Actions Speak Louder Than Words

She told us she loved us

When she made us.

Bestowing us

In crowns of silver

Tears that sparkled,

Even in the dim light

Coming from the 10 watt

Bulb of her bedside lamp.

Every night, she made more,

And over and over,

She told them she loved them,

Told us she needed us.

She crooned and wept

As the silver-red of the knife point

Glittered the colours of the crowns

On our heads.

We thought we would own her.

We thought she would always

Love us.

But she loves us no more.

She resists her instincts,

Though she knows (thinks) she is and was wrong

She knows (thinks) she could have done

And can do more.

But the seed of uncertainty that lurks

In her heart is more than enough.

She knows what she does - and has done before -

Is both right and wrong for her.

But what she has done, she cannot erase.

Though the scars may fade, both over time

And under the cream she now bestows upon them.

But she will never forget.

She cannot forget.