"No, I was talking of you. If you cross me, you become my enemy.", Regina pointed out, "As my enemy, you are no longer on a potential pathway to salvation and you will have to face me again once.", Regina then slightly laughed before breaking her smile into a serious blank glare, "Who will protect your Brother once you're gone?". Sandra had no response, instead she just looked down and cried. Her Brother would surely get harmed if she were no longer there. She later and silently decided that she would stay with Regina and Irene. A Desicsion that ultimately would prove to be both Fatal, and Lethal. Brooke on the other hand had made it to the first floor of the building, and was running at top speed down the halls. She was hoping to get to the central office and inform the office works or better yet a police officer, but instead found Dupree once she was outside of the glass section of the building. He was speaking with two young boys, freshmen at most, when Brooke came up to him frantically.

"Sir, Sir, SIR!", she yelled at the old man. Dupree turned around with anger, and the boys he was speaking to walked away with wide eyes of fear.

"What?", Dupree snapped back at the Girl, practically enraged at what she had just done to him for some reason. Brooke didn't understand, but she understood she was shaking inteseley.

"Sir, I just wanted to report a murder!", Brooke nearly yelled in complete shock that such a thing happened at all.

"Murder? What Murder?", Dupree said sarcastically, "Let me guess, you're trying to pin Regina of Murder just cuz some kid committed suicide again?"

"No sir, she really did do it! She killed Ms. Rodriguez!", Brooke was at this point sounding like she were begging Dupree to believe her. However, the eldery man did not budge and instead struck her on her face. Brooke fell to the ground and looked up at Dupree with tears running down her eyes.

"Look little Missy, I do not and never did care about Rodriguez anyway", Dupree admitted straight to Brooke with wicked honesty in his eyes and voice, "even then, I highly that someone as Religious as Regina would even consider comitting a Murder. Why, her Father is the Chief of Police here there is no reason for her to murder someone at all!"

"But, Sir!"

"Get back to class!"


"NO!", Dupree then made a motion as if he were going to strike Brooke yet again. Brooke did not allow him to do so, and ran off. She ran for the central office this time, hoping someone there would believe her. Once she made it in, she was instantly noticed by Hampton. The Old woman looked up from the desk to see what Brooke's hurry was.

"What's going on here?", Elymra Hampton said as she walked from her position as Brooke panted in the office.

"Theres been a Murder in the Teacher's Lounge!", Brooke cried out loudly, "Regina killed Ms. Rodriguez!"

"What?", Hampton said as she began to laugh, "Girl, do you how many times that both parents and students alike have tried to get that girl charged with murder? Do you honestly expect us to believe your story any more or less than those?"

"Please, you must tell the cops! Tell the principal! Someone!"

"No, we won't. Now go back to Class, the principal just informed me that you're no longer part of Regina's group, so you have to go to Class now."

"But I,!", Brooke stuttered, but complied with Hampton's words and ran off to her Second Period clas. The entire day was filled with her in complete shock and fear. She didn't want to be harmed by Regina, Irene, or even Sandra. She knew however, she would have to tell someone of the crime. However, none of the teachers ever even tried to believe her. However, there was a different story once School ended that day. That September day became good once that last bell of the day rang. How so? Because that's when Brooke re-met Ms. Williams. The Bus driver was just sitting down at her seat when Brooke stepped back onto bus 787. She glared at Brooke with both hostility yet also curiousity. Brooke was still shaking and nervous. There was no other student on the bus yet, as most of them were talking with friends and the bell had just rang seconds ago. Williams used this time gap to get a few words in before Johnson sat down.

"Why you back on the Bus?", the driver asked. She was not happy about Brooke being on, evidence was in her way of speaking.

"Because, Regina excluded me from the group! She also killed Rodriguez in the teacher's lounge I swear she did!", Brooke pleaded, hoping desperately that one adult would listen. Luckily, Williams herself was not fond of the Top Girls either. As Such, she looked up as Brooke said this. She looked to her front view with a glare in her eyes. She saw this coming, too. She knew this would happen eventually,
and since she knew this she was the first adult to actually believe Brooke about Regina.

"Sit down, Girl. Tomorrow I'm gonna show you who you should've been hangin' out with, for now just sit back, be quiet and we'll getcha home.", Williams said as the other students finally started to get on the bus. Brooke sat down in the seat she first sat down in on her first day of school, and looked out of the window. Soon enough, Joan too entered the bus as the last person to do so. She walked to the seat and looked at Brooke with a suprised look in her eyes. She looked at Williams who was simply ready to drive the bus on it's route. Joan decided to just sit down in her seat and not pay attention to Brooke at all. Once home, Brooke simply walked up to her room, ignored her mother who was at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, and locked herself in her bedroom. She waited for tomorrow to come, she wanted to meet those people Williams hold about, she wanted to stop Regina.